Crossdressed with Mom – Hot mother son crossdressing story

Hello friends, my name is Sanjay. I have a secret habit of Crossdressing and whenever I crossdress, I like to call myself as Rani. My age is 18 & my height is 5.8 feet and I am a bit fat. I have loved crossdressing since childhood. This is a story of how I crossdressed with my mom. Her name is Ananda. She is 44 years old, her height is 5’3 feet and she is a very curvaceous woman. Her figure is 36 – 34 – 36. Most of the time she used to wear sarees and at night, she prefers to wear nighty.
I always adored her while she did her household chores. The way she wore her sarees, the way she did make up and the way she walked. In fact I wanted to behave just like her and wear her clothes.

Whenever mom was not in house, I would wear her bra and panty and roam around the house. One day, mom decided to go to a faraway temple and told me that she would return late in the afternoon. I though this was my chance to crossdress fully in mom’s clothes. The previous night, I had removed my body hair from my hands, thighs and legs. I even shaved my facial hair to perfection.

So when the day arrived, as soon as mom left for the temple, I quickly had a bath and wrapped myself in a towel from my chest just like ladies do. I stepped out from the bathroom and went to mom’s bedroom. I had decided that it is high time I have been wearing only bra and panties. This day, I wanted to wear a complete ladies’ attire.

I opened her wardrobe and took out a black colored padded bra, a brown colored cotton panty, a black petticoat, black blouse and a black saree with yellow border. I trapped my semi hard penis in between my thighs and wore the brown cotton panty. The panty was really soft and it perfectly covered my round ass.

I was feeling so feminine just by wearing my mom’s cotton panty. Then I took the bra and adjusted its straps before wearing so that the bra perfectly fit my body. I wore the black padded bra and hooked it from behind. It was a bit tight on me but this tightness gave me a special feeling. The straps and hooks which I was feeling on my shoulders and my back made me feel like a woman.

I filled the cups with two folded towels and made fake breasts. I looked in the mirror and adored myself. Now it was time to wear the rest of the clothes. I wore the black velvet petticoat. The material of the petticoat was made of velvet and thus my thighs and ass felt really good when ever the material brushed against them. I tied the knot of the petticoat just under my belly.

Then it was the time to wear the most exciting thing, the Blouse. I took the blouse in my hand and just felt it for a moment by looking at it and adoring it. Then I slipped my arms in the blouse, adjusted the bra cups (my fake books) in the front section of the blouse. The hooks were at the back. So at first I adjusted the bra straps so that they are inside the blouse and then by looking in the mirror, I started hooking the blouse one by one. Just have a look at my mom’s pic at the beginning of this story to get and idea about the blouse.

Finally when the blouse was hooked, I just closed my eyes and felt each and every cloth that I was wearing. The bra was a bit tight and so was the blouse. But it fitted me perfectly. It perfectly covered my arms, my back, my boobs. The petticoat was so velvety that I started getting a hardon inside the panty.

Then I opened my eyes and looked myself in the mirror. I was so engrossed in watching myself that I didn’t notice my mom standing behind me. When I watched her standing behind me in the mirror, I was completely horrified. I couldn’t say a word and not even I could turn around to face her.

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