Cuckolded Peggy

Ron was working at his brother’s adult video store. It
didn’t pay much, but, he figured the fringe benefits
would more than make up for the money. He had been
watching the white wimps reading the interracial books
and renting the same kind of movies. It must really
make them jealous to see all those big, black cocks,
stretching those little white pussies. He was thinking
they probably go to sleep dreaming they have the 10
inch cock, instead of the black dude.

Ron was 28, never been married, and liked it that way.
He was only 5′ 7″, and weighed 170. There wasn’t an
ounce of fat anywhere on his body. He was good looking,
but not someone to die for. His big assets were his
ready smile, easy going manner, and a cock that could
stretch any white pussy in the city.

This one guy had been coming in once or twice a week,
for about a month. He was hooked on black dudes fucking
a white wife in front of their husband. There was
nothing special about him. He wasn’t the athletic type.
Nor, was he especially handsome. Just a white wimp with
his fantasies. He was about the same age as Ron, and he
wore a wedding band. Ron was getting impatient, and
decided to feel this dude out.

“Hey man, you find what you like? Can I help you with
anything? I know where every movie of any subject is

The guy turned beet red before answering. “No, thanks.
These will be alright.”

“Okay, but remember, I’m here to help keep our
customers satisfied.”

“Thanks again.”

“My name is Ron. My brother owns this place and I’m
helping him out until something better comes along.”
Ron gave him that prize winning smile, that could put
Whistler’s mother at ease. Ron picked up the two movies
and looked at the titles. “I see you are interested in
our interracial selection. You would be surprised how
many are curious about black and white sex.”

The guy turned red again, before stammering, “You mean
a lot of guys rent this kind of movie? I thought
something was wrong with me. Everyone I know would
think I was a sick pervert. I thought black guys rented

“No, no, black guys make them. White guys rent them.
There’s nothing unusual about how you feel. Thousands
of husbands have this fantasy of watching their wife
being fucked by a big-dicked black man. A few of the
lucky ones actually get to live out their fantasy. It
takes a strong, loving marriage to survive the

“Why? She wouldn’t love him, just have sex.”

” Haven’t you seen the size of those black cocks? How
many white men have a cock that size? Haven’t you heard
the expression, once you go black, you never go back?
That’s because many women are never satisfied with
their small dicked husband, after experiencing a long,
black cock, all the way up in their stomach.”

“It’s just a fantasy, and will never happen anyway. My
wife would kill or divorce me, if I even brought the
subject up.”

“Does she know you are watching these movies?”

“God, no. She goes to community college three nights a
week. I watch them while she’s at school.”

“Well, it’s time I was closing up. You’re the only
customer I’ve had in the last hour. You want to stop
around the corner and have a cup of coffee?” Ron wanted
to see a picture of this guy’s wife. If she wasn’t a
complete Rocky, he was going to fuck her and make her a
slut for black cock.

Relaxing over a coffee and feeling more at ease sitting
in a booth, Paul exclaimed, “I didn’t even tell you my
name. It’s Paul.”

Grinning again, Ron said, “Pleased to meet you Paul. If
I’m not being too personal, could I see a picture of
your wife?”

“Sure,” Paul said, while reaching for his wallet. “Her
name is Peggy, but, everyone calls her Peg.”

Ron was amazed that the beautiful brunette in the
picture was married to a nothing like Paul. What the
Hell! She must see something I don’t. Maybe he does
have a donkey dick. One thing for certain, it would be
pure pleasure to fuck her pretty head off. “You have a
very beautiful wife. You are a lucky man. With this
kind of wife, why would you have a fantasy of another
man fucking her? Why would you take the chance of
losing her?”

“I don’t know. Even in high school, and later in
college, whenever I had a girl friend, I had the same
fantasy. I wanted to watch them be fucked by someone
else. It never happened, but, I was always thinking it.
We have been married two years. She was twenty-two when
we married and had never been with a man before. The
first year, I suppressed my feelings, but now, they are
stronger than ever. I watch the movies and masturbate
so often, I can’t get it up to satisfy her.

“Just out of curiosity, how big is your dick?”

