My husband Sean and I married after after college. We were a young aspiring couple hoping to build a future together. Complete with well paying jobs and a house in the suburbs.

Sean is white fit with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a masculine chiseled jaw. My name is Aisha and I am black with a petite body. Even though I am short my breast are large for my frame and I have a firm round ass.

Sean compares me to Jada Picket but with better ass and tits. Like her I keep my hair style short and workout regularly.

I was raised in an upper middle class family. Wet conservative as my father is a pastor. Sean cane from much humbler origins. He was raised by a single mom and lived off government assistance most of his early years.

His father Randall was a hard man and was in prison most of Seans life. Sean still wanted his father to be proud of how well he was doing. I found it weird because he had turned out so much better than his father. None the less Sean wanted Randall approval and acknowledgement desperately.

Well after serving another ten year stint Randall was being released from prison. I had never met him in person. I had seen a few photos of him taken years ago. Sean was his spitting image as far as I could tell. With the exception that Randall was taller and more muscular. But in the photos he had long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and that same jawline.

When Sean asked me if it would be ok for his dad to stay with us for a short time after getting out. I definitely had mixed emotions. I mean his history aside. Either of us really new him that well.

But the pleasing look in Sean’s eyes melted my heart. So I agreed assuming it would be no more than a week or two.

Sean picked him up after his release and when they drove into our driveway I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say or how to act.

They came into the house and Sean introduced us. I could tell he was surprised I was black. Not in a negative way more like he just didn’t expect his sons wife not to be white.

He was an imposing figure wearing some jeans boots and only a white tee shirt. He was a good six inches taller than Sean and broader in the shoulders. His long hair was now cropped short and the blonde was grey. His face around his still icy blues had more lines.

He was ruggedly handsome even with a few facial scars I assumed he got from brawling. My eyes were also drawn to his bare arms. Muscular and both with tattoos from wrist to somewhere beyond his shirt sleeves.

He greeted me warmly with a handshake that bespoke of hard labor and a hard life. His hand was calloused and his knuckles looked permanently swollen. Again a testament to him being a brawler.

He held my hand a little longer than necessary and a look passed his eyes that sent a shiver down my spine.

Sean showed him to his room and he back back downstairs alone. Randall was going to shower and rest before dinner. I wanted to tel Sean I was having second thoughts. But he excitedly told me about their conversation on the was home.

How his dad wanted to make up for the lost years and live on the straight and narrow from now on. He had some job interviews set up to be a mechanic or maintenance guy.

I held my reservations to myself again not wanting to crunch Sean’s dreams. Dinner started out awkwardly with none of us knowing how to start a conversation.

Finally, Sean went on to talk about how his dad could build or fix anything. Well it so happened the house we lived in was big but a fixer upper. Sean has bitten off more than he could chew. The renovations were taking forever.

Randal insisted he would work for his board and keep and knock things out for us. That lead to us talking late into the night about what we hoped to do with the house. On more than one occasion Randal’s eye’s looked at me with something almost primal. Again reminding me we had a life long criminal in our home. A virtual stranger with more time spent locked up than out in the world.

That night I had a crazy warped dream that a demon had me cornered. It’s body was naked and had tattooed arms. But it’s head was demonic complete with horns. I woke in a start and snuggled up to Sean. Thinking this was going to be a long couple weeks.

Well over the next few days Randall beat us up and was hard at work every morning. He definitely seemed to know what he was doing. He would stop for some breakfast and coffee with us. Then get back to work before we headed out to our jobs.

By the end of the week he had made some amazing progress. He told us there was one room we couldn’t go into until he was finished and had literally put a padlock on the door.

Things seemed great and I began to relax. Sean and Randall would go out for a couple beers every night to get to know each other better.

Then one night they had been out quite late. I was getting a little concerned until I saw headlights pull into our driveway.

Well it was obvious when they came inside Sean was very drunk. Randal has hold of him and helped him upstairs to our bed. He took off Sean’s shoes after lying him down fully clothed on the bed. Sean mumbled something incoherently about his dad being a great guy.

Sean rarely drinks and I had never seen him this drunk before. I wasn’t real happy with him or Randal. Randal went back downstairs not saying a word as he left. I initially was not going to go back down myself. But I was pissed off at the state Sean was in and dealt Randal was responsible.

I found him in our back patio smoking a cigarette. Another nasty habit I am glad Sean didn’t have. He was leaning against a porch post staring up at the stars.

I quietly let into him about letting Sean get so drunks. His calm demeanor and even calmer answer mad me even more angry. He told me Sean was his own man and he had nothing to do with him getting drunk. Sean has insisted on sound a couple shots of tequila who’re they left the small bar.

I told him Sean only did that because he was trying to prove his manliness to his father. Randal chuckled saying, “Looks like my son needs a little more practice.”.

I stomped my foot telling him Sean was a good and decent man and had nothing to prove regarding his manliness to anyone. Especially, his convict father.

