Dad wants me to become a man. He gets his wish

I was a senior year of high school and I needed a date for prom. I hadn’t even planned on going to prom; but the “this isn’t an option Justin” from my dad stopped that thought. He still thinks I’m gay and I can’t convince him otherwise; which meant I had to find a date, or he was going to flip out.

It was Saturday morning, and I was in the driveway shooting hoops with Katherine my sister; when it hit me like a load of bricks. Oh my God, Katherine is a girl. Now, you must understand my sister is a bit different, which is why we’ve always gotten along great. She got to college on a basketball scholarship and she ran track in high school. She’s fit, trim; and will beat the shit out of a guy in a heartbeat.

“What’s with the shit eating grin?” Katherine looked at me.

“You’re a girl” I said dumbly.

“No shit Justin, what gave you the first clue; the tits?” Katherine barked out a laugh.

“No, I mean you’re a GIRL” I smiled.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa” Katherine held up her hands. “You can skip that idea” she gave a scowl.

First of all Katherine knew about my rounds with Dad over the prom, hell she had heard them enough around the house. Second, my sister is both very smart, and not bad looking.

At twenty Katherine has that natural look that honestly a lot of women would kill for. She stands five nine and weighs in at maybe a hundred and twenty pounds. She’s has an athlete’s body with toned legs and muscular arms; that taut belly and a natural tan from spending years outside. Add to it a not so bad set of 34B’s she keeps bound up in sports bras; even for a sister she’s kind of cute.

“Come on, I’ll throw in fifty bucks” I said quickly.

“First…fifty isn’t near enough to go on a date my sicko brother” she snatched the basketball from my hands. “Second, we live in the same house; I can see dad’s face when I march down the stairs as your fucking date” she snorted.

“What if I make it a hundred” I added back quickly. “And I actually have an idea about how to get around the house thing” I told her.

“Look Kat” I said quickly before she could open her mouth. “You know what this is about…you’ve been there” I threw in my biggest shot.

Katherine did know; two years ago, when she was a senior, she had gone through the same thing with dad. I was about the only one who knew that her prom “date” was a member of her basketball team she had paid a hundred dollars to fake being her date. She had pulled the same thing I was suggesting.

“Bite it” she growled. “Look Justin he won’t buy it; he’ll know it was me.” She sighed.

“I figure you spend how many nights over at Jess’s” I shot back.

Jessica was Katherine’s longtime friend; and I suspected she might be a lover for Kat; but it was none of my business. I just knew that at least once a month Katherine spent an overnight at her friends.

“Let me get this straight, you want me to go spend the night at Jess’s, and be your prom date?” She stared at me.

“It could work” I insisted. “We go to the prom, word gets back to dad I actually had a girl for a date, and he gets off my back” I argued.

“While I admit I pulled it off”, Katherine shook her head. “It won’t work for you”, she said.

“Why not, you said it worked for you”. I was desperate.

Katherine looked at me for a moment, and then slowly walked up closer. She stood almost nose to nose with me; so close I could smell her sweat.

“You do know you’re asking your sister out on a date”, she stared at me with fire in her eyes.

“No”, I said calmly. “I’m asking my best friend out on a date”, I said.

The fire in her eyes dimmed and she stared at me. “Justin…” she said slowly, and then sighed.

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