Coed is sexually humiliated by bully at campus gym

I hated these visits to the campus’ training center. I didn’t feel at ease being surrounded by all these jocks and their bimbos, but I wasn’t one of those girls who could keep in shape without working out. In fact, I had to work dang hard at it and so I reluctantly came back week after week.

I wasn’t as tall, long-legged or attractive as the vapid girls who strutted around the place like they owned it, nor was I part of the “in” crowd. Soon after joining the gym I realized the more senior members liked to mock me to prove their superiority and their place in the gym’s social ladder. It didn’t take long for me to decide to move my weekly session. I chose early Monday morning before classes, when most everyone was still sleeping off the weekend’s extravagances.

Stepping out of the locker room I realized today was no different. I knew by sight the handful of people already present on the training machines, but I had never talked to them. As usual the girl I referred to as the runner was present. She came in early, spent all her time on the treadmill then left. I’d heard she was on the track team; I didn’t have any trouble believing it.

I suppressed a disappointed sight when I saw the blue shorts guy heading for the locker room. I liked sneaking off to that one bike close to his favorite training area and watching him work out. Oh well, maybe next week. The third and last person present this morning was the brooding guy. I didn’t like this one; he was creepy and attacked the weight machines as if they had personally ruined his life. Luckily he had never so much as looked at me.

I went as far from the brooding guy as physically possible and did my stretching exercises. I didn’t feel like sharing the treadmills with the runner girl so I started the day’s routine with the bike. I set the fitness level to ‘no hills’ and started the ride. Nothing too difficult for me; I just wanted to be in shape, not run myself into the ground. It wasn’t long before I let myself be carried away by the repetitive motions and slipped into a daydream involving me, the blue shorts guy and the training pad.

“… totally did!”

I was shaken out of my reverie by a voice I knew only too well. Tall, blond and sexy Mandy Johnson was a total bitch and the main reason why I had to come in so early. Mandy had constantly teased me and had been responsible for making the others do the same.

She was one of those people who can’t seem to talk without moving their hands about. Just now she was flailing her water bottle around and gossiping with her best friend Liza Backes, a redhead with huge breasts nearly spilling out of her skimpy top. Both were obviously dressed like the sluts they were.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one annoyed by the commotion, the runner girl sighed and headed for the locker room. I was thinking about doing the same when Mandy interrupted my thoughts.

“Well well,” she mocked. “If it isn’t poor little Anna. Have you been hiding here all this time?”

She was looking at me with a daring look on her face, but I gave her my best neutral expression. Eventually the bitch gave up.

“Still as slow,” she said. “You should have stayed home; we don’t want you in here.”

Apparently satisfied with that, they both turned and moved to the now vacant treadmills. They set their water bottles down, programmed their machines and started running, apparently having forgotten about me as they slipped back into their gossiping.

Not wanting to stay in their vicinity lest they remember my presence, I quietly moved off to the other side of the gym to the weight machines. I wasn’t very familiar with these, so I picked one at random. It was a monstrosity of metal, wires and pulleys, and adjustable in a dozen different positions, but was currently configured in a reclined position.

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