I was hoping to get a rise out of him. Break his ego down a couple notches. Again he chuckled then flicked his spent cigarette out into the night. He stepped closer to me. Every fiber in my body screamed for me to run.

But I wasn’t going to let him intimidate me in my own house. I didn’t back down and looked up into his face determined to show my strength. He smiled grabbed my waist and kissed me.

I was stunned then tried to push myself away. It was futile and I could taste stale beer and cigarettes as his tongue forced its way into my mouth.

He finally let me go and I staggered away. He told me I was some damn beautiful when I was angry. I rushed back into the house and upstairs. Sean was still passed out as rushed into our bathroom and used a half bottle of mouthwash.

I had a fitful dream again about the demon headed Randal chasing me only waking up after being caught and forcefully kissed him. His tongue was formed like a serpents.

The next morning Sean was nursing a wicked hangover and spent most of the early part of the day sleeping. Randal was busy at work around the house not showing any signs of a hangover or any remorse about what he did the night before.

I was angry that he didn’t seem sorry for his actions at all. It was the weekend so I avoided him as much as I could. I went grocery shopping and ran errands to avoid being home.

By the time I got home Sean and his dad were just coming off the roof. Sean look better but still seemed tired. He apologized for getting drunk and took all the blame. I glared at Randal for a short moment. The smirk on his face had me clenching my hands. I wanted to smack that smile right into last week.

He left us alone as he went to shower before dinner. I was about to tell Sean what he did. The he grabbed my hand leading me to show off some of their work. He was so excited and proud of what they had done. He couldn’t stop talking about how much he was learning from his father.

I decided to bite the bullet. Making my mind up that this too shall pass. Randal would be gone soon enough. I was in the kitchen by the sink prepping some food.

I jump as I was pressed against the sink by someone behind me. I new it was Randall as Sean has just gone upstairs to take a shower. I tried to push back to get away but he was to strong.

Through gritted teeth I told him to stop and let me be. He leaned down and apologized for kissing me like he did. I whispered that I was beautiful and he loved how fiery I way.

I reminded him I was married to his son who idolized him regardless of his past. By this time I could feel his hard cock pressed into me. I felt panicked and had to think of something. Trying to remain calm I told him I understood he was a man and it had been a while since he had been with a woman.

I told him I forgave his advances but he had to stop. Again he laughed softly saying that he had regular conjugal visits from Sean’s mother over the years and all they way up to his release.

I was shocked because she had been with her boyfriend for the last eight years. That meant she was cheating on him with her ex-husband.

We heard Sean coming down the stairs. Randal moved away. Sean was to blind with happiness to see how flustered I was. He grabbed a couple beers and asked Randal to join him on the back porch while he grilled our food.

The whole time while we ate my mind raced all over the place. I didn’t know what to do about Randal without wrecking his new found relationship with his father.

So I asked Randal how his job search was coming along. He said he was definitely looking but so far the offers didn’t pay enough for him to afford a place of his own.

I halfway believed he wasn’t earnestly even trying to find suitable work on purpose. Sean didn’t help by saying he wasn’t in a hurry for his dad to find work. He was getting so much done on our house. In truth he had done more in a week than Sean had in months. With a lot more expertise for sure.

I went to bed early to avoid Randals leering eyes. I was also angry at myself because my body was responding contrary to my thoughts. I was lying in my bed remembering how he aggressively kissed me that night. Then how it felt when he pressed his body against me pinning me to the sink.

Couldn’t believe I was getting wet and how hard my nipples were. I pushed the crazy thoughts out of my head. Cursing at myself for having those thoughts. I was married to Randals son what was wrong with me.

I drifted off to a fitful sleep once again trying to elude the demon. At about the time the demon caught me. I woke like before but this time a boast was spooning me.

I always sleep naked and I felt a very hard cock pressing against me. I could smell beer on his breath and was about to ask Sean why he was drinking again. He kissed my neck and a hand moved to my breast.

It was then I realized it wasn’t Sean. The hand was rough and bigger. I cried out and tried run out of the bed. Randal pulled me against his body telling me to relax.

I pleaded with him to let me go and asked where Sean was. He kissed my neck again telling me I was beautiful and he wanted me.

Again I told him to stop Sean would catch him. He told me Sean was passed out downstairs. In that moment I was caught between fear and anger.

I was angry at Sean for not being there to protect me. That was his responsibility and he was failing me. I stopped struggling which allowed Randal to caress me. His hand slid down to my pussy where my legs were closed tightly. He kissed my neck and I felt my will waiting.

My legs parted and his fingers found my moistening pussy. From there things went so fast I turned into him. His chest was also heavily tattooed like his arms. He kissed me passionately with me returning the kiss with the same level of passion.

