Daddy Fucks His Daughter Amanda

My name is Amanda, I am sixteen years old. This is a
story about how dad and I played with each other
intimately. At first daddy made me cum, using just his
fingers and tongue, I thought I would blow my mind.
Never had I cum that hard before, and I wanted more.

Following that daddy, he told me how to turn a man on,
what makes his dick hard, and how they cum. Since he was
not ready to teach me to fuck, he taught me how with my
hands, then my lips.

“Oh my god, daddy I love the feel of your cock in my
hands, it’s so big.”

“Good baby-girl, now kiss the head, run your tongue
across the slit, and tell me if you like it.”

I did and felt my fluids saturate me panties. “Oh daddy,
it tastes sweeter than honey. Tell me what to do, I want
to get more, is it cum daddy?”

He ran his fingers through my hair and explained, “No
honey, it’s called pre-cum, it makes a man’s dick
slippery so it can slide inside a woman’s hole.”

I gave him a surprised look, “I see, can we try that
too? I want to feel you sliding that slippery cock into
my pussy-hole. Please.”

“When you are ready daddy plans to show you how, because
baby I cannot wait to fuck you.”

“Hot-damn, when can we fuck?”

“Soon baby, now suck my cock, put as much of it in your
mouth as you can. That’s it; you’re giving me what we
men call blow job, and you are doing it so well. Keep it
up and you will make daddy cum too.”

I stopped, “Daddy, will you cum in my mouth? I want to
taste it. Then can we fuck?”

“You are an eager one baby-girl. Yes I will cum in your
mouth, just swallow slowly and try not to gag. I will

I sucked half his cock hard, doing as he instructed me,
and soon was rewarded with thick white stuff. I
murmured, “Mmmm,” and swallowed every drop.

I sat back licking my lips when done and squealed, “Wow
dad that tasted so good. When can we fuck?”

“I am afraid you will have to wait on that it takes me
time to recover from that terrific blow job.”

“Oh okay, so what do we do while we wait?”

“Honey, daddy can only cum once a night like that. How’s
about I teach you that this coming Saturday when we
practice driving.”

I winked, “Oh yeah, we do tell momma we are practicing
my driving. Wonder if she really knows what we are
doing? Hell, fire and brimstone, hope not.”

He pulled me close, “She won’t my sweet baby. Now let me
make you cum, then we should drive back home–or momma
will really worry.”

“Okay daddy, oooooooooh yesssssss, I like that, I love
the way you suck my clit. Finger me harder, ooooh my,
Daddy I am cumming!”

Once again I enjoyed my driving lesson with my dad.
After all I drove all the way to their favorite making
out spot, without killing the car at every corner. I was
getting good at using the clutch as well as making out
with daddy.

The next few days drug by slower than molasses on a
stack of pancakes. When Saturday came, I could not help
but bust into my parents bedroom and 7am and blurt out.
“Can I go practice my driving now daddy?”

My mom gave me a look that told me I did not like what I
did. “Good grief girl how many times do I have to tell
you to knock before busting into our bedroom? Maybe I
should not let you drive today.”

My dad hugged mom and replied, “Oh don’t do that honey,
she needs to do this for class. I would not want us to
be responsible for her failing it.”

My mom looked at me, and shouted, “Okay, but damn it
girl next time knock!”

My dad then told me to go get dressed and eat first,
adding that maybe mom would give us a list of things to
get at the store. About an hour later the two of us were
driving down the gravel road, as mom had already gone
shopping the day before.

I looked at my dad and asked, “Do we get to ‘fuck’ this
time daddy.”

He looked at me and winked, “If you want, as I think you
are ready, after all I have had three fingers inside
you, and your hymen was already broken, by them.”

I pulled into the secluded spot, and soon they were both
naked on the back seat. Daddy looked at me, with his
hard cock in hand, and began to rub it across my wet

“Let me make you cum first baby, it will be easier to
slide this big thing inside your vagina then.”

I watched in awe as he took his cock and before long, I
bellowed. “Ooooh god daddy, I am cumming.”

He told me that was great, and to prepare myself as it
might hurt a wee bit, when he slid it into me. He then
told me not to worry as daddy would kiss my pussy later
to make it feel better.

