Crossdressing with Wife is the most hot experience

Being Friday, I left office earlier than the usual 6pm in an excitement to see my wife. Today, she will be wearing her new Lilac Rose floral saree. I sheepishly admire her when she makes extra efforts to ready herself than the usual…and today is such opportunity, hence finding excuses to reach home early. She involves me a lot in all her shopping and eventually it’s me whom she rely on selecting right from her clothing to jewelry to makeup. Of late, she even dragged me to select her lingerie.
She commented once “you are my best friend….I am fortunate to have you in the arena of woman’s world. Thanks for helping me out”.

That’s how she rests her confidence in me. Though I feel restless drooling at the crossroads – whether to express my urges/desires that I carried from innocent teenage years of dressings, or not, I still kept a secret to her in fear of how the reaction would be. Yet, I continued with some accessories of my own with her clothes to impersonate in the closet whenever I am alone.

As I reached home, I received a call on my cell – it’s my wife. She is at her parents who are 2 km away from us and might stay back in the night. Disappointed, I opened our apartment. Seeing the new saree and blouse still on our bed in a carry-bag, my mind started racing. It is such a rush I even forgot to lock the front-door.

Next half hour, I had quick shower and transformed to the new saree. I was so focused; I really took care of draping the saree, braiding the hair (wig) and little makeup. Appropriate accessories are added as fared by any Indian lady. Looking in the mirror, I felt I could easily pass as next door house-wife. As I admired my own beauty in the mirror I suddenly realized I didn’t lock the front door; I jumped to living room to close the door immediately. I was late by few seconds, I was frozen to see newly married bride from 2nd floor making an entrance. She carried a tray filled with bangles, flowers, pasupu & kumkum.

She casually started addressing me as “akka”. She applied turmeric paste to my feet, slipped red bangles to my hands saying “bangles have matched the beautiful saree you are wearing akka”.

She arranged flowers to my braid and kumkum to my forhead. I put kumkum to her with a smiling gesture, a reflux without my thinking. Then I realized the state I am in and with fear that she might notice me who I am, I just became numb with shock sitting on the sofa.

I could barely hear her saying “I will come again akka, I have to do the same to two more sumangalis”. She left saying so in a hurry.

On ring of my phone, I recovered from the shock. I ran through the scene, and realized I was in shock for about 10 minutes. I took the phone to answer my wife on the other end. I could hear my bangles while taking the phone to my ear. I worried she might have heard & once again missed my heart beat.

She kept talking “you too come here for dinner. By the way, there is the bag of the new saree you bought for me. Bring that bag; mom wants to see me in that saree. I will be expecting you in 15 minutes”.

I composed my self and convinced her that “I will be there in 30 minutes as I have to take bath”.

After the call, I took a deep breathe, acknowledged my spontaneity that I bought more time to change back so I need not leave any tracks behind. I quickly removed the clothes and folded back into the bag. I tried to clean my feet, and to my dismay the color of turmeric is not going away. That’s when I feared how stupid I was not closing the door in the first place.I slipped socks, wore shoe and headed off to my in-laws imagining no one would notice.

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