Dan convinces Maria to try something different – Cure for My Ass Addiction

“What do you mean you want to end this?” Maria almost looked hysterical as she looked at me with pleading eyes.

“I don’t want to lead you on, Maria. You are an amazing person but I feel like something is missing…” I repeated the same weak excuse as I just didn’t have the guts to tell her what is missing is her not bending over and giving me full access to her asshole.

“Listen, I know I am not experienced in the sex department but I am willing to learn. Please don’t throw away what we have without even giving it a try.” The tears were flowing on her pretty face as she pleaded.

Oh boy, maybe I should have been an even bigger asshole and sent her a text instead of sitting here in her room, I thought to myself as I looked for an escape route.

Just then a thought occurred to me. On one hand I’ve got Priya willing to let me do what I want, and if she knew I wasn’t in a relationship anymore she might even go the whole way; on the other hand Maria just said she was willing to try anything. Realising this could be a win-win situation for me I decided to open up to Maria.

“Maria, you are amazing and you will always be in a special place in my heart and mind. After all I did lose my virginity to you and I don’t think that’s something I’ll ever forget, but the fact is I have an obsession that has been burning inside me and I simply can’t expect someone like you to understand,” I approached the subject indirectly.

“What do you mean obsession? You know you can tell me anything and I promise I’ll make it work.”

“I really love everything about your beautiful body and I enjoy our intimate time together, but I want to explore more.”

“What do you mean more? I let you have sex.” Once again I couldn’t believe how young and naive she sounded as she looked at me with confusion all over her face.

“Well yes we do have sex and I really like it but I want more.”

“Like what?”

Oh boy, now or never.

“I love everything about your body. I want to experience it all. I want to smell you and taste you everywhere.”

“Huh? As in kiss me?”

“Well yes, kiss you but also kiss you down there and lick you,” I pointed between her legs. “I’m drawn to the incredible natural beauty between your legs.”

“Eww that’s gross! No one does that.”

“Actually everyone does that, it’s very common for couples to have oral sex. Maybe I’m more turned on than most guys by intimate aromas, but that’s just the way I am.”

“Ok if that’s the case then let’s try it. I don’t know what to do, but teach me and we will work on it.” Suddenly she looked all cheerful and the tears had dried up.

“Well that’s not all. I crave all of your secrets. I also want to smell you and taste you from behind.”

Suddenly the penny had dropped as she looked at me with her mouth wide open.

“Let me get this straight you want to get behind me and smell my bottom and taste it?”

I could see her face getting red due to embarrassment and anger.

“Um yes I do. Your beautiful bottom has always been an obsession for me and I am addicted to the thought of doing this. I told you that I’m turned on by your intimate smells.” I actually felt my cock stir as I confessed to my soon to be ex-girlfriend about my ass addiction.

“That is just sick and probably seriously unhygienic. I can’t even begin to imagine what a disgusting pervert you are,” she nearly screamed at me as she spat her words out.

“Listen, this is exactly why I think we should break it off. It’s unfair on both of us to continue when we both now know what exactly I want. Just think about it and you’ll know I’m right,” I told her and begun to walk towards the door.

“Ok,” I heard her say just as I opened the door to leave.

“Um, ok?,” I turned back and queried.

“Ok I’ll try it,” she said without looking in to my eyes.

I thought I misheard her as I stared at her, trying to comprehend her last sentence.

“Sorry, I am not sure what you mean. You want to try what?”.

“God, you really are going to make me say it, aren’t you? I’ll do what you want me to do. I don’t want to throw our relationship away and if it means I let you do whatever you want with my body, so be it”. I thought her voice was cracking again as she spoke.

“Listen Maria, I am touched but I don’t want to use you. I want you to enjoy it too.”

“How can I enjoy something when until five minutes ago I had no idea anyone would remotely think of doing what you are talking about!” She looked angry again as she finally looked me in the eye.

