Condo Wife and Lactation Prostitute

My husband, Jason, and I were excited about our move to Charlotte, North Carolina from Minneapolis, and especially looking forward to the milder weather there. We were both born and raised in the Midwest, and after graduating from college in Wisconsin, we found job opportunities in Minneapolis. Jason worked in banking there, and after two years he earned a promotion and transfer to the home office in Charlotte.
Jason is very conservative and a quiet guy socially, as you might expect for someone in banking while I am more outgoing. I had a job in marketing and sales at a local television station, where I used my good looks and bubbly personality to advantage in booking advertisers for the station. My name is Madison, although most people call me Maddie, and we were both twenty-four years old at the time of our move.
I couldn’t find a job in television right away in Charlotte, but because of Jason’s promotion, we were able to just barely afford a nice condominium in the city. We were confident that I would find a job soon, and then the condo would have been more easily affordable for us. Jason was encouraged by his company to get involved in the community where we lived. The timing of our move into the condo was just right for him to be nominated and elected as treasurer on the board of directors of the home owner’s association (HOA), largely due to his finance degree and position in the banking industry.

Jason was very busy getting acclimated to his new job and coming up to speed on issues in the HOA, while I spent time unsuccessfully looking for work, and laying out by the pool in my spare time. The biggest problem that Jason faced with the HOA was coming up with a financial solution for some major repair work that needed to be done on the condo property. The condominium is a diverse property, with three high-rise towers with elevators housing the largest and costliest units; and four, two-story buildings with smaller units on the back side of the property, where lower-income owners live.
The problem was that the tower units needed costly repairs and upgrades to the air-conditioning units and elevators, and the owners of the smaller units didn’t want to approve the expenditures, which would require a substantial loan to the community. The covenants for the HOA are very clear that we needed at least eighty percent of the owners to approve the loan and expenditures. And since only seventy-five percent of the owners live in the towers, we needed to get the approval of about twenty percent of the owners in the other units.
The board had been working on various strategies to get the necessary approvals long before we moved there, and Jason joined the board. He reviewed the various schemes that the board had tried and found out that they were only five votes short of getting the needed approvals.
So, one night at dinner he said, “You know, Maddie, we’re only a handful of votes short at this point, and I was thinking of a way that we might get the rest. Since you’re not working yet, maybe I could get you to ‘suit up’ and make some hospitality visits to the reluctant owners. What do you say, honey? Seeing you like that might harden them in some ways but make them more malleable in others.”
I need to explain that when we lived in Minneapolis, Jason used to tease me about ‘suiting up’ when I dressed provocatively on visits to some of the potential advertisers for the station. In those cases, my outfits were usually either yoga pants or other, tight Lycra pants, and then going braless with either a tight yoga top or a blouse with an open and plunging front. I know that dressing that way got me more than a few accounts.
I’m five feet and seven inches tall, and weigh one hundred and twenty pounds, with shoulder-length, dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes. I’m also very pretty, and look a lot like the actress Kate Beckinsale, except that I have perfectly-formed, wide-rooted, 34DD breasts, with a titillating, slight natural sag. Jason always told me that he could almost hear all the cocks getting hard when I walked into a room with my big breasts jiggling and swaying so seductively in front of me. And to finish off the package, I have prominent, thick labia which create an obvious, well-defined camel toe, and a perfectly shaped, protruding ass that drives men wild.
Jason was never the jealous type, and he enjoyed watching other men as they were watching me and slobbering all over themselves. He rightly assumed that I wouldn’t cheat on him, although I did come close with some insistent clients when we were drinking. I’ll admit that I teased them quite a bit, and even gave a couple of them a feel. That was enough to make them believe that I might cheat with them if they kept coming back to us as advertisers. I did tell Jason about the times when they rubbed my tits and ass, and surprisingly, it seemed to turn him on. I was using an IUD for birth control, so at least I was protected in case I got too drunk one night and was fucked by one of those other men.
Now that you know what ‘suit up’ means, you’ll understand my response to Jason. I said, “I don’t mind ‘suiting up’ for you, honey, but are you sure that’s what you want? We both know that’s a lower-income section of the community, with many of units being rented out, and I’m likely to come across some uncouth characters. I don’t think I’ll be in any danger, but they might not have the social graces of the people we’re normally around. Just how far do you want me to go to get those votes?”
