Daddy and Julie

Julie is a beautiful little girl only 3yo she has black hair and green eyes just like her mum, Sarah is the love of my life, Sarah and i met when we were both 28, we dated for 4 years before we decided to get married, I own my own business i build apartments and houses for the city of Sterling in Scotland and Sarah works as a nurse in the hospital just down the road from my company.

We met when i went to the hospital after an accident at the work site i was supervising a wall had collapsed and while it didn’t hit me the force of the wall knocked me off my feet my manager saw what happened and he rushed over while calling for an ambulance to take me to the hospital where Sarah worked, my manager Mike told her what happened and she took me to the x-ray room to see if i had broken any bones unfortunately i had broken both my arms in the fall and i had to have them put in casts and stay in hospital, Sarah was my nurse during my stay in hospital she would tend to my needs before finishing for the day letting the night nurse take over my care for the night till she would return in the morning and take over again during one night i was talking to the nurse who was checking my arms i decided to ask her about Sarah.

Me: Nurse what can you tell me about Sarah?

Nurse: well Sarah is 28 years old and she is single she has worked here for 6 years

Me: Do you think she would go out with me?

Nurse: Maybe you will have to talk to her about that when she next comes on shift

Me: Thanks nurse i will do

Nurse: Time for my rounds again i will be back to see you again soon

Me: Bye for now

By the time the nurse comes back i was asleep so she didn’t disturb me and by the time i awoke Sarah was back on duty and was just beginning her first rounds for the day i was her 4th patient so it was around 8:30am when she finally got to my room to see me.

Sarah: Good Morning Sir

Me: Good morning Nurse

Sarah: Please call me Sarah

Me: Nice to meet you Sarah I’m John

Sarah: Nice to meet you too John how are you this morning?

Me: I’m doing ok considering my accident

Sarah: Yes you were lucky to survive

Me: Yes i am sure counting my blessings that it wasn’t more serious

Sarah: Yes you were how are your arms today?

Me: Not too bad today a little itchy

Sarah: That is too be expected when you break both arms

Me: Yes i suppose so how long will i need to be in theses casts for?

Sarah: A few more weeks at least and you will be here for maybe another week before we release you to go home

Me: Thankyou Sarah

Sarah: My Pleasure John i must continue with my rounds but i should be back again in about an hour or so

Me: See you then

In just over 2 hours Sarah returns to my room to check on me again

Sarah: Hello again John

Me: Hello Sarah

Sarah: Sorry i took longer than expected one of my patients had to have another surgery and i had to prepare them again

Me: That’s ok Sarah others are just as important

Sarah: Yes they are

Sarah proceeds to check my arms

Me: Sarah may i ask you something

Sarah: Yes you may

Me: are you seeing anyone?

Sarah: No I’m not seeing anyone at the moment what about you?

Me: No I’m not seeing anyone either

Sarah: Ok anything else you would like to ask me?

Me: Yes i would like to take you out to dinner when my arms are healed would you go to dinner with me?

Sarah: I would love to John thanks for asking.

Time passes and i get out of hospital and have my dinner date with Sarah

2 years later we are still dating and i have built 2 more buildings since my accident

4th Year:-

Sarah and i are out on a date when i am planning to propose to her

By : Adam

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