I knew she had a point and I was being harsh but at the same time, in a perverted way, I was beginning to enjoy her embarrassment.

“Listen you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to, but if you want things to work between us then you do have to do what I say,” I smiled at her as I walked towards.

My cock stirred as I watched her move her weight from one leg to another as she visibly looked nervous at the thought of surrendering her body to me.

I also realised with a bit of luck and persuasion I could probably make her into a fuck toy that could fulfil all my carnal desires. With this in mind, and without uttering a word, I reached for her and pulled her body towards me. I crushed her petite body on to my muscular frame as my lips found hers. I kissed her hard and as a feeble moan escaped her lips I slipped my tongue in.

“Ummm,” her moans intensified as I trapped her tongue between my lips and sucked on it. My hands reached around her body as I grabbed hold of her tight ass and pushed her nether region on to my erect cock. As she started opening her lips and reacting positively to my kisses I shamelessly kneaded her ass as I continued my attack on her lips.

All nervousness and reluctance were now gone from Maria as she responded back to my kiss enthusiastically. Realising she was ready for the next step, with one swift move I pulled her pants down along with her panties. She was almost on auto pilot as she lifted her arms up as I pulled her top off too. Her bra soon followed, and finally she stood there naked as the day she was born.


My word earned a shy smile from her as I admired my girlfriend’s tight body. Her nipples stood erect from her tiny boobs and I swear I could see her pussy lips glistering with pussy juice. I gently pried opened her lips with my thumbs as I pushed my finger inside her mouth. I ran my thumb around her tongue and pushed it in and out of her mouth like a small cock. Although Maria had never sucked my cock she got the gist of my action as she started sucking on my thumb.

I popped my thumb out of her lips and ran it between her perky tits before taking it down under. She bit her lips in anticipation as my thumb circled her navel and drifted towards her pussy. As my fingers reached her pussy my lips found her lips again. She moaned in to my mouth feverishly as my fingers parted her pussy lips and I pushed my middle finger inside her tight pussy. She was so turned on I was able to shove the whole finger up to my knuckle in one swift push.

“Urgh,” she yelped at the new intrusion as she squirmed with anticipation. I continued attacking her lips as I finger fucked her mercilessly. I didn’t want her to cum just as yet, so I pulled my finger out of her pussy, much to her dismay.

I maintained eye contact as I brought my fingers that were coated with her pussy juice to my nostrils and inhaled. I moaned loudly as my nostrils filled with the smell of her sweet pussy. Without breaking eye contact I brought her fingers to my lips and I tasted her sex.

“You taste awesome,” I whispered as I brought my fingers towards her lips. I saw the hesitation in her eyes as she looked at my fingers in fear.

“Please no. I am not ready for this,” Ignoring her feeble protest, once again I pried her mouth open with my thumb as I inserted the middle finger that was very recently in her pussy in to her mouth.

“Taste yourself and you’ll know I was right.” I realised I was clearly enjoying dominating Maria as I watched her suck the remainder of her pussy juice from my fingers. Once she licked them clean I kissed her hard and tasted her pussy juice on her lips.

“I’m so proud of you,” I gave her encouragement as she visible looked shocked at how quickly I was pushing her boundaries. With a smile I pulled my T shirt off and unbuckled my pants and discarded them.

Finally we were both naked, and she looked at my erect cock in anticipation. I pushed my cock down and slid it between her legs as I pulled her towards me. I knew my cock was rubbing on her clit as I grabbed her ass and squeezed her cheeks hard as I kissed her again. Although she visibly stiffened as I kneaded her ass, I increased the intensity of my kissing and she soon got used to my hands on her derriere.

“Your ass drives me crazy Maria,” I told her truthfully as I slightly parted her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes and bit her lips as my hands wandered freely around her bottom. My fingers traced her ass crack and I placed my middle finger on the entrance of her asshole.