He slowly slid just the head inside my drenched,
pulsating hole, and held it there. “Feel okay so far?”

“Oh yes daddy, shove it in more, I want my daddy to fuck

He slowly slid his cock in, waiting, to see if it was
okay before moving it deeper. He was halfway in when I
told him it hurt.

“Ok sweety, calm down, daddy will stop for a moment.”

He did, and reached down and began to rub my clit. He
knew that would help lubricate me and help my muscles to

“Oh daddy that feels good and it don’t hurt now. Fuck me
more,” I pleaded.

He moved his cock deeper as he continued to rub my clit.
I began to shake, and he knew I was about to cum again.
When I did climax, he shoved, his cock all the way in,
fucking me with slow strokes.

I never felt anything like it before, as daddy fingered
clit, while his cock was inside me. I came so damn hard.

I kissed him, and then shouted, “If this is fucking, I
want to do more! Will you cum inside me daddy?”

“Yes if you want me to, can I baby, your sweet cunt
feels so good around my dick?”

“Won’t I get pregnant if you do, that’s what the sex
education teacher told me?”

“No baby, daddy cannot make any more babies, the doctor
fixed me so I cannot. Oh god I am going to cum, I want
to fill your hot cunt with my seed!”

I looked up into his eyes and shrieked, “Well then cum
inside my pussy daddy.”

He did, and we lay together, for the next few moments
with his cock inside me, basking in the afterglow.

Daddy kissed me, and asked, “Did you like it baby-girl.”

“Hell yes, daddy, when can we do it again?”

“After daddy recovers, maybe next week sometime, okay?”

I thought for a moment, “Oh I get it now, each time you
cum, it takes you awhile to where you can again. God, I
cannot wait till next week daddy.”

I forgot all about it, as the days passed. I was wearing
a mini skirt, and sitting at my desk trying to figure
out an algebra math problem. I made a fist, and
grumbled, “Why do I have to learn this stupid stuff,
I’ll never use it anyways?”

About that time, my dad poked his head around the corner
of my room. When he saw what I was wearing, he licked
his lips, and his cock started to swell.

“How’s my girl today?”

“Alright I guess, I hate doing math homework, I don’t
see why I need it.”

“Because it will come in handy one day, Can I help?”

“Sure why not, I cannot figure it out.”

He paused, and walked into the kitchen, where mom was
cooking supper. He explained to her that he would be
helping me with my Math. Then he instructed her to not
let my five year old brother wander into the room and
bother us.

My mother agreed, and told him to lock the door to the
room. She would keep my brother busy with crayons and a

He entered the room, closed and locked the door, and
pulled up a chair beside the desk. He noticed I was
doing detailed Math problems.

He put his arm around me and said, “First take it one
step at a time. Here let me show you how.”

As he did that his hand caressed my right leg up under
the dress. God it felt good, and I wanted him to play
with me not do math.

His hand went further, and he discovered I did not have
any panties on. He leaned over, “Baby, where is your

“I took them off, because my pussy was all wet and
tingly. I had to touch myself, it makes me feel good.”

He licked his lips, and cautiously looked around the
room. He then whispered, “Honey, daddy has locked the
door, and we will not be disturbed by your brother, I
took care of it. Can daddy touch your pussy? Please! Oh
fuck my dick is so hard.”

I reached down and felt his cock, “Mmm it is. Oh daddy,
I will be quiet so mom doesn’t hear us, can you make me

He unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. “Yes,
want to play with my cock?”

I turned and opened my legs wide so he could play with
my pussy. I then reached for his cock, and stroked his
shaft slowly. Oooh, I loved playing with daddy. The risk
of knowing that momma was two rooms away, and the door
locked, turned me on more.

I leaned forward, and put my arms around his neck. I
kissed him deeply, and whispered in his ear, “Daddy I am
going to cum!”

He whispered back, “Do it sugar, cum all over daddy’s
fingers. That’s it, oh my sweet baby-girl. God I am so
hard can I fuck you?”

I uttered, “Won’t we get caught?”

“I tell you what; you can lean up against the wall by
the door, and listen for mom, as I slide it into your
pussy. Oh please, daddy needs to cum!”

