Cuckolded by his son

Charles; a 58 year old slightly overweight husband to Sara; was five foot eight tall and had been married for twenty five years, but their sex life has reached the point where it was almost non-existent. In fact only nine times in the last year had they actually made love and that had been with the aid of erotic fantasy scenario’s to help his five inch cock get hard; the usual fantasy which got him the hardest was about him being tied up and forced to watch his wife have sex with a stranger. He always admitted afterwards that it was his inability to help save his wife’s virtue that turned him on and the fact that she invariably used phrases like; “Oh do what you want to me just don’t hurt us; please my husband will pay whatever you ask only don’t hurt us!”

Sara meanwhile stood four foot ten tall; still managing to keep her figure in shape with daily jogs and four visits per week to the gym. She measured 38 – 24 – 36 and her bra size was a double D; with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes; she turned many a head down at the gym. Although she put up with her deteriorating sex life she still craved it but always held the opinion that marriage should not be cheated on.

Charles and Sara have a son; Robert; aged 26 years of age six foot two tall; he had a slim athletic build and he was extremely proud of his eight inch long and above average thickness of his cock; unlike his mother he had sandy coloured hair and deep blue eyes but boasted he could pull anything in a skirt. Just recently he moved back into his parents neighbourhood; in fact just two blocks away; primarily this was because of work but also served him really well for he had soon arranged to take his washing home for his mum to do every week and often joined his parents for two or three meals per week plus he often raided his dad’s fridge for booze.

Sara did not mind her baby coming back home so often; it made her feel needed and besides there were thousands of little jobs that needed to be done around the house all of which seemed beyond Charles who chose to devote his free time to his scale model soldiers. He cast them in lead and then painted them up in fine detail with regimental colours and displayed them in his own special room he called his campaign headquarters. Rob often joked with his mother that as he was standing for his dad with the jobs around the house maybe he should simply stand in for everything; Sara knew he was referring to the sex side although she did not know how he knew she was not getting enough of that. She always answered him the same way by telling to burn of his excess energy on the lawns in the front and back gardens which needed cutting.

One day her temptation to cheat was sorely tested and from the most unusual of sources; for she arrived home from her usual jog; hot and sweaty she raced upstairs and dived into the main bathroom. Shock horror for naked in the family shower was her very own twenty six year old baby; the clear glass shower door hiding nothing of his impressive semi hard manhood. Rob never even tried to cover up and continued to shower as if nothing had happened; Sara meanwhile blushed and scooted out of the bathroom heading for the master bedroom.

As she sat on the edge of the bed her mind ran through the images it had just collected and began to turn her on; had she really just seen her baby’s semi hard cock and wow what a cock it was almost twice the size of her husband’s and more than twice as thick. Without meaning to she allowed herself the thought of how wonderful that would feel sliding into a ready and juicy cunt; her mind exploded as visions of some lucky woman in the throes of ecstasy being pounded by that mighty weapon. Absent-mindedly she slipped her hand inside her jogging bottoms and began to rub her cunt; she instantly froze when the images showed her own face on the woman so desperate to accept the load of spunk from her son’s cock.

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