Time for lesson number two, I thought to myself. My middle finger was thoroughly coated with her pussy juice and saliva, so after a firm push through the sphincter it slipped easily inside her ass hole. The intimate heat and tightness I felt around my finger almost made me ejaculate.

I opened her lips with my tongue and french kissed her hard as I pushed my finger all the way to the knuckle into her tight asshole.

“Urghh!!,” she moaned as her body was giving her mixed signals as for the first time in her life she felt something enter her asshole.

I very gently fucked her asshole with my finger as I continued molesting her lips. Her hands were around my shoulder and she held on to her dear life as her legs gave up as I continued fingering her asshole.

Realising she wouldn’t be able to stand like this for too long I reluctantly pulled my finger out of her anus. She yelped as her sphincter expelled my finger out smoothly. I pushed her on to her bed as I stood above her.

I think we both knew what was coming next as I looked at my finger eagerly. Once again smiling at her I brought the finger to my nose. Holding the middle finger that has been knuckle deep inside her asshole under my nostrils I let her watch me take a deep sniff.

“God can’t believe you are smelling it!” She visibly became red at the realisation I was smelling the most intimate part of her body.

“Shhh, it smells like you and I’m loving it”, I told her truthfully and my nostrils filled up with the musky earthy smell of Maria’s ass. My cock twitched hard as I continued smelling my fingers and took her smell in.

“I hope it’s at least clean,” she whispered again in embarrassment as I continued sniffing. Instead of answered her I brought my fingers to her face. A look of disgust soon replaced the original embarrassment before the curiosity got the better of Maria as she looked at my finger and brought her nose towards my middle finger hesitantly.

“Is this really turning you on?” she looked at me curiously.

I simply nodded my head as I used my left hand to direct my hard on to her face.

She looked at my erect cock uneasily as I looked at her intently.

“Open your mouth,” I instructed as I prepared to introduce her to another one of my needs. She hesitantly opened her mouth and looked at me fearfully.

“Just do what I say and I promise I’ll be gentle,” I assured her as I pulled my foreskin down and brought the bulbous mushroom head towards her mouth.

“Stick your tongue out and lick the small slit on the tip of my cock,” I instructed as placed my cock on her lips.

Maria ever so slowly stuck her tongue out and took a tentative lick of my cock head.

“Ummm that feels amazing,” I moaned loud as I responded as I enjoyed my girlfriend’s mouth around my cock for the first time.

Encouraged by my words, she licked the head a few more times before she flicked her tongue on to the slit of my cock.

“Urgh you are a natural,” I moaned as I gritted my teeth in order to stop myself from ejaculating too soon.

“Now open your mouth wide,” I instructed as I pushed my cock inside her mouth. While making sure I did not push it too deep, I got hold of her hands and made her hold on to my ass cheeks as I gently fucked her face.

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw movement on the doorway. A slight peek at the door confirmed my suspicions as I could see Priya peeking through the slightly open door at us.

I realised Priya must be really enjoying the sight of Maria sitting on the bed naked with her hands on my butt as I face fucked her. I decided to put on a show for her without Maria knowing, so I caught Priya’s eye and gave her a quick wink. She winked back as she realised she had been caught and I was not angry.

“I’m going to push it in a bit more hon, just make sure you breath through your nose ok,” I encouraged her as I increased my movement and started to fuck her mouth a bit more forcefully.

“Oh God that’s amazing,” I moaned out loudly knowing very well Priya would hear me as Maria’s nostrils touched my pubic hair. I couldn’t believe she had the whole seven inches inside her mouth so quickly.

“I am going to cum soon hon and I want you to swallow every drop of my cum, ok?” I instructed her as I got back to sniffing my finger that had been knuckle deep inside her asshole a few minutes earlier as I continued to move my hips.

She looked at me with big eyes as I felt the familiar sensation in my testicles.

“Pretend you are sucking on a Popsicle and suck hard on the front of my cock,” I told her I as pulled out and inserted just the top of my cock inside her mouth.