He laughed and replied, “Well, I’m not suggesting that you fuck them. You just need to distract them enough with your pretty face and fantastic body that they agree to sign the petition. Maybe you could wear your yoga pants and that tight, cropped tank top with no bra, and an unbuttoned, light cover-up. They won’t be able to keep their eyes off you in that outfit.”
Jason gave me a list of the owner’s names and biographies for just the units that were owner-occupied, and who had not yet approved the loan, and I started my visits the next day at the building closest to the towers. It was hard finding people at home during the workday, and those that were home were mostly minority women with babies who wanted to defer to their husbands for the decision. A few of them listened to my pitch to approve the loan, but by early afternoon, I was already starting on the fourth building and had not gotten any signatures. I was starting to think that I should wait and try the visits again in the evening when I had my first success.
I knew from the brief biographies of the owners that the four units on the ground floor of the fourth building were owned by two naturalized Armenian brothers in their mid-forties, named Sergey and Bacchus. Both men are ruggedly handsome, of average height and weight, with medium-olive skin tone, black hair, and dark eyes, and they looked like twins to me. And their broken-English accent made them seem kind of mysterious and intriguing to me.
They controlled four votes, and I really turned on the charm to convince them. I introduced myself as Maddie, and we talked in the living room of one of their units. It was obvious from the piercing stares of their dark eyes that they were attracted to my pendulous breasts, which I have to admit looked fantastic and huge with me braless in that cropped tank top.
They kept the conversation going for over forty-five minutes, asking a lot of questions that I was barely able to answer, and staring at my swollen chest. During that time, I noticed the sounds of opening and closing doors and activity in the adjacent units, as well as cars coming and going in the parking lot outside. With them being home in the middle of the day, and with all the activity I was hearing, it seemed like they were running some sort of business from their units. After I finished my pitch about the loan, they agreed to sign the petition, which gave me four votes.
I was starting to get up to leave and said, “Thank you both for your support. And if you don’t mind me asking, are you running some type of business out of your units?”
Sergey must have thought that I was complaining about their business and explained saying, “Yes, we are operating a small business out of our units, and it is allowed by the covenants. And after meeting you and seeing you here today, I think that you might be a good candidate to work with us. So please sit with us for a few more minutes while we explain.”
I sat back down as I responded, “Sure, I’m happy to listen. What type of business is it?”
Bacchus spoke up and said, “This might sound a little unusual at first, so please hear us out. We supply human breast milk to a variety of customers. Many of our customers are mothers with newborn and older babies and some local hospitals. There are also some adults who drink mother’s milk to help them with various medical conditions, and that sometimes involves other services. We have many milk providers, most of whom have babies anywhere from newborn to one-year-old. Some of the nursing mothers and other providers live in the condo complex. We also have customers who live in the condos, and many customers and providers live outside the complex, as you can tell from the traffic.”
I had never heard of anything like that, and I was curious about whether the lactating women were paid for their breast milk, and if so, how much they made. So, I said, “Wow, I’ve never heard of anything like this. How much do you pay the women for their milk, and how do you go about collecting it? Are they making enough to make it worth their while?”
They looked pleased that I had enough interest to ask more about it, and Sergey replied, “The amount we pay varies from one and a half to two dollars per ounce, depending on the quality of their milk. We have space set aside in our units where the women can come to use our hospital-grade, dual breast pumps, and some of them pump at home.”
“You’re young and might not be aware of this, but babies need between nineteen to thirty ounces of breast milk per day, and a woman can pump about sixty or seventy ounces per day if she pumps consistently and frequently to keep up the flow. So, a young mother can make over twenty thousand dollars a year if she works at it. And other women without babies can make even more by selling all that they pump. Some of the women even offer what we call ‘special services’ that allow them to make much more.”
I was intrigued by the concept of women selling their breast milk, and even if it seemed a little dubious, I couldn’t help thinking how extra money like that would help Jason and me. I have to admit to being ignorant about issues involving lactation, and I was curious about his comment that some women without babies could also produce milk.
I asked, “How can women without babies, say someone like me, produce milk?”
Sergey responded, “We have several milk providers who we have helped to induce lactation. It is possible for women who haven’t given birth to produce milk with breast pumping and stimulation of their nipples alone, but it requires a great amount of dedication and commitment. You would need to pump six to twelve times a day, including nighttime sessions. The process can be made easier by using a bustier to hold the suction cups in place on your nipples.”
