Crossing the line

Clarice had chanced upon Peter several times, before she reached sixteen years of age, nothing immediately appealed to her in a way that would lead to romance and marriage. But by the time she was eighteen years old she was married to him and had a baby on the way, their courtship had been a bit of a whirlwind affair, engaged after only six months of dating and married a year later when Clarice found herself three months pregnant. The pregnancy had raised a couple of issue, which possibly would never have occurred if they had grown together a little more slowly.

Peter at four years senior to Clarice, found he had an excessive sex drive, something as a virgin he had discovered after taking Clarice’s virginity. You see they were both virgins and had no experience to call upon, that first three months they were both at it like rabbits. Peter sexual appetite grow larger while Clarice was happy with the once or twice per week, she expected was normal. During the third month of her pregnancy all that changed, Clarice began demanding three orgasms per night, Peter was happy to oblige in the beginning, it was now becoming a chore he was finding hard to rise to. Friends pulled his leg about having a girl who was so keen on sex and often told him just how lucky he was to have her. Some of their closest friends even tried suggesting things like watch porn films to get him into the right shape and mood.

George, who had known Peter for most of his entire life suggest he indulge in threesomes, initially with another male joining them to take the strain of Peter or was it that George had the hots for Clarice., if this was the case he never came straight out about it. Secretly Peter began watching porn films and in the at the start, one on one, films gave him a buzz, but all too soon, he found them boring and he began searching out the stronger more fetish themed films. Soon he was watching group sex films in which one woman would take on three or more males. Then the idea dawned on him. What if he found being second or third to fuck a cunt was his biggest turn on. Certainly more than being that first to fuck his partner ever did. The films he found best were those where the participants did not wear condoms and would spunk the woman’s cunt before the second cock plunged into a cunt full of the first one’s load.

He began secretly wishing Clarice would take a lover, not that he would approve officially but the chance of getting sloppy seconds began to cloud his mind. The more he tried the further away from his goal, he felt. He even tried getting Clarice to use a ripe banana, before she could pull it out, he would fuck her soaking wet cunt with it mashing the banana into a pulp before taking his cock and plunging it into that gooey mess. Whilst his imagination told him that the banana was another man’s spunk the feeling always left him feeling let down. He then tried double thick cream along with the banana but again whilst in his mind’s eye it was another man’s load, his brain always won the argument that it was only make believe.

Things would have continued in this vain except in Clarice’s ninth month of pregnancy she began to have strange cravings and desires. It began with a discussion on breastfeeding of all things; Clarice said, “I wonder what breast milk tastes like?” Peter had to confess that whilst his breast-fed him until he was four years of age; he could not recall what it tasted like. He even suggested that she suck her own nipples to find out but the 36C, Clarice just could not get the nipple into her mouth. Peter suggested he suck her nipples and he would share the breast milk with her, but Clarice discounted that idea because she reasoned his mouth would taint the taste.

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