She followed my instruction to a tee as she sucked the bulbous part of my cock with her lips. I used my left hand and jerked the rest of my cock as I raced to the point of no return.

The sucking sensation of her mouth, the movement of my hand, and the smell of her asshole on my fingers were just too much. I yelled as I felt my cum boil over from my balls.

“Ugh I’m cumming,” I yelled as the first gob of cum hit the back of Maria’s throat. She sputtered and coughed at the ferocity of the spurt but like a trooper continued sucking my cock.

I deposited gob after gob of cum in to her mouth and she tried her best to swallow them all. As I came down from my orgasm I popped my sensitive cock out of her mouth. Noticing a drop of cum on the outer lip of Maria I scooped it up with my finger and pushed it back in to her mouth.

“Wow that was amazing hon. Can’t believe this was your first time.”

She smiled at me shyly as I reached down and kissed her lips tasting myself on her.

“Urgh are you actually tasting your cum?” she asked me in a tone that hinted a mix of surprise and disgust.

“Yes I am and there is nothing wrong with it. Trust me by the time we are finished today we are both going to taste a lot more than just this.”

I was enjoying teasing her and watching her look uncomfortable as I gently pushed her on to her back on the bed.

I continued my attack on her lips as I pinned her hands over her head. By lying on top of her and by holding on to her hands, I had Maria pretty much at my mercy, and I had licence to do anything to her body.

Knowing she was ready for the next step I gave her lips one last kiss and moved south to her perky tits. Her nipples stood erect like small cocks and I had great fun taking turns and sucking on them one at a time. As her hands were still trapped above her head by my left hand she simply could not move as I played to my heart’s content with her bosom.

“Urgh What are you doing to me?” she groaned loudly as she tilted her head up and groaned as I got hold of her nipple between my teeth. I knew she was on the verge of cumming and I was determined to taste her when she erupted. So reluctantly I let go of her hands and her tits and moved down south.

“Wait no I don’t want you to go there…”

I ignored her feeble protests and positioned myself between her legs and forcefully spread her legs wide.

She had closed her eyes tight shut probably in embarrassment as I admired her pussy. her labia was plump, swollen and almost bright pink. Whatever pubic hair she had not shaved was also glistening with her juice, and her clit was also sticking out of the hood and stood erect like a tiny cock.

I purposefully ignored her clit at first and carefully started licking her labia and in the process tasted her pussy for the first time in my life. I also realised Maria tasted totally different to Priya but I loved it nonetheless.

As I got hold of both the outer labias in my mouth and started sucking on them, that triggered Maria’s first orgasm. She grabbed my head by her hands and almost tried pushed my head all the way in to her pussy as she yelled loudly as she thrashed her legs uncontrollably as she rode her orgasm.

Just as I felt her losing her grip on my head and her legs stopped thrashing I moved my lips to her erect clit and got hold of it between my lips and sucked on it.

“Oh God no don’t… Urgh!!”, just as I hoped this triggered another orgasm in her as she screamed like a banshee and pushed her hips high as the second orgasm took over the whole of her body.

“Please no more,” she begged as I grabbed her thighs firmly with my hands as I continued my attack on her clit. By this time my cock was in full mast and I knew I was ready to fuck her.

Maria’s body was limp as she simply laid there exhausted from her multiple orgasms. I quietly moved up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt.

Maria had her eyes closed and looked like she was drifting to sleep. In one swift move I pushed my cock all seven inches inside her womanhood. As her eyes opened wide when she felt the penetration I moved my lips towards hers.

“No please I don’t want to taste myself again. That’s disgusting! Oompfh!!” I didn’t give her a chance to finish as I held her face with my hands and forcefully inserted my tongue inside her mouth.

She tried resisting again before giving up the lost cause. I moved my tongue around hers forcing her to taste her pussy and pussy juices on my lips and tongue. She had her eyes closed as I started moving my cock slowing inside her tight tunnel.

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