Paul got red, and quietly said, “almost six inches.”


“Well, actually five.”

“Five inches satisfied her?”

“I told you, she had never been with another man. I
guess she was satisfied. She never said she wasn’t.
Maybe, when you are in love, any kind of sex is
satisfying. We love and respect each other very much.
She is going to night school, so she will have a better
chance in the work market. We want to start a family in
another three or four years.”

“I’ll tell you now, Paul, if you don’t get this fantasy
out of your head, you won’t be married in another three
or four years. If you’ve had it since high school, you
are not going to get rid of it, unless you get to live
it. What you need is a black man that understands your
problem, and is willing to help you out. You need a
stranger, and one that is clean and free of disease.
Also, you need a man that has the equipment to
completely satisfy your fantasy forever. You want
someone that will exit after the fulfillment of your
fantasy, never to be seen again.”

“How in God’s name could I ever find someone like that?
Even if, by some miracle, I did find someone, how could
I ever get Peg to go along with it?”

“What if I told you that I am willing to be the one to
help you? You seem to be a nice guy and you have a
problem. You have my word that after you watch me fuck
her, I will leave her life forever.”

“You? But, we don’t even know each other. You sound as
if there is no problem getting between her legs. I told
you she has never been with another man, and I don’t
believe she would let another man fuck her. Especially,
a black man. This is my fantasy, not hers.”

“I’ll tell you what. If I can’t fuck her within a week,
you can have all the movies you want for the next year.
Do you have more than one bedroom in your home?”

“Yes, we have three. In a few years, we planned on
needing them. What does that have to do with anything?”

“What if your best friend from college just happened to
be in town and needed a place to stay for a week? You
did have friends in college, didn’t you? You said
‘especially, a black man,’ is she prejudiced?”

“Yes, I had good friends, but I have never talked about
them. It’s a sore spot about me going to college and
her not. No, I don’t think she is prejudiced. We have
never discussed it. When am I supposed to break the
news to her about your visit? What if she says, No?”

“Thanksgiving is coming up. Does she get off extra time
for the holiday?”

“Yes, there’s no school that week.”

“Okay. That’s a week away. That gives you time to
sweeten her up and get her to agree to having an old
college chum come calling. That will give us time to
become better friends and get to know a little about
each other’s past. To be on the safe side, don’t
mention my race. Let it be a surprise when she opens
the door. Oh, something else. Have you and her ever
smoked pot?”

“Pot? We tried it a couple of times. All it did was
make us giggle and get the munchies. It was kind of
fun, but too expensive to become a habit.” Why? You
going to get her high on pot?”

“Why not? A good joint and a bottle of wine will make
her so high, she’ll be out of her mind. We will work
out the details during the next week. Another thing, if
I fuck her the first or second day, you have to let me
stay the whole week and fuck her as often as I like.

“Since I don’t believe you will be able to fuck her the
first time, I agree.”

“Come by the store tomorrow, and we can go over more
details. Here’s my cell number. What’s yours? I have to
call and get invited to visit. Remember? Does your
phone take and send photos?”


“I’ll give you one tomorrow. I want you to take half a
dozen photos of Peg without her knowledge. I need side
views, not full frontal. Preferably, close ups, but if
not, I can edit them. Think you can do that?”

“I guess so. This is getting complicated. Are you sure
this is going to work? I have this obsessive fantasy,
but, I’m still happily married and I want to stay that

“Leave everything to me. It’ll work like a charm. Once
I’m in your home, I’ll handle everything.” Ron was
thinking, you naive fool. You have no idea how well it
will work. Your stupid white boy fantasy is going to
destroy this happy marriage. Better yet, it’s going to
put a black baby in her innocent belly. Then, you can
look at the results of your fantasy for the rest of
your life.

After that evening, everything worked like a good Swiss
watch. Paul got Ron the photos he needed. Peg,
surprisingly, agreed to having an old friend of her
husband’s spend a week in their home. Paul explained
about Ron being a party animal, and since they had no
social life, she believed this might be the chance to
get their marriage back on track. Paul had seemed to be
distant and inattentive lately.

