Dad spoils me and my best friend

My name is Erin, and this is the one experience that forever changed my life. I was 15 years old and visiting my dad’s house for the weekend along with a girl friend from high school. Her name is Nicole and she was also 15. Nicole comes from a low income family and didn”t really have much. She mostly wore hand me down or second hand clothes most of the time. Upon Nicole’s request, I asked my Dad if we could go to the mall and kill some time shopping. He agreed and off we went. He told the both of us that we could pick out whatever we wanted and he would pay for it. We agreed on a meeting place and time as he handed us each $100.00 as we quickly found ourselves totally elated to be on our way, not to mention we felt like we owned the store with that kind of money in our possession!

We decided that we would get matching outfits so to mess with everyone the next day at school. We also decided that we would both get matching v-strings, something I had never before considered. I felt kind of odd at first not knowing what my dad would say or think, but what the hell the worst that could happen would be he would make me take it back. We also picked out the lowest ride blue jeans we could find. Oh my god, these were hot! To top it off, we found some belly shirts. After we had almost all of our money spent, we decided it was too close to the meeting time and headed back to meet up with dad. He was already waiting for us and invited us to have lunch with him. After lunch, we drove back to our house.

Nicole was very happy that my dad did her such a nice thing and decided she was going to get dressed in her newly purchsed clothes. We went to my bedroom and proceeded to change. The next event was more than I could ever imagine Nicole doing. She went right to my dad”s business room where he was busy working on a project for his work. She enetered and started to tear up that someone was so nice for buying her clothes and she wanted to say thanks. She walked over to hug him and as they embraced, she kissed my dad on the mouth! I was standing out in the hallway just out of site and almost passed out seeing this. My dad couldn”t see and in shock he asked Nicole “Are you sure you be doing that?” In amazement, my dad sat back down and Nicole sat on his lap and they started making out. My dad began to massage Nicole”s back and shoulders and she began to moan. My dad the asked her if she knew where i was and she just shrugged her shoulders. By this time, she had already started playing with his cock through his pants. My jaw almost hit the floor. I played stupid, went back to my bedroom and hollared out to find out where she was. She yelled back that she wanted me to come down to where she and my dad were. So I reluctantly decided to go in and play along.

She was still sitting on my dad’s lap and told me to watch. I could tell at first my dad was uncomfortable with me in the room watching him getting kissed by my best friend but he mellowed out after a few minutes. I mentioned I probably should leave and my dad said “No you can stay if you’d like.” Nicole had already had sex at least on one occassion, but I had not taken the plunge as of yet. Checking to see he was rock hard, she got down on her knees and started taking my dad’s pants off. My dad at this point did not resist. This was the first time I had ever seen a grown man with an erection. My dad’s cock must be 7 to 8″ and I must say I got pretty wet pretty quick just standing there. Nicole started giving my dad a blow job and my dad just sat there and moaned a few times from the pleasure he was receiving. Nicole then stood back and started removing her clothes one thing at a time. She took everything but her v-string. She then asked my dad if he minded if I get undressed to. I didn”t even wait for his answer and started shedding off almost everything I had on, although I decided to keep my bra and v-string on. Nicole finally removed her v-string and to my surprise she had shaved her pubic hair while she was in the bathroom. It kind of felt different being nearly nude in front of my dad as he was checking us both out.

By :Erin S

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