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A somewhat different cuckold story.

I sometimes have submissive tendencies when it comes to sex. These are never full-time thoughts, just fantasy interests I like to explore occasionally. A while back I started gravitating to this one particular dominant woman on the interent. Her name is Lexi Lapetina. She has a cool website, but that’s …

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I fully embraced my husband’s wishes and became a slut

For almost as long as I’d known him, my husband, Jeff, would share his fantasies of sharing me. At times the way he found to work our conversations over to that subject became tedious. I mean it was relentless. He wrote me stories where I starred in threesomes, orgies, and …

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No Regrets

It was an expensive hotel and the door to the room closed with a sigh and a click. Phil hadn’t bothered with goodbyes. Neil forced open his eyes and tried to forget the ache in his head and the taste in his mouth. Vodka. Nothing got Paula going quite like …

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Mrs Volvo’s Gangbang

We called him Dimex because that was the name on the side of his truck. Of all the voyeurs on The Heath, he was the best. Even better than me. Except we felt uncomfortable with the word ‘voyeur’, so called ourselves Rockygers. You kind of sensed Dimex rather than saw …

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Learning to be a sub husband

I was married for 7yrs to a very dominat red head. After 6 yrs of marrage, I was 27 yrs old and she was 26. We have always had what I thought was good sex, but I did always cum in less than a minute, but I always cleaned her …

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I Am a Cuckold

As requested, i will gladly expand on my excursions into cuckoldry and submission in r/l. i divorced a few years ago when my wife of 25 years could not cope with my desire to submit, nor my penchant for forced femme….”cuckold” had not entered my vocabulary at that point in …

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Every Wife’s Desire

It’s a desire that she has been forced to squelch for years and years… It just wouldn’t be proper for her to express her heart’s secret desire. You should know that this desire is at the core of ALL her fantasies… Whether she ever tells you about them or not, …

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Turned Into a Cuckold

My next door neighbor, Todd, a muscular black guy and his wife come over to my house during the summer to enjoy my pool and spa with my wife, Linda, and I. One summer night Todd’s wife went back home and left him to continue drinking and talking with me …

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Cuckold Savours The Smelly Cumload

This is a story about a man that who feels the need to be cuckolded and convinces his wife to fulfill this need. She agrees happily with her husband’s proposal, but asks him a special favour. The husband agrees and discovers the pleasure of eating another man’s sperm. It happened …

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