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Second story. I think I’m getting better? I have no idea. Hopefully it’s not too tl;dr. LOL. I’ve placed too much information on this, but that’s because I think I prefer stories with a little more, well, story in it. XD This one has rambling in it and little bone, if you can actually find the bone. :U I’m so sorry for my short comings. I hope you enjoy though! Critics are welcome. Sex starts at the fourteenth paragraph.

Edit; I was hoping to post this through the site and not the forums. It always sent me to a “Wrong Form” page, but I guess I’ll receive more feedback from here. I guess it works. o3o So technically, this is my “first” story. LOL. First post even. C: Like I said, hope you enjoy it! I’m kind of a beginner at writing, so please don’t hold back the criticisms. C:


They picked me up at twelve midnight, nothing odd here. Our late night bar hopping was kind of a usual night out for me now. Hilariously, my parents haven’t found out yet, or so I think. None of that matters now, though. If they did, they couldn’t scold their “perfect” child for testing out the waters for once.

I’ve always reached their expectations as a daughter. Back in High School, I was academically competent, I didn’t go out later than six and I made sure that I was home on or before six, was a campus leader, I was surely graduating high school with honors and I was working as a manager at the young age of sixteen. I didn’t even argue with them and/or deliberately disobey their biddings. Before I go out to a party or something, I ask for their permission and did not whine when they did not allow me to attend the most talked about party of the year. I never indulged myself in buying more than what I need and I keep myself physically fit without them nagging me to ingest dull vegetables. What more can they ask for? If I did create issues for myself, they will still be convinced that I’m this stainless piece of glass, fragile to the touch, does not know any ruckus; although, even glass would be useless without a bit of a mess.

My parents did not know that I had friends more than just school. They thought that my work was a manager of some Organization at school. It was, kind of. My boss was my best friend and we started this company out by some Economics class project. I guess we just really fell in love with the idea, but I couldn’t be a partner because I had so much going on in life, well, at least to my standards. I mean, I needed time for myself, right?

Going back to topic, I met them, my late night friends, at one of the bars my boss told me to go. My boss asked me to talk to them and offer them a deal. And as it may sound shady at this point, it wasn’t really. They were a band and as a manager of a newly opened recording company, we didn’t have scouts at this time. Of course, I had my fake ID with me and parental permission to go out with some “friends” that night. I haven’t told you I’m a good liar, have I? It’s kind of easy to create stories and act them out after sucking up to all those teachers. Whoops, did I just say that out loud? Well, human nature gets the bes- and I did it yet again, derailing from topic. I should really stop rambling.

Anyway, I listened to them play and they weren’t at all that great, but with a little guidance they’ll surely come to the top, I guess. I approached them, gave them my card and after that, everything was settled. The manager called me to meet up and gave me the requirements I asked of them and finally, she signed a deal. I didn’t really expect that they were a friendly bunch and that we’ll still be friends even after the company died down to nothingness.

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