“It takes some women as much as several months to begin lactating, but others achieve it must faster, and that can be speeded up by also taking one or more medicines. The husbands of some of the women have gotten involved, and both spouses enjoy the bonding they experience with the husbands sucking on their wives’ breasts so frequently.”
The idea of selling my breast milk to make money was sounding very appealing to me, and it was also erotic hearing him talk about the husbands sucking their wives’ breasts. I was curious about how much milk I would be able to produce and asked, “So tell me, guys, based on your experience, how much milk do you think a young woman like me could produce?”
Bacchus was staring openly and lustfully at my breasts as he cleared his throat before saying, “Well, Maddie, it’s plainly obvious that you have beautiful, large, and well-shaped breasts. But breasts are composed of fat, glandular, and supportive tissues, and the glandular tissue is denser. The more glandular tissue, the more milk you can produce, all things else being equal, and almost fifty percent of women have dense breasts. I don’t mean to be brazen, but if you are really interested in knowing your potential lactation volume, we could tell you whether or not your breasts are dense with a simple digital exam.”
By that time, I had been sitting with those intriguing, handsome men for over an hour, and all the talk about breasts and husbands sucking them, the men’s stares, and Bacchus’ compliments about my breasts had aroused me a little. And both men seemed so professional and knowledgeable about lactation, that I was almost seeing them as quasi-medical practitioners. I would find out later in life, when I had my first mammogram, that it’s not possible to tell from feeling breasts, whether they’re dense. But sitting there with those men at that time, I didn’t know. I wanted to find out if selling my breast milk would be worth the trouble for me, and it made sense to have them give me an exam.
So, I said, “Okay, Bacchus, I am interested in finding out, so where do we do the exam?”
I should have known when the men looked at each other and smiled that I was being set up. But I was genuinely interested in making money by selling my milk, so I ignored their lechery.
Bacchus responded saying, “That’s great, Maddie, and then you’ll know. You can just keep your seat on the couch, and Sergey and I will kneel in front of you. Then you can lift your top, and each of us will examine one of your breasts.”
The men quickly got on their knees in front of me, between my wide-spread legs, and I removed my cover up before pulling up my tank top. My big breasts swung and jiggled into place right in front of their faces, as they both gave audible sighs. The men weighed my breasts in their hands and then squeezed, probed and explored all over the surface, as if they were trying to determine the density. That was the first time I had been fondled so completely that way by anyone other than Jason. I liked it, and my pussy was getting wet from having them handle my breasts that way.
Sergey was the first to speak, and I felt his hot breath on my breast as he continued to fondle me and say, “Oh my goodness, Maddie, your breasts are so round and full and heavy, and I’m almost certain that your tissue is dense. You also have these, puffy, brown areolas that are bigger than silver dollars and thumb-sized nipples that almost beg to be sucked. May we have your permission to suck them, so we can tell how pliable they will be for pumping and to show you how hard the breast pumps will be sucking you?”
At that point, I knew that they were gaming me, but I was so turned on that I wanted to feel their lips on my breasts. I gave them a nod of approval, and they covered my areolas and nipples with their lips and began sucking and tonguing my tender tit flesh. They had their arms around my back holding me, and I instinctively placed my hands on the back of their heads and held them against my breasts. They were sucking me very hard and almost seemed to be in a frenzy of lust as they slurped loudly and sucked my areolas, nipples, and surrounding tit flesh into their hungry mouths.
Bacchus’ torso was pressed up against my crotch, moving rhythmically against me in a way that made me sense that he was pressing himself against my swollen labia on purpose. I was becoming so aroused that I smelled my aromatic pussy. I previously had no idea how erotic it could be to have strangers suck my breasts so aggressively. Jason liked to suck my breasts, but he had never done it so assertively. I felt myself losing control, and I knew that if I continued, those men would soon have their way with me.
I gently pushed them back, as their mouths pulled off my breasts with a slurping sound, and I said, “Whoa, guys, that was sure some exam, but I think that’s enough for now. Tell me, what do you think about my potential as a milk provider?”
Both men’s faces were flushed with lust, and I glanced down and noticed that they had sizeable cock lumps in their pants. Sergey took a few moments to gather his thoughts and said, “You are definitely a good candidate for inducing lactation and based on your reactions to us sucking your breasts, you also have good potential to provide some of our special services for select clients.”