If Ron was a party animal, maybe, they could all go to
a nightclub and dancing. It had been ages since she had
been dancing. If she danced with Ron, would Paul get
jealous? What a wicked thought! But, Paul had never
seen her in another man’s arms. Maybe, she would make
him jealous on purpose. It would serve him right for
all the nights he turned his back and went to sleep.
This mood set the stage for the Saturday morning Ron
knocks on the door!

Before Ron had to go to work for his brother, he had
worked for an escort service and as a part time male
model. He had been fired for going too far with a
client, and she reported him. Modeling jobs were few
and far between right now. He did have a thirty minute
DVD of his prowess with white bitches. This film was
his resume, so to speak. Now, he was going to use it to
break down the barriers in the mind of Peg. He had
taken the six photos of Peg and duplicated each one
twenty times on his computer. He downloaded the DVD and
with his software pushed the edit button.

Now, he could drag and paste the one hundred and twenty
images onto the DVD, anywhere he wished. The short film
had him getting a blow job, eating pussy, and feeding
his cock into white pussy. It took him all afternoon to
drag all the images throughout the film. Some people
doubt that subliminal suggestion works, but Ron knew it

Watching the film, her picture couldn’t be seen, but,
it would register on her mind. He had her face next to
his dick. Her face was there when he was shooting his
cum into the other woman’s mouth. Same thing when he
was devouring her pussy, and fucking her out of her
mind. All he had to do was make sure she got to see the

“See who’s at the door, will you hon?” Paul said, since
he was still shaving.

Peg answered the door, wearing shorts and a halter top.
Weekends were lazy days. She saw a neatly dressed black
man, about three inches taller than herself. He had a
winning smile on his face and was holding a suitcase.
She thought he was some kind of salesman. Nobody smiled
like that, unless he wanted something.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Hi. You must be Peg. I’m Ron. I hope Paul told you I
was coming.”

“Ron? But, you’re not supposed to be here until

“I caught an earlier flight. I’m sorry if I have caused
a problem.”

“No. No problem, but, we’re not dressed for company.”
Especially, black company, Peg was thinking. I’m going
to kill Paul as soon as I get him alone, she fumed.
“Well, come on in, such as it is. Paul will be down in
a minute. He’s still shaving. Just set your suitcase
down and come into the kitchen. Coffee is hot and I was
ready to have a cup.”

“That sounds great, and again I am sorry for surprising
you like this. I’ll take you and Paul out to dinner to
help make up for it.” Ron said, smiling again.

When Paul came in, he was more surprised than Peg. But
Ron, being a good conversationalist, had everyone at
ease. You couldn’t be in the escort business without
knowing a little about everything. Peg and Paul were
laughing and enjoying themselves. Peg had noticed that
every time she looked at Ron, he seemed to be
memorizing every inch of her body that he could see.

After awhile, Paul said, “Let’s get you settled into
your room, and then how about you and I going to the
driving range and hitting a bucket of balls. We can
catch up on old times.”

“Good.” said Peg, “That will give me a chance to
straighten up this house.”

“The bedroom downstairs is being used for a computer
room, so you’ll have to sleep upstairs, across the
hallway from our room.” Paul apologized. “Don’t worry,
we won’t disturb your sleep.”

Ron unpacked haphazardly, but made sure he left a large
manila envelope laying in plain sight on the dresser.
He had written, ‘My Photos” on the front.

Peg had pretty much cleaned the downstairs and decided
to check the upstairs. She made their bed and walked
across the hall, to see if Ron’s room needed anything.
The first thing she saw, was the envelope. Curiosity
may have killed the cat, but it was not going to kill
her to see what kind of photos were in that envelope.
Pulling out the pictures and seeing the first one,
almost did kill her.

