Crossdressing Game with my Mausi

When I became 18 years old, I was attracted towards wearing ladies clothes and masturbating. I used to stay with my family and thus I wore my Mom’s panties, bras, blouses, sarees etc. Sometimes, I used to imagine myself as a film actress after wearing mom’s clothes. On this particular day, it was my 20th birthday. My elder brother was a businessman and he along with dad remained out of India for most part of the year. On my 20th birthday, mom and dad had gone to a distant temple and thus my mausi (mom’s sister) was staying with me. She wanted to gift me something special.

After my birthday party, I came home at 10 in the night. Mausi wished me happy birthday and told me that she had something special for me. I asked her what. She told to come to the bedroom. I said ok. She was wearing a Saree. Look at my mausi’s pic above. We went to the bedroom and mausi asked me to remove the shirt and jeans that I was wearing. I was a bit hesitant but I removed my shirt and pants and was just in an underwear.

Then Mausi gave me a packet and asked me to open it. I opened it and inside the packet there was a black padded bra, a black panty, a pink top and a black mini skirt. I said “Mausi, you have brought me a wrong gift”
She said “I know you will like it. Now common, let me dress you up and we will play a game”

I said “Mausi, I don’t understand what you are saying.”

She said “I know you have been wearing my clothes, now don’t deny it. common, take the bra and wear it. I want to see how you wear it.”

I was confused as well as happy that someone was supporting my crossdressing hobby.

I took the bra and started wearing it. It was a padded bra and had thin straps. After I wore the bra and hooked it from behind, mausi gave me two folded clothes and asked me to keep them inside the bra cups to make fake boobs. I did that and I was feeling great. Then mausi asked me to wear the panty.

I was hesitating in removing my underwear in front of her. She said “Now remove your underwear. You are like my son and I have seen you without clothes so many times ”

I removed my underwear and my penis was as hard as a rod. Mausi said “Waao, you are a man now. You are a grown up. Your girlfriend must be so happy to feast on your rod”

I was feeling shy and without saying anything I wore the silk panty. The black panty was silky from outside and velvet cotton from inside. My penis felt great at the touch of the panty. Then I took the black mini skirt and wore it. It had elastic at the belly area and it felt great.

Then I started wearing the pink top. It was made of viscous cotton and had quarter length sleeves. I was feeling great after wearing the top. It was a perfect fit and my body was feeling great after dressing up in girly clothes.

Then mausi gave me another packet and after opening the packet, it had a wig. The wig had straight hair and a bit curled from the bottom. I wore the wig and then mausi adjusted the hair to make them look real. Then she applied foundation cream my face. She also applied pink lipstick on my lips.

Then she said “Happy birthday dear”

I said “Thank you mausi, I feel great and girly. However I like wearing Indian dresses.”

Mausi said “One miracle at a time. From now onwards I’ll dress you up in every way. Now we will play a game. We will ask each other some question. If you do not answer, then you will have to remove one of your clothes. Same applies for me”

I was excited and said yes.

Mausi asked me a question and I answered it correctly and then I asked a question and mausi couldn’t answer it. She removed her pallu. I stared at her cleavage and her blouse. It was so hot that my penis became hard once again. Then she couldn’t answer the next question and she had to remove her saree. Now she was just in blouse and petticoat. “her figure was awesome. She was 36-30-36.

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