“If you really are interested in pursuing this, talk to your husband tonight and find out if he is okay with it. If you want to proceed, then you can come back tomorrow, and we’ll get you started on the lactation-inducing protocols. And don’t worry about the votes. If you agree to work with us, we’ll get a couple of our upstairs neighbors to sign your petition and put you over the top.”
I was curious about one thing and asked, “What are these special services that you’re talking about?”
Bacchus smiled and said, “Those special services involve providing your breast milk with, let’s say a more personal touch. We can talk more about that later if you decide to join us.”
I went back to our condo, and took a shower, and masturbated myself to a huge orgasm with the pulsating shower head, just thinking about those horny Armenian men sucking my breasts. I had never been around people of their ethnicity before, and their darker skin and accents made them very attractive to me.
Jason finally got home at around 6:30 pm, and over dinner I showed him the petition and said, “Honey, you’ll be happy to know that I got signatures for four units today, and there’s a chance that I can get a couple of more tomorrow. That should give you more than need to proceed with the loan process.”
Jason was surprised at my success, and kiddingly asked, “Good job, honey, but what did you have to do to get them to sign? One of the other board members told me that those Armenian brothers are running a small business out of their units and that they’re rather unsavory characters. Did you happen to find out what they’re doing there?”
I certainly didn’t want to lie to Jason, so I explained everything I knew about their business, and that I was interested in working with them. I let him know that by my calculations, being a breast milk provider without having a baby to feed, I could easily make over forty thousand dollars a year, and maybe much more if those special services they mentioned turned out to be as lucrative as they said. I waited until after I sensed that he was interested in telling him what I knew about the process to induce lactation, and how much fun we could have with him helping me.
Then I confessed the rest saying, “Sergey and Bacchus even give me an exam, and determined that I would likely be a good producer, and then they showed me what the hard sucking would feel like.”
It took a few seconds for my comments to sink in, and then Jason asked, “What do you mean that they showed you how the sucking would feel? My goodness, Maddie, how far did you go with those guys?”
I explained in more detail how it felt when they were feeling my breasts and then said, “They seemed so professional about the exam, and when Sergey asked me if they could demonstrate how the breast pump would feel, I let them do it. And, honey, it felt so good to be sucked that hard it even aroused me. I can just imagine how much fun you and I will have if I do this and you help induce me.”
Jason seemed stunned at first, but after a few moments, he said, “Holy shit, Maddie. You let them suck your breasts? I know that I should be angry, but damn, honey, that sounds so hot to me, and even better that it turned you on. As far as I’m concerned you can let them know tomorrow that you will participate, and then you’ll probably find out what those special services are. Be sure and get those other signatures, though.”
Our conversation turned both of us on, and we went to bed, where he fucked and ejaculated into me two times, while sucking hard on my breasts. It felt so go to be associating my breasts being sucked with hard fucking, and I have to admit that I was secretly fantasizing that Sergey and Bacchus were sucking me, as Jason fucked me.
I went back to the Armenians’ condo the next morning, and they were happy to hear that I was going to work for them. I even let them know that I told Jason everything and that it was arousing for him. They loaned me one of their dual breast pumps to use, and while Sergey went upstairs to get the two additional signatures, Bacchus taught me how to use the pump. He suggested that I start out pumping both breasts for fifteen minutes at a time, for ten times per day. He even showed me how I could use one of my old sports bras as a bustier, by cutting out the areas over the nipples so I could insert the pump cups.
When Sergey came back, they gave me a supply of the medication domperidone which they got from Canada, since it wasn’t approved for use in the United States. They said that it has many uses, but for our purpose, it acts to increase the release of prolactin, thus promoting lactation. I was to start with doses of ten milligrams, four times per day for the first week, then increasing to twenty milligrams, four times per day. I was a little nervous about taking it since they aren’t doctors, but I did it because of their experience with other women. They weren’t sure how long it would take since different women reacted differently to the medication and pumping.
Then we talked for a while, and they emphasized taking the medication and using the breast pump as directed.
They weren’t fooling me a bit when Sergey said, “You should involve your husband in sucking your breasts for at least two of the sessions each day since that will promote closeness and bonding that you will both enjoy. In addition, Bacchus and I would like to be involved in at least one of your sessions per day, so we can see firsthand how you are progressing, and prepare you for handling the special clients if you decide to do that.”
