Dad and daughter become regular lovers – FATHER AND DAUGHTER

My daughter is very much like her mother. She dresses sexy like her mom and she loves to tease like her mom. Amny times we have been out driving about and my wife and my daughter would flash truckers or let someone see up a skirt when getting in or out of the car. All this would do nothing but get me extremely excited. The sight of my hot looking wife and my sexy teenage daughter flashing and teasing was a huge turn on.

At home we were all very open about nudity so I had seen my daughter in various stages of undess for many years. But that doesn’t mean the sight doesn’t get me excited.

One thing my daughter loved doing would be to come out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around her and sit on my lap or lay on the floor in front of the tv. One night I was sitting in the living room in just a robe when she came in and sat on my lap with just a towel around her after getting out of the shower. I immediately got a raging hard on.

And it didn’t take much and soon my cock was rubbing against bare skin. She leaned back and sighed. I moved a little and my hard cock slide between her thighs and was rubbing against her pussy. I put my arm around her and hugged her and she began to relax in my arms. the feeling of my cock against her pussy and her softness did nothing but make me more excited. I realized that she was getting excited also because I could feel he hot pussy become moist against my cock.

She reached down with her hand rubbed the head of my cock against her swollen clit. As she did this she began to moan and move and soon the towel was completely open and she was grinding her clit against the head of my cock. Suddenly she began to shudder and I knew she was in the middle of an orgasim. It was more than I could stand and suddenly I too was cumming. I shot cum all over her clit and hand.

When we both had calmed down she kissed me and got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I sat there with the most satisfied feeling I had had in a long time .Even though my wife and I enjoy a very active sex life this was intense.

This continued for several weeks. Each time it was as intense as the last. One night she had just sat on my lap and her mom walked down the hall. She looked over at us and smiled and came over and bend down and kissed me and then kissed out daughter. She was in one of her see through robes and I could see her nipples get excited. I reached up and tweeked one of her nipples and she smiled.

By this time my cock was rock hard and was pressing against my daughter pussy lips. My wife smiled and reached down and undid my daughters towel and then sucked on one of her nipples. My wife’s hand began to slide down and when it reached our daughters clit there she also found my cock. She looked down and then looked at us and smiled and continued to play with both out daughters clit and my cock. After a few minutes of this my daughter and I were both getting very excited. My wife took my cock and slid it up and down our daughters slit and suddenly positioned the head at her opening. She smiled at me and asked doesn’t she feel hot. I uttered yes she does. Slowly she slid the head until it was just inside her opening. By this time our daughter and I were both getting very excited.

My daughter began to push down and then rise up. Slowly working my cock in a little deeper with each move. My wife smiled at her and said. “Go ahead baby take it in”. My daughter slid down harder and finally my cock slid all the way in. The feeling of my cock being buried inside of my duaghter was intense. My wife by this time was as naked as us and was frantically rubing her clit.

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