I got up, turned the radio on and the volume up. I then
pulled my dress up around my waist, leaned into daddy,
kissed him hard, and uttered, “Yes, fuck me.”

I leaned up against the wall, listening at the door,
while daddy drove his cock slow, and deep inside my hot
cunt. It did not take him long to fill me with cum.”

“Oooh I love just love to fuck my daddy.”I don’t think my mother or brother heard us fucking,
because I bit my lower lip to keep from screaming out
with pleasure. Oh god, I loved how Daddy’s big cock felt
inside me as it rubbed against my pussy repeatedly. He
held me tight, as my first climax surged through me. We
dared not stay that way only for too long, as any
minute; we could get caught when mom came to the door to
tell us supper was ready.

I turned, batted by emerald-green eyes and whispered,
“Thanks Dad, you’re awesome.”

His eyes sparkled with love, and he said, “You lil minx,
I do not know what we would of done if mom knocked on
the door, as asked what the noise was?”

“I know what I would have done; I would piss down my
leg, and die, right here on the spot.”

“Well get dressed baby and then hurry to the bathroom,
and clean up the evidence. I would eat it, but not
enough time.”

We both dressed, and composed ourselves, and she
unlocked the door, rushed by mom and squeal, “I gotta
pee bad.”

Her mother just rolled her eyes. Her little brother
laughed. “Boy sis you sure are funny sometimes.”

I peed and washed up, then sprinkled my favorite
perfumed powder, to hide any hints of sex.

As I left the bathroom, dad entered, to clean up too. He
smiled and teased, “For a moment baby I thought you’d
fallen in. I was about to ask if you needed help.”

I blushed and giggled a reply, “Oh dad, you are so
funny, besides you already ‘helped’ me.”

I then waltzed into the kitchen, hugged mom, and
exclaimed, “Is supper ready yet, I’m starving.”

“Just about, did your dad help you solve that math
problem dear?”

“Oh boy did he! For an ole man, he sure is smart.”

I decided to end the conversation and set the table. I
was just about done, when Daddy came into the room.
“Amanda, that’s nice of you to help out your mom,
without being asked.”

“Well, she works hard, and I decided to help for a
change and not grumble out it.”

My mom flashed me a funny look and asked, “Okay, can you
tell me what have done with our daughter Amanda?”

We all laughed and sat down to an enjoying able meal.
Only grumbling I heard was when my mother loudly
reminded my brother to chew with his mouth closed.

I was helping clean up the table, when my dad asked,
“Did you finish all of your homework?”

“No I still have to read a chapter in my Science book,
and write a short essay for English. I think they are
trying to kill me with homework.”

Daddy laughed, “My dear, no one has ever died doing

My mother spoke up and ordered, “Go finish your work
Amanda; your dad can help me with these dishes.”

I wiggled my ass on purpose as I walked back to my
bedroom. I knew that would cause Daddy’s pecker to
swell. He cleared his throat and told mom he would dry
if she washed the dishes.

Once I was in my room I tried my hardest to focus on
what I had to do, but all I could think of was my
Daddy’s dick inside me. I wanted to reach down and play
with my clit again. I was stopped when Jimmy bounced
into the room.

He looked at the desk then back at me and asked, “What’s
yah doing Sis?”

I frowned and hissed, “Homework, now scoot, so I can
finish it.” He did not move and I shouted, “Mom, will
you come get this bothersome kid out of my room!”

Mom came in and grabbed him by the hand, “Why don’t you
come with me, I bet you would love to watch that Scooby
Doo movie again. You can watch it and give sissy time to
finish her work.”

He ran into the living room and pulled out the video. I
heard him giggling and enjoying it. I was no longer
horny; the little rat ruined that mood. So I finished my
work, then set out to tell my parents I was done with

Dad and mom were talking over coffee when I entered the
kitchen. “Excuse me folk, but I thought you would like
to know I finished my homework.”

My mom looked up and grumbled, “Well that’s a first. I
usually find you finishing it before school.”

My dad, grinned, winked, and spoke up, “Give the kid a
break won’t you. Did you have any more trouble with your

“Yeah, I hope I did it right, if now maybe you can show
me again tomorrow after school.”

