Courtney explores her sexuality with a female photographer

Courtney walked down the busy street admiring the view.

Exploring the city had become her favorite past time since moving to San Francisco for college. With a camera in hand, she continued wandering the city, looking for new pictures she could take, and new buildings to admire. As her attention was focused on the city’s architecture, she didn’t notice the footsteps of a woman approaching her from behind.

“Do you work professionally?” a woman’s voice asked.

Courtney turned to look at the woman. The woman was in her mid-30’s. She had a strong sense of style and possessed an aura of confidence. She had a fairly commanding presence, and had the trademarks of any San Francisco hipster, wearing a scarf and skinny jeans.

“What do you mean?” Courtney replied.

“Are you a professional photographer? You handle the camera well. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve been watching you these past few minutes.”

“I don’t mind at all. And no, I’m not a professional photographer. I only do this for fun.”

“I’m Gianna,” she said, extending her hand. “Nice to meet you.”

The two women shook hands.

“I’m Courtney.”

“Well, Courtney, I don’t want to waste your time, but I am a professional photographer, and I think you’re very beautiful. I’d love to take pictures of you sometime if you’re interested. I’ll pay, of course. Here’s my card. Contact me if you’re interested.”

Gianna handed the college student a card. Then Gianna smiled, winked, and walked away.

Exhibitionist Woman

The classroom was quiet. It was early in the morning and people were slowly making their way to class. Courtney sat in the back of the room and she surfed the internet on her laptop like she always did before class began.

When she took the binder out of her backpack, she saw the card that Gianna had given her a few days earlier. She never bothered to look at it, and she never gave it much thought. Being offered a modeling job was flattering to her. She had received offers before, but she never took them seriously.

Courtney took a good look at the card for the very first time and noticed it had a website printed on it. She typed in the web address and briefly skimmed through Gianna’s website. The pictures were beautiful. Much better than anything Courtney had ever taken. She continued looking at the different pictures and was amazed by the artistry. What grabbed her attention was that there were several nude pictures of men and women posing in different public locations. They were normal looking people.

After glancing through the images, Courtney read Gianna’s biography and looked at her portrait. Everything seemed genuine and Courtney was impressed. She thought of all the endless opportunities to learn art and photography from someone as talented as Gianna.

Courtney sent an email:

Hello Gianna,

Hope you’re doing well. It’s Courtney. We met the other day when you saw me taking pictures downtown and you gave me your card. I had a chance to look at your website and I think your work is really amazing. Are you still interested in possibly doing something with me? Let me know. I’m available to meet you when I don’t have class.

– Courtney : )

Once the email was sent, Courtney turned her attention towards the professor who had just walked into the room. The class lecture began moments later, but all Courtney could think about was potentially meeting Gianna, and possibly having her picture taken. She continued looking at her laptop, and her eyes were captivated by the different men & women who had their picture taken by Gianna. Most of the images were taken outdoors. Some of the images featured full nudity. None of the people looked like models or celebrities. They were all normal everyday people. That’s what intrigued her so much for whatever reason.

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