I knew full well that they were just making an excuse to suck my breasts, but I enjoyed it and wanted them to enjoy me. I asked them to tell me about the special services, and Bacchus replied, “Some of the milk our service provides goes to adults, both men and women, who say they’re using it for medical reasons. But we know that many of them are lactophiles, who are sexually obsessed with mother’s milk. The special services come in with the men, and a few women, who like to get their milk from the source. We have set aside two bedrooms in one of our units for the mostly men who like to suck the milk from women’s breasts.”
He paused for a moment as if trying to gauge my receptiveness, and then continued, “We know that you might be willing to provide that service since you so easily let us suck your breasts yesterday. And we’re happy about your husband’s positive reaction. If he really has a supportive, non-possessive, or even submissive personality, and gets turned on by you being with other men, then he can enjoy these experiences with you as you share them with him. Several of the husbands of the women who provide the special services are very supportive of their wives and want to be involved. Some of them even turn into active cuckold relationships, where the husbands end up sucking their wives’ pussies clean and even sucking the customers’ cocks.”
I wanted to know more about those services, and asked, “Well, how much do they pay to suck breasts, and how much of that does the girl get to keep? And what do you do to control the situation? I know that it was very arousing for me to be sucked like that, and based on what we did yesterday, I know that the men get aroused too. What if things go farther?”
The men laughed, and Bacchus replied, “We will hopefully be making good money on your regular supply of milk, so we’ll only charge the men twenty-five dollars for the use of the room, plus four dollars per ounce for the milk, which we estimate to be an average of eight ounces if he sucks both breasts. It’s up to you to collect what you think it’s worth to you, and some of the girls make an additional fifty to one hundred dollars per session, for the half hour it typically takes for the men to drain both breasts. As far as anything else goes, if you lose control and decide to fuck the guy or let him finger-fuck you or eat you out, or if you suck his cock, then you can charge whatever you want.”
“We just want you to be honest and give us twenty percent of what you make on those activities. We have the room wired for video and sound, so we can monitor things for your safety, and there are signs up letting everyone know that the sessions are being recorded. That way, we’ll know what going on in there, and the men will be on notice to behave themselves. But of course, Sergey and I won’t pay for anything that we do with you.”
I was really aroused hearing him talk so bluntly about what might happen with the men and implying that they intended to use me too. I knew that they were turned on too when Sergey said, “We’d really like to get you started off right on your lactation protocol and take today’s turn on your breasts right now. We’ll be sucking you even harder and longer today, to prepare you for the pump. Let’s go to the unit next door and use the bedroom, so we’ll be more comfortable.”
They had remodeled the units with connecting doors, and as we walked down the hall of the next unit, I looked into a bedroom and saw four, very big-breasted Latino women sitting on couches, hooked up to the dual breast pumps. It reminded me of pictures of dairy farms I had seen with the cows all hooked up to the milking machines. We walked to the next door and went into the small bedroom. After my experience with the men the previous day, I knew what they expected me to do.
I pulled off my tank top and laid back on the bed, with my head on a pillow. Sergey and Bacchus moved in on either side of me and unceremoniously leaned over to suck my breasts, with my arms at my sides, as they fondled and massaged my tits with their hands. They were sucking me harder than before, and a combination of that and the realization that I was lying on a bed with two horny Armenian men was sending strong signals to my quickly moistening pussy.
They had been sucking my breasts hard for about five minutes when both men rolled their torsos the rest of the way over against my body, and I felt the sizeable lumps of their hard cocks pressing against my thighs. Looking down and seeing their mouths hungrily sucking my big breasts, while they had me pinned to the bed and slowly humping my thighs, was an amazingly arousing sight. With my arms at my side, my hands were only inches from where their cocks were pressed against me, and I felt out of control as I pushed my hands between us and rubbed their cocks.
The men moaned and sucked my breasts even harder when they felt me stroking them. Their cocks felt huge to me, at maybe nine inches long and very thick, when compared to Jason’s thin, five-inch dick. I loved how meaty and hard they were in my hands and couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like to be fucked by cocks that big. The men continued sucking my breasts and humping my hands, as they moved their hands to my inner thighs, just above my knees. They massaged and rubbed my inner thighs, over my tight, silky yoga pants, moving closer and closer to my pussy.