There was a naked Ron, with a huge, half turgid cock,
hanging between his legs. She was so shocked, she
dropped the pictures. Picking them up, she couldn’t
help seeing the others. His dick was erect, and
sticking straight out like a baseball bat. Another, had
a blonde on her knees, kissing the head. Each, was more
explicit that the last. Masturbating, crammed inside a
white pussy, dripping cum into a woman’s mouth. There
must have been a dozen photos of the most disgusting
acts imaginable. What kind of animal had they let into
their house? Why did he carry such pictures? What kind
of person would leave them laying around for anyone to

After Peg had calmed down, she had to admit she had no
business looking at them. If he carried those, what
kind of work did he do? The more she thought about it,
the less disgusting it was. She was actually excited
and became wet between her legs. What would it be like
to touch or kiss a dick that big? Would a woman really
enjoy having her pussy stretched by such a monster?
Could she take all of it inside her small pussy? What
was she thinking? No way was she going to have that
inside her! She had to get her thoughts in order and
calm down!

When Paul and Ron returned, Ron knew from her attitude
that she had seen the photos. She was still polite and
joined the conversation, but now, he caught her looking
at him.

Finally, Peg could keep it back no longer, so she
asked, “Ron, Paul has never said what kind of work you

“Oh, I thought you knew. I’m a male model, and when I
can find it, an actor in adult films. I’ve never been
very ambitious, but I believe in doing something I
enjoy. I have some pictures and a film that I carry to
show prospective employers. My resume, if you wish to
call it that. I earn pretty good money, but I’m not
rich. I have clients all over the country, who call and
want my private services. I could never find a more
enjoyable and exciting line of employment.”

Paul’s mouth had dropped open, but he never said a
word. Peg was now the curious one, and she had to know
what he did. “Are you saying women pay you for your
private services?”

“Yes, of course, and very well, I might add.” Ron said.
“Let’s drop the subject about my life, and go have a
good dinner. You pick the place and I’ll pick up the

After a very good dinner, they were finishing a bottle
of chilled wine. The band was playing soft music and a
few couples were dancing. Paul and Peg were not
drinkers, and both were slightly dizzy. Ron asked,
“Paul, do you mind, if I ask your beautiful wife for a

“Go ahead and ask. I’m going to sit here and relax.”

When Ron asked, Peg was undecided whether to say yes or
no. But, she thought, why not? It’s just a dance and
it’s been so long since I’ve been on a dance floor. She
said, “Sure, but I’m a little rusty. You may have to
guide me.”

Moving onto the floor, Ron held her in a close embrace.
Immediately, she could feel his bulge pressing just
above her pubic mound. She could swear she felt it
moving. She halfheartedly tried pulling away, but he
just held her more tightly. He wasn’t doing anything
inappropriately, so she couldn’t walk off the floor.
She relaxed and went with the flow of the music.

When the song ended and before they could leave the
floor, another began. They continued dancing, but now,
he was lifting her to her tiptoes. In this position,
his semi-hard cock was rubbing against her clitoris.
Everything looked normal to other people, but she was
getting excited and very wet between her legs. The song
ended and he led her back to the table. She was kind of
wobbly, but he had a firm grip on her arm.

“Thank you very much for the dance. You are a wonderful
dancer and light on your feet.” Said Ron.

Peg calmed down, and thought of how foolish she must
be. Why should she get excited dancing with another man
than her husband? Was it because Paul hadn’t been
paying attention to her lately? Was it the atmosphere
and wine she had drunk? Was it because Ron was so good-
looking and so sure of himself? Was it because he was
black and hung like a horsy? Whatever the reason, she
was a happily married woman and would always be true to
her husband. Suddenly, she wanted to go home, where it
was safe and secure. “What say we go home. I’m feeling
tired.” Peg said.

On the way home, they stopped and Ron picked up a
bottle of brandy. Sitting in the living room, drinking
coffee with a dash of brandy added, everyone was very
relaxed. Paul was feeling the alcohol, or he would
never have said, “Why don’t we watch your resume film?”

Peg almost agreed to watch it with them, but better
sense prevailed. What kind of woman would she be to
watch a sex film in mixed company? She decided to
retire to the kitchen and straighten up, then take a
shower while the film was showing. Paul loaded and
started the movie. The very first scene was of a naked
Ron laying on his back, while a beautiful brunette was
kissing and licking his cock. Paul let out with a loud,

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