My hand went to his cock which was about the same length as Seans but much thicker. He rolled into his back and moved me so I was on top of him with a knee on either side of his head. My hand went to his heavily veined cock. I lifted it up and slowly licked the head before I started to suck it.

A shock went through me as he started to eat my pussy and tongue my ass. I forgot about Sean in that moment. He could have walked in on us and I would have continued to worship this mans cock with my mouth.

I moved onto my back and without any reservations asked him to fuck me. His cock felt so good as he slid into me slowly. Letting me adjust to his size. He raised up and started to fuck me slowly. Leaning down to kiss me before fucking me faster.

I came harder and the orgasm lasted longer than I had ever experienced before. He had his full body weight on me and it felt so good as he emptied his seed into me.

He got out of bed and looked down on my used body. I was covered in our sweat with his cum running out of me. I was so thoroughly fucked I literally couldn’t move. He leaned down kissed me and left the room.

I cleaned myself up and laid awake most of the night. A wave of guilt washed over me. But I also knew that Randal could fuck me anytime he wanted me.

The next morning we ate breakfast together. Again Sean apologized for having to much to drink. I told him it was ok that I realized he was having fun with his dad. Randal was wolfing down his food like he had worked up an appetite from fucking or something.

He glanced at me giving me that crooked smile. I glanced away but couldn’t help from smiling. My pussy tingled a little and I could still feel a little soreness but it felt good.

The two continued to work on our house. Randal spent some time working on the room we weren’t able to see yet. Our old house was really taking shape.

I would make sure they had water and food on breaks. Now I enjoyed the leering lustful looks Randal gave me.

I was in our basement doing some laundry. I heard a car start and leave. They would often leave to go to the hardware store for something. But the bears foot steps come down the stairs. I turned and was lifted up an put on the washing machine.

Randal took my face in his hands and kissed me. He stopped kissing me to lift my top over my head. Off came my shorts and panties. I feverishly worked his belt loose and pushed his pants down.

We fucked like crazy with me on top of the washer. His knees drummed against the washer as he fucked me to orgasm. He pulled out and I dropped to my knees on a pile of dirty towels. I sucked and licked his big cock and balls until he came in my mouth. That was the first time I ever let a man cum in my mouth and I loved it.

The car pulling into our driveway had us scurrying to straighten up. It wasn’t long and the sounds of work started up again.

During the next few days back at work. I was feeling really guilty about cheating on Sean. So when we were at home I doted over him and made sure I wasn’t alone with Randal. I also made sure Sean didn’t have more than a couple beers.

But honestly it was very hard. I wanted Randal to fuck me so bad. He knew he had me crazy and would tease me with a touch or a comment that would get to me.

It was finally Friday and I was starting to panic about the weekend. All three of us being home all the time.

Out of the blue Sean’s mother comes into town. Margie is a very pretty women. She is tall slender but with large breast. She has long brunette hair and hazel eyes. At forty-five she looks much younger.

She had remarried after Randal went to prison. Howard her new husband was sixty and well off. I was sure she married the guy for money. She was simply out of his league otherwise.

I was taken back that when she showed up alone at our house. I immediately felt jealous of her. Knowing she used to visit Randal a couple time a month in prison for conjugal visits made me jealous she was here for him.

There was no open affection displayed between them when she arrived. Sean was happy both his parents were there. He gave her a tour of the house. Sean was giddy talking up how good his dad was with this kind of stuff. She looked at Randal saying, “Your dad was always good with his hands.”

She smiled at him and he returned it with his own knowing smile. Stupid me I wanted to scratch her eyed out.

Well I needn’t of worried about the pressure of Randal wing over me that weekend. He spent Friday and Saturday night away from the house.

I knew he was fucking Margie at her hotel and it bothered me. Again I was so emotionally all over the place. Guilty about cheating and jealous he was cheating on me. How fucked it is that!

When Margie asked me to lunch on Sunday she had the look of a well fucked woman. We chatted about normal things for a short time. Then out of the blue she say’s, “Randal is an amazing fuck. Wouldn’t you agree.?”

I almost spit out my wine. I said, “Excuse me?”

Margie told me to relax she wasn’t upset that I was cheating on her son. I stuttered and stammered trying to deny what she was saying.

I teared up telling her I was sorry and how it happened. I told her I was trying to make sure it didn’t happen again.

She held my hand telling me she tried the same thing after divorcing Randal and marrying Howard. It lasted less than a year before she started visiting him in prison.

She told me Randal was just that guy that men wanted to be and women want to fuck. She made me feel relaxed and not like I was crazy.

I assured her I loved Sean. But admitted couldn’t resist wanting Randal. I asked her what I should do. She smiled at me saying, “There isn’t anything you can do. Just be careful.”

She handed me the key to her hotel room. She said she was flying out this afternoon. The room was booked for the next week.

She stopped by the house to say goodby to Sean. Again her and Randal showed no signs of affection. But the knowing glance between them said she would see him again soon enough.

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