Dan is one lucky boy! – Cure for My Ass Addiction

Last night felt like a dream!

I had finally had anal sex! In the process I had taken Maria’s last remaining cherry and Priya had helped me do that. I kept my eyes closed and tried remembering and memorising every small details of the previous night’s events.

I brought my fingers to my nostrils and I swore I smelled both the girls’ assholes on them. I moaned inwards as I pictured the way Maria’s tight poopchute expanded as my mushroom head pushed in. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sensation of half my cock buried inside Maria’s tight asshole and the other half in Priya’s hands.

Feeling extremely horny, I turned to the side and admired Maria asleep on her stomach, naked. Looking at her pale gorgeous derriere was enough to get my cock leaking pre-cum again.

All sleepiness vanished as I moved south and planted a kiss on her smooth ass cheek. Maria’s gentle snoring was soothing to hear as I placed my face on her asscheeks and enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin on mine.

I gently pried her ass cheeks open and inspected her thoroughly fucked asshole. Her wrinkled pucker hole had gone back to its original shape but the redness around it and the slight swelling of the skin around her poop chute confirmed the thorough buggering I had given her the night before.

I slowly but firmly pried opened both her ass cheeks and brought my nostrils on to her asshole. The musky earthly smell filled my senses and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pheromones that were being emitted from my beautiful girlfriend’s backdoor.

I’ve become such an expert in the smells emitted from a beautiful female’s pucker hole I knew immediately Maria will need a visit to the loo very soon. The smell that filled my nostrils was strong and over powering but it was also the smell that I have grown to love and adore. I opened her asscheeks as much as possible and placed my nostrils on the opening of her anus. I inhaled deeply and closed her ass cheeks around my face as I trapped the addictive smell and savoured it.

I knew I could do this till the cows came home but I was also tempted to taste her morning asshole, so without any hesitation, I leaned in and gave her abused hole a gentle lick. A light moan escaped Maria as she sleepily spread her legs as I continued massaging her nether hole with my tongue. The taste was strong and slightly salty, probably either due to trapped sweat in her asscrack or my dried ejaculation from the night before, but I was in no mood to complain as I continued licking and tasting her beautiful asshole.

I was so tempted to pull myself up and bugger her again but I decided against it as I continued smelling and licking her back door. Being just as naked as her and on my stomach, I continued worshipping my girlfriend’s asshole and gently started moving my hips in to the duvet. This resulted in my erect cock getting trapped in the duvet cover creating the perfect friction it needed. I moaned in to Maria’s asshole as I imagined it was Priya sucking my cock from below and continued thrusting my hips in to the duvet.

I spread Maria’s ass cheeks as much as I could and shoved my tongue deeper in to her asshole as my urge heightened, and with my tongue deep inside Maria’s puckering hole I came hard on the duvet cover. As my orgasm subsided, I gave Maria’s well lubricated neither hole a few last licks and gently let her ass cheeks close back as I moved away and let her sleep.

I should have been surprised she did not wake up with everything I was doing to her, but she really was a lousy drunk and as far as I was concerned, her being asleep as I used her body was a major turn on factor.

By : dansouthwest

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