Daddy’s Gonna Get You Pregnant

Mmmm I want to get you pregnant baby.

I know that your just my little princess but I want to fuck that tight little pussy so hard I want to pin your little body down and I want to pound you as hard as I can I want to slam my thick cock deep in your tight little pussy over and over again

oh fuck

and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop that

if I’m fucking you

I wanna fuck you so bad baby girl and I know I’ll have you screaming so loud for me screaming so loud because that is dick feels so big inside you stretching your pussy open and even though you gonna be screaming in pain saying daddy I need to stop

that pussy is going to be dripping for me isn’t it baby

you get so fucking wet for daddy because you love it when daddy fucks you don’t you and while I’m fucking you while I’m on top of you ramming this dick inside you as hard as I can you’re going to hear me moan you’re going to hear me tell you dirty things you’re going to hear me tell you that your a dirty little slut you’re going to hear me tell you how much I love your tight little cunt and how wet it feels wrapped around daddies Dick

oh yeah

you’re gonna hear me lean over and whisper in your ear that I want to get you pregnant that I want to come deep inside your tight little cunt so fucking deep and put a baby inside you

fuck fuck

I want to come inside you so bad baby. That’s all daddy ever wants to do to you and that’s what you want isnt it princess

do you want that ? to do you want daddy to get you pregnant as well? do you want daddy to shoot his come deep in your little pussy ? I wanna hear you scream to daddy to put a baby inside you

while you’re screaming moaning you know that that always puts me over the edge

I need to hear you say it I want to hear my baby girl beg


i’m gonna come inside you baby

daddy‘s going to get you pregnant

oh fuck

yes beg for daddy’s cock

Beg for daddy’s cum

oh yes oh yes

you’re such a good little girl you make my dick feels so fucking good baby

I’m gonna come for you I am fuck I want to come so hard and you dirty little cunt fuck yes your pussy feels so good in your tight young pussy oh baby I’m gonna come

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