Crossdressed with Office Colleagues – Hot Crossdressing Sex Story

Once I was returing from office, I missed my cab. It was raining heavily and I was completely wet. Finally I found an auto and reached home. To my dismay, no one was in the flat and I didn’t have key. I called my room mate and he said he had gone to a party and will return after 12 midnight.I looked at my watch and it was 6 in the evening. I was feeling cold because all my clothes were wet and it was winter too.
Thus, I called my office colleague Annu. She stayed in the same society. I went to her home.
She used to stay alone in a flat. She has wheatish complexion, her age is 25. Her figure is 34 30 34.

She invited me inside and gave me a towel. I wiped my hands, my face and my hair. She told me that I should change clothes otherwise I will catch cold. She went in her bedroom to look for some clothes.

She came back and said that she has kept some clothes in the washroom and I should get freshen up and change clothes.
I agreed.

I went inside and was surprised to see what kind of clothes she kept.

She called from the other room “sorry, I don’t have any male clothes, you can wear my clothes. Its just a matter of few hours.”

I was overwhelmed and said “no problem dear.”

I removed all my clothes.
Then I wore a white panty she had kept for me. It had pink flowers design all over it. I wore the panty. It was very soft and it gave me a hard on.
I thought it would have been so nice if Annu had kept a bra too, however, there was no bra.

She had kept a blue color salwar kameez. Actually it was a Punjabi dress. I wore the Patiala salwar and tied the knot.

Then I slipped my arms in the blue kameez. It was a bit tight for me which made me look hot if I had boobs.

It was deep neck and had a zip at the back. I was dressed in Annu’s clothes and then I realized that I wanted to wear her clothes and I wanted to get dress up like her in the past, and today my dream came true.
I stepped out of the washroom. Annu saw me and she smiled blushingly.
She asked me to sit down.

She told me that if I had long hair and I applied some make up then I would look like a complete girl.

I said that is not possible. But then I said that I would like to try. She said that she doesn’t have a wig.

But she took me to her dressing room, she made me sit at the dressing table. She started applying lipstick on my lips and foundation cream on my face.
She covered my head with a dupatta which hid my short hair. Then she said “look” and started smiling “now you look like a woman.”

I said “no, not yet, I don’t have breasts.”

She said “oh, but what can you do about that.”

I said “I can”

She said “how?”

I stood up, unzipped the back of the kameez and removed it. Then I said “give me a bra”

She was surprised to hear that. She went to her wardrobe and came out with a pink padded bra. I took the bra from her and started wearing it. She helped me by hooking the bra from behind.

Then I said “I need two blouses”

She gave me two. I placed the blouse in the cups of the bra to make fake boobs.
She was surprised and said “wow! I never thought that, do you like to wear these clothes? Have you worn them before?”

I said yes while I started wearing the blue kameez again, she zipped the kameez from the back. Now I looked like a complete woman.

She said “whose clothes do you wear?”

I said said “when I was a child, I used to wear mom’s clothes. When I became an adult, my fondness for cross-dressing increased and I started wearing all types of clothes. Whenever I got a chance, no matter whose clothes it maybe, but I would wear them.”

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