Crossdressed for a Party and got Fucked Hard

Hi friends, I am back with another great story. Let me introduce myself. I am a guy however I feel like a woman from inside. Though I have a girlfriend and I love having sex with her, but I love crossdressing and getting fucked also. From childhood I have been secretly wearing mom’s and sister’s clothes. Currently I stay alone at a rented in Pune so that I could spend more time with me while I am cross dressed. I have all types of clothes ranging from saree to salwar kameez, tank tops to gowns, cotton nighties to babydolls. I have hair wigs and breast forms for enhanced crossdressing.

I have recently undergone facial hair removal laser treatment in Mumbai so that I do not get a single trace of facial and chest hair in my life. So sometimes, I dress up and go out in public just to live my life as a free bird. There were a few instances when people gave me weird looks but with time and experience, I have mastered cross dressing. And now, no one gives me weird look.

This day, I wanted to go to a disco at a renowned hotel in Pune. So I decided to dress up as a party girl. I had a good hot water bath. After having bath I applied body butter cream on my thighs, arms, belly and neck areas. Then I opened my wardrobe and took out a wig. I have 4 pairs of wigs each having a different style. This one had black colored straight hair upto my back which had curls at the end.

I wore the wig. Then I hid my penis in between my thighs and took out a black colored satin panty and wore it. Whenever I crossdress, panty is the first thing that I wear. It gives me immense pleasure when the panty perfectly covers my round ass. After that I took out a pair of silicon breast forms from the cupboard.

For those who dont know, breast forms are pair of silicon breasts which have transparent straps (look at the image). You wear them on your chest and the silicone adjusts with your body color and the breasts look like real. I have two pairs of breast forms. This one is of size 34 with dark brown nipples. So after wearing the breast forms and admiring my breasts in front of the mirror, I took out a black colored shoulderless bra from the wardrobe.

I wore the bra and hooked it from behind. I carefully placed my breasts in in the bra cups. I wear slightly tight bras to form nice cleavage and it also makes me feel womanly and horny.

Then I took out a black colored sleeveless top which had golden flower petal designs. After wearing the satin party top, I wore a pair of denim hot pants which sexily covered my round ass. Then I sat near the wardrobe mirror and applied moisturizer on my face. After that I applied foundation, lac and powder to give it a perfect touch.

I wore a single gold party bangle on my right hand and wore a wrist watch too. I applied some sparkles on my neck and perfume on my armpits and top.

I was ready for the party now. I went to the basement in the lift and entered my white Swift car. The security guard saluted me. He is under the impression that I am the flat resident’s sister or girlfriend. :p

So drove to the hotel and entered the disco. It was already full with great party animals and had loud music on. I ordered a few rum based drinks and some cigarettes. After getting high, I hit the dance floor and started wooing everyone with my sexy dance moves. So many guys had their lusty eyes on me.

One guy offered to dance with me and we danced. He was behind me, holding my waist while I was moving my body on the groove. He started pressing my ass and licking my shoulder and neck. This activity made me feel real horny. While he was behind me, I started pressing his jeans on his dick area. His dick was already hard and I started pressing it from over his pants.

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