“I’d love to do that, just let me know, okay?”

By the way dear, I will be gone tomorrow late afternoon,
and through supper. The girls and I are going to have a,
girl’s night out. I’m sure you won’t have trouble fixing
something for the kids.”

“Well I hope you enjoy yourself honey. Don’t worry about
us,” he winked. “I’m sure we will manage all right.”

I almost swallowed my tongue, an evening alone without
mom, what on earth would Daddy and I do?

Mom ruined my train of thought when she growled, “Well
girl, it’s time for bed, after all you have school

I frowned, and wanted to ask if I could stay up, but
knew it was a battle I could never win. “I hear yah, I’m
going to bed.” I winked at Daddy and chirped, “Good
night folks.”

He laughed and told me he would come in and tuck me in
later. He wanted to make sure Jimmy was in bed first. I
knew in his mind we was saying fuck me in.

I hurried off to bed, and put on my shortest baby-doll.
I turned all the lights off but the one next to the bed,
then crawled into bed, and waited. The thought of Daddy
seeing me in the sheer nightie made my nipples hardened
and my pussy started getting very wet and tingly. I
wanted to masturbate, but wanted Daddy to be the one
touching me. About thirty minutes later he came into the
room, and I heard him lock the door.

I gave him a puzzled look and asked. “Daddy won’t mom
wonder why the door is locked if she comes looking for

He walked over to the bed, and slid his fingers across
the silky material of my nightie. He then licked his
lips and whispered, “Don’t worry Amanda. Jimmy and mom
are both in bed. Usually I would be fucking her right
now, but she said she had a headache. She took her pills
and is half way asleep by now. As for Jimmy he was out
the minute his head hit the pillow. Now come here give
Daddy some sugar.”

I quickly moved into his lap, and kissed him. I
pretended he was not my Daddy, but he was my boyfriend.

He kissed me deeply as his fingers rubbed across my
breasts. As we teased each other with our tongues, his
finger reaches under the night and rolled my nipple. It
made me quiver clear to my toes. I don’t know why, but
when my nipples are played with it turns me on more.

I leaned into him and whispered, “Daddy you are making
me hot again.”

“I know, I like playing with you and turning that sexy
body on. Ooh your panties are already wet. Spread your
legs baby so I can play with your pussy. It’s too risky
for us to fuck right now, but I do want to make my lil-
darling cum. If I can get Jimmy to go to bed early, we
can fuck tomorrow when Mom is gone. Would you like

“Oh my God, Daddy you know I will. Ooh I love it when
you play with my pussy. Mmmm, keep it up, harder, that’s

He continued to play with my pussy, and urged me on.
“Cum for Daddy, I want it all over my fingers. Just
don’t squeal like you usually do.”

I kissed his lips and whispered, “Okay, Daddy, I’m going
to cum.”

He rubbed my clit with his thumb as his finger-fucked my
hole. I bit my lip to keep quiet and covered his fingers
with my juices.

“That’s my girl, now I need to go to bed, before your
mom wakes up and wonders where I am. Just remember
tomorrow night, is our night to fuck.”I awoke that morning feeling sexy and hell. I thought
about what would happen that night, and could not wait
for mom to leave. My pussy throbbed and nipples
hardened with anticipation, and I wanted to masturbate
right then and there. However, I decided to save the
energy for because I would need it for our few hours of

I got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower,
and then get dressed for school. When I was done, I
walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast. The first
thing I heard when I got into the room was mom growling
at me.

“You make sure you mind your daddy Sissy or there will
be hell to pay when I get home!”

I wanted to shout, “Oh aren’t we a bundle of joy this
morning.” I held my tongue and answered, “I will momma.”

I ate then left for school. Even momma’s foul mood could
not change my happy mood.

I swear the day drug by slower than ever, and I wondered
if that final bell would ever ring.

When I got home, Jimmy was watching cartoons, and daddy
was reading the newspaper. I glanced around, and did not
notice mom anywhere. So I purposely jiggled my ass when
I walked up to daddy to hug and kiss him hello.

By :Dreamwalker

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