What a sight that must have been, with a beautiful, fair-skinned, twenty-four-year-old white wife, pinned between two, mid-forties ethnic men with olive skin, while they sucked my breasts, and I rubbed their big cocks. Their hands finally reached my pussy, and I moaned when I felt them rubbing both sides of my hairy, thick labia. My vulva was soaked with my juices, and I smelled myself as well as the musky odor of the men. I was so turned on and needed to be fucked, but when I felt Sergey reach down to unfasten his pants, I knew that I couldn’t fuck them, at least not without talking to Jason about it first.
They had already been sucking me hard for twenty minutes by that time, and my areolas and nipples were getting very sore. I gently pulled their heads away from my breasts as I said, “Sorry, guys, but my breasts are getting sore, and as much as I like the feel of your big cocks, we can’t go any farther until I talk to Jason.”
The men reluctantly rolled off me, and Bacchus pleaded with me saying, “Oh fuck, Maddie, we want to fuck your pussy so bad, and you can’t leave us this way. Be a good girl and finish us off with your hands or mouth.”
I felt some compassion for the men and didn’t want to leave them that way, and I also wanted to see and feel their big cocks in the flesh. I said, “Okay, I’ll take care of you.”
The men quickly pulled off their pants and underwear, and I was impressed with their uncircumcised, thick, nine-inch cocks, and hairy, lemon-sized, low hanging testicles. Their genitals are brown, much darker than the rest of their skin color. I sat between them and slowly stroked their already-oozing cocks. I had never felt foreskins before, and I loved the feeling of them sliding back and forth over their mushroom heads and heavily veined shafts.
After stroking them for only a couple of minutes, Sergey was almost gasping for air as he began to pull my face down towards his cock and said, “Please, Maddie, be a good girl and take our cum into your mouth and tummy, so we don’t make a mess on the bed. You’re so pretty, and I want to feel your sweet lips wrapped around my cock.”
I was so enraptured with their big, brown cocks, and even though I had never let Jason cum into my mouth, I leaned the rest of the way down and took his oozing meat into my mouth, as I continued stroking Bacchus’ cock. I only needed to suck him for about thirty seconds until I felt his thick cock throbbing and spewing his tasty cum into my mouth. I swirled his tasty ejaculate in my mouth and then swallowed it all down in two big gulps. I sucked hard to get the remnants of his cum, and then leaned over to suck Bacchus’ cock. While I eagerly sucked Bacchus’ cock, Sergey moved his hand between my legs and slid his fingers as deeply as he could into the cleft of my soaking wet labia, given that I was still wearing my yoga pants, and pressed hard against my clit.
With the previous stimulation of my breasts, and feeling, stroking and sucking those big cocks, I was so aroused that I had a huge orgasm on Sergey’s fingers, just as Bacchus pumped his big load of cum into my mouth. Then we talked for a few minutes as we recovered from our orgasms. I felt a little embarrassed for having gone so far with those men, but at least I hadn’t fucked them yet, and I did enjoy the huge orgasm I had.
I was getting ready to leave and packing up my breast pump and medication, when Sergey said, “After today, we know that you will be one of our best providers of those special services. Your breasts are so erotically sensitive, even now when you aren’t lactating, and you will be even more turned on having your lactating breasts sucked. Be sure to take your medication as directed and keep rigorously to your pumping and sucking schedule. A few of the women we have helped to induce were producing milk in only two weeks or a month, and we hope that you are one of those. Oh, and be sure to tell your husband what we did here today, to see if he is still supportive of you.”
When I got back to my condo, I took my medication, and then it took me a few minutes to make a bustier out of a sports bra. I soon had the breast pump hooked up and working and found that I was getting aroused just from using the pump. When Jason got home I handed him the signed petition, explained my pumping schedule and his involvement, and let him know what a turn on it would be for both of us. I could tell that he was suspicious about how I got the other two signatures, and after we finished dinner and went to bed, I admitted everything I had done with the brothers, emphasizing how big their cocks are. I thought it best not to blatantly mention that some of the husbands had become cuckolds for their wives, although I did want to hint about it.
I wasn’t sure how he would react, and before he could say anything, I said, “Sergey and Bacchus talked a lot about how important it would be to have you involved and have your blessings in all of this. They explained that several of the husbands of the women providing the special services fully accepted their supportive roles for their wives, and they enjoy knowing about, watching, and even participating when their wives are involved with other men. I know that you got turned on last night when I told you what I did with the brothers, and I’m hoping I will have your blessing to continue.”
