Dad’s Mistress

So here is something completely fucked up. Not fucked up enough that I didn’t do it or enjoy, it but still fucked up. My dad has a mistress, it isn’t even a secret, it is something everyone in the family knows. It was even my mother’s idea. Mom is not 100% well. It’s nothing life threatening, they say she will probably live a normal life except for a few things. The most important of which is being unable to have sex. She can, but apparently it wouldn’t be the most wonderful thing for her, it would injure her somehow, taking many days to recover. So dad has a mistress, a friend of my mother in fact. She has a few of her own problems, but they make this sort of an ideal situation for her. Anita is divorced and has no interest in marriage again. She had cancer causing her to have the plumbing for getting pregnant removed. Those are probably the most important things. Though it is worth mentioning that Anita is in her mid thirties, some mix of korean, latin, and black which made her skin a very sexy cinnamon color. She was flat out gorgeous. She had a small athletic build, but still curvy in the right places, really not much bigger than I was at 15. Her hair was long, a little wavy, shiny and jet black.

All in all it works out for the three of them. Mom and Dad are as in love as ever which is quite a bit. Anita and Dad take care of each other’s carnal needs. They all claim it’s a big win, win.

So where do I come into this? Well, I lost my virginity with Anita. How did that happen?

I was at home in the afternoon during the summer, mom and dad on a day trip, and not expected home until late at night. The doorbell rang and I answered it, finding Anita at the door.
She said she knew mom and dad were out for the day, but she had left something behind and wanted to pick it up. I let her go find it and went back to my room where I had been hanging out. It was about 20 minutes later that Anita came by my room. Apparently what she needed to pick up was a dress, a tight form fitting light blue halter type spandex dress. It was so tight I could clearly see the lines of the string bikini panties she was wearing. I could also plainly see she had no bra on from the lack of lines, as well as her nipples poking through the fabric of the dress. She was also wearing light blue stockings, I knew they were stockings from the garter clips visible through the dress.

I asked Anita if she had found what she needed. It was sort of flippant as I could obviously see that she had likely accomplished her mission since she had changed. I was really just making conversation to try to keep her there in the door of my room an extra minute or two to drink in a view of her every sexy curve.

We talked for a few minutes. She was going to meet some friends at a club a little later. Didn’t want to go home first as it was a bit of a drive. Why was I home and not out with friends, or my girlfriend Annette. We had a rather loud and awful breakup a couple days ago when I found out she’d cheated on me losing her virginity with a guy she’d met at work. She swore it was a one time random thing, but I wasn’t having any of that. It was all sort of random and lite after that and went on for a while. I didn’t mind Anita was easy to talk to, and again I didn’t mind looking at her either.

During our conversation she came into my room. Anita sat on the edge of my bed as we talked. I was laying on the bed on my stomach reading originally. I didn’t really quite notice at first, but she had rested a hand on my back starting to stroke it. I didn’t even recall it until her touch changed to massaging my shoulders and neck. I overlooked any possible strangeness putting my head down relaxing into it as we talked. It also didn’t seem overly strange to me when she pulled my t-shirt up to my shoulders and started massaging my back. At some point she pulled the shirt up and over my head and neck. I left it that way sort of bunched up over the top of my head with my arms in front of me for a little bit.

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