Cops, and Robbers

Justin beat my kill streak, so I took my controller back. “Watch this.”

I was almost up to full stars when my little sister came in. “You want to play cops, and robbers?”

“Kid’s stuff.” There’s the Tank, so I switched to the rocket launcher.

“Dude!” Justin him my shoulder, and climbed over me.

I dropped the controller when I saw her, swinging 2 pairs of plastic handcuffs from her fingers. “Mom’ll will never let you go out in that!”

I thought it was for Halloween, but she just said, “She won’t know if you don’t tell her, and besides. I don’t have to go anywhere, if I have all I want right here.”

“Dude!” I hit Justin back. “That’s my sister!”

“I know, but you really grew up.” He didn’t even look back.

“Hold it,” she pulled the revolver out of my old cowboy holster. “Hold your hands up.”

“Kelsey,” I warned her.

“It’s okay, I know what I’m doing. Just follow me.” I’m sure she ment Justin, but I followed them back to her room anyway. “Have a seat.” She pushed him, but he just turned around, and sat down. She got a chair from the grinning room table, but then she bent over to cuff his hands to the arms. “Where is it?”

“What?” He shook his head.

“Don’t play dumb with me, you’re busted.” Then, she pulled her blue short, so the snaps broke open, and grabbed his head. Shaking her shoulders, so I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I had some idea.

She must have pieced the outfit together from my old toys. From the attic, I guess, I sure hadn’t played cowboys, or police in years. Then, I saw that she’d been in my porn stash too, because she picked up a magazine. Folded back. “See? Somebody saw you, and took pictures.”

“Where did you get this?” He looked up at me, but I shrugged.

“Probably my dad’s stash.” She winked over her shoulder, but I recognized the issue of Stroke from the cover.

The issue with the straight guy, in lock up. Forced to suck dick, and buttfucked by cops. Ever since I turned 18, I didn’t have to settle for dad’s straight porn, but of course I hadn’t told him about it.

“Dude, your dad’s gay.” She slapped him. “Ow!”

“Huh, well we better make sure you’re not a part of this homosexual sex ring.”

Homosexual sex? I know they teach better writing in 9th grade. She’s got Mrs. Evans now, and I know she’d never let her standards slip so much in the past 4 years, but it’s kinda hot? Even though Justin’s not my type, at all. Besides, I’m pretty sure he’s straight, but I guess Kelsey likes him, or at least handcuffed to a chair. I bent over, and backed behind the door jam when she got his pants open.

What? He wasn’t in my gym class, so I’m a little curious. He’s circumcised anyway, and I think maybe a little smaller. Rock hard, though.

She obviously liked the pictures of that jock. I guess he’s a jock, I mean he just had on a tee shirt, and tight jeans. Great body, though. If he wasn’t into sports, he at least worked out.

“Huh, you’ll talk. I’ll make you tell me everything, I’m going to bust this case wide open.”

He wasn’t looking at me, he was looking down the open front of her top, in that naughty cop costume, and she was really beating it.

So, I got it out. What the hell, definitely bigger than his, but I can’t believe they’re doing this. For one thing, I had no idea that Kelsey was into sex, much less kinky sex, and for another, she gave me not a clue that she had the hots for Justin, but it’s probably a good idea if I keep an eye on them. Just to make sure nobody gets hurt, but with his hands straining to reach her sides, and touch her, in the cheap plastic cuffs. If anyone is going to get hurt, it’s not going to be her.

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