It seemed to take forever, although it was probably only a few seconds before Jason finally spoke. What he said surprised me, since I had never known him to have any interest in other men genitals. After all, I had admitted to him, instead of being angry with me for being a slut for those brothers, he said, “Oh my goodness, Maddie, tell me more about their big cocks. Are they really brown, uncircumcised and that long and thick? And did you really jack them until they were ready to shoot, and then you sucked them off and swallowed their cum? I mean, damn, honey, you’ve never even swallowed my cum. Please tell me more about their cocks and balls and explain how you could have resisted fucking them.”
I went into great detail, explaining to Jason how thick, heavy and vein-covered their cocks are, and about their big hairy balls. Then I talked about how their thick, rubbery foreskins felt and tasted in my mouth, and how thick and tasty their cum is.
Jason had pushed down his underwear and was rubbing his dick the whole time I was describing their cocks, so I was hopeful that I would get a good reaction when I finished saying, “And to answer your last question, I really wanted to fuck those men. The only thing stopping me was that I wanted to get your approval before I surrendered my married pussy to other men for the first time.”
At that point Jason was stroking his dick, and I could tell by his heavy breathing that he was close to ejaculating. I thought that I could seal the deal on his acceptance of everything if I went down on him. I leaned over and sucked his dick into my mouth. I was turned partially sideways at an angle to him, and it was easy for him to pull me the rest of the way around, push down my panties, and suck my very wet pussy as I sucked his dick. It took him less than a minute to cum, and I nursed and sucked hungrily on his dick and swallowed his cum until I had a huge orgasm in his mouth.
We stayed in that position, lovingly sucking one another, for another fifteen minutes. Then we hugged and kissed until he spent the next half hour sucking my areolas and nipples, doing his part to help me to induce lactation. Then we cuddled and talked for a few minutes.
Before falling asleep, he was in the satiated afterglow of his ejaculation and from sucking my breasts, and he looked at me lovingly with his sleepy eyes and said, “What you’ve described doing with those men is so hot, and I’m proud of you for taking the initiative to do something that will make both of us so happy. You’ve got my blessing to do anything you want with the brothers or any other men after you’re lactating, so long as you promise to tell me everything, and maybe even try to somehow get me involved.”
It was hard to believe that Jason so willingly gave me his blessing, and I found it difficult to understand how he would so easily take a submissive role in our relationship. I was looking forward to being with customers in the future, and I fantasized about the variety of cocks that I would enjoy. In the meantime, though, I decided that I would only have oral sex with the brothers, and not fuck them until the first day my milk came in.
I maintained a rigorous schedule of taking my medication and using the breast pump, and I soon got into a routine of using the brothers two times per day, once in the early morning after Jason left for work, and again at mid-afternoon. I was also using Jason once after dinner, and again when we went to bed at night, so only six of my inducing sessions were with the pump. I always met with the brothers in their bedroom, and it got so we would all strip naked when we went in there. They sucked my breasts while I stroked their big cocks and they finger-fucked my pussy, and then they would suck my pussy to orgasm as I sucked them off, one after the other. I really loved sucking their big, brown cocks and balls, almost as much as I loved their thick, tasty cock cream. They always tried to convince me to fuck them, but I was saving that as something special on my first day producing milk.
I had been on the protocol for three weeks, and Jason always got very turned on when I told him about having oral sex with the brothers. We used that in our fantasies to have some fantastic fucks, even with his small dick. Then on Sunday morning at the beginning of the fourth week, when I was heading out to get sucked by the brothers, Jason decided that he wanted to go with me. I knew that was bound to happen one day, so I took him with me. Sergey looked surprised, but not shocked when he opened the door and saw Jason standing there with me. I had been telling the men about how Jason and I were using them in our fantasies, and they knew that I had him under control.
Jason seemed to be a little embarrassed, with everyone knowing that he was acquiescing to those men using his wife for sex, but he quickly got the courage to say, “Hi, Sergey and Bacchus, it’s nice to finally meet you. Maddie has been telling me about the things you’ve done, and I’d like to see it for myself. Go ahead like I’m not here. I’ll just be watching.”
We went into the bedroom, and Jason’s eyes were as big as saucers when he saw that those soft, brown, Armenian cocks were longer and much thicker than his on hard. He watched intently as their big cocks and balls swung between their legs as they climbed onto the bed next to me. I watched Jason as he watched me stroking their cocks as they sucked my tits and fingered my pussy. The room was filled with the aroma of my pussy and their musky crotches. Then he was rubbing his dick as he watched us suck each other and me swallowing their cum.
