Dad & Son & Daughter — then Mum made four

Susie stirred as the first rays of sunshine began to filter through her bedroom curtains. She stretched, her arms high above her head and her legs out straight, the sun playing across her naked breasts as they thrust upwards. With a sigh, she relaxed back onto the bed before rolling onto her side. She laid still, her head propped up on her hand as she gazed at Mike, her eyes roaming slowly over his naked body.

Until the previous night, it had been weeks since Susie had seen Mike — or Ian. Weeks since she had seen her Dad and her brother. Her lovers.

She rolled onto her back, her hands behind her head, her eyes shut again as she thought back. It was over a year since Ian, her Dad, had taken her to Barcelona for the weekend, since a mix up over their rooms had thrown them together, since they had become lovers. After that, they had been to Paris and Rome, making excuses to get away, but otherwise grabbing time together whenever they could.

And then, almost two months ago, they had gone to London for the weekend, to visit a job fair. At the last minute, their plans had almost been thwarted when Mike, who — at nineteen — was a year younger than his sister, had come along as well. But during that unforgettable weekend, Mike had confessed his love and desire for his sister, his need for her — and the three of them had been thrown together.

Susie sighed, her hands now running slowly over her body as she thought back to that weekend, to the stolen moments with her Dad, and then how Mike had come to her, how it was if a dam had burst as they fell into each others arms, how she had confessed in her own way to Ian what had happened, how the three of them had pleasured and enjoyed each other.

With a soft moan, Susie cupped her firm, full breasts, feeling her nipples hardening against the palms of her hands as she caressed herself. Since that weekend, they had hardly seen each other. After returning from London, she had gone straight back to University the next morning. In the weeks since, she had had to make do with her own fingers — and her toys, the toys that her Dad had bought for her when they were in Paris together.

She smiled to herself, her fingers playing slowly across her clit, as she thought how her friend Emma, who had a room in the same house at University, had caught her a week or so ago. Susie had been dreamily playing with her toys, her mind full of images of her Dad and brother as she plunged her thick vibrator into her dripping pussy, when Emma had burst into her room. She had quickly pulled her bed clothes up, blushing furiously, but not before Emma had seen everything.

The next day Emma had brought her own toys along, and the two of them had watched each other play. It hadn’t gone any further than that, but Susie wondered if it might, remembering the taste, the feel, of the girl she had shared with her Dad in Rome all those months ago.

With a sigh, she rolled back onto her side, knowing that she ought to be waking Mike up, if only to get him back to his own room before Megan, their Mum, was up and about. She guessed that her Mum would be up early, as she was going away today for a weekend conference, and would be away overnight — which was why Susie was at home for the weekend, with her Dad and brother, her lovers.

She had come home the night before, her pussy throbbing at the thought of seeing Ian, her Dad, and Mike again. But when she had arrived, neither of them was home. Mike had arrived home just in time for dinner, and they had shared a lingering kiss for a few stolen moments while their Mum was serving their food.

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