Jason was in a daze as we walked back to our condo, and the first thing he said to me was, “Holy shit, Maddie, I don’t see how you haven’t fucked those big cocks yet. They are so long and thick, and I know that they would have to feel better inside of your tight pussy than my little dick. I can hardly believe how meaty they are and tasty they look.”
Then he blew me away saying, “Please, honey, let me go back over there with you for your afternoon sucking, and watch you fuck them for the first time.”
I was astounded by his request and decided on the spot that since he had been so understanding and accepting of the whole situation, that I would give in and fuck the men earlier than I had planned. The men seemed happy to see Jason with me for the second time since that just reinforced their belief that he was easily becoming a cuckold. We got onto the bed naked as we had done in the morning, and the men latched onto my breasts.
They had been sucking me for about five minutes, with me stroking their cocks and them finger-fucking me, when suddenly, my breasts felt different and tingly, and their sucking was even more arousing to me. The men also seemed to be noticing something different, and when Sergey pulled off my tit, I felt milk running down my breast, and saw the milk in his mouth. Both men had enough experience inducing women to know what was happening, and they hungrily latched on again to encourage the flow of milk.
I looked over at Jason and said, “Come closer, honey, you’ve got to see this: my milk has come in and their sucking feels even better than before.”
Bacchus pulled off my other breast momentarily to show Jason the milk, and his eyes were tearing up watching the milk run down my breast and onto my stomach. I was also overwhelmed with emotion, and I almost shouted out, “Please, please, please, one of you has to fuck me right now! I need your big cocks inside of me, but please don’t stop sucking.”
Sergey took the lead and continued sucking my breast as he rolled on top of me, and Bacchus continued to suck my other tit from the side. Their sucking and the milk flowing were giving me such great pleasure, and I loved the feeling of Sergey’s huge cock head as he pushed into my labia. My pussy was wet and receptive to his thick cock, and as he pushed inch after inch into me, I saw Jason get down between our legs, so he could watch it going into his wife’s cunt. The pressure from that thick fuck meat was intense, since I had only had Jason’s small dick in the past, but it wasn’t painful, and I had never felt anything so wonderful.
He was soon bottomed out on my cervix, and I swiveled my hips and fucked back against him until my uterus shifted, and he was buried in me to the balls. I was having orgasm after orgasm from being impaled on his long, thick shaft, and the feeling of having milk sucked out of my breasts while I was being fucked was amazing.
At one point Bacchus pulled off of my breast and looked down saying, “What the fuck?”, and then he resumed sucking me. I looked down and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw that Jason was hungrily sucking Bacchus’ cock like he had seen me doing that morning.
The bed was shaking and bouncing under our frenzy of total sexual lust, and it only took about five minutes until I felt Sergey’s cock throbbing, ejaculating into, and breeding my adulterous pussy, as I heard Bacchus moaning as he filled Jason’s mouth with his cum. Sergey kept stroking me and Jason kept sucking Bacchus for several more minutes until both of their cocks were drained.
The men rolled off to my sides, and I looked down at Jason as he was wiping some of the cum off his chin. I said, “Damn, honey, I just had the best fucking of my life, and you have just sucked your first cock! What the fuck got into to you, honey?”
Jason didn’t even look that embarrassed when he said, “Oh shit, I know, honey. It’s just that you’ve been telling me about sucking these big, brown cocks for three weeks now, and when I saw your pussy stretched around Sergey’s thick meat, I just had to suck Bacchus’. That was so unbelievable, and I can see now why you like eating their cum so much. Let me have a taste of your breast milk while they recharge, and then these men can switch places and we’ll do it again.”
He sucked my breasts, going from one to the other, as the Armenian’s looked on. I don’t think that even they could believe their luck in finding me, and with a husband like Jason. Then Jason got down between my legs and sucked my pussy clean of Sergey’s big load of cum. It looked like Jason’s conversion to being a cuckold was taking place in one short session, and right before my eyes.
After about a half hour, Bacchus fucked me while Jason sucked and cleaned Sergey’s cock. Both men had another orgasm after sucking my breasts again for about twenty minutes, and Jason sucked Bacchus and me clean again.
See Part 2 where I begin entertaining customers in very erotic role play situations.

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