Coed babysitter gets a spanking

Hi, my name is Cindy. I’m a twenty year old college student living in Southern California. Now you might think that it is odd that someone as old as I am still babysitting. The truth is I’m good at it. I’m dependable, take good care of the kids and am usually always available, even with short notice. I could get a job at school, fast food or retail, but I find that I make more money babysitting (and tax free). I end up making considerably more then minimum wage; my tips are pretty good, especially when I take a job on short notice. Most of the people I baby-sit for are wealthy so their time is a lot more valuable then mine, so they tend to tip and pay better.

I guess you can say that I’m pretty, just not beautiful. I have brown hair, where most in Southern California are blonde. My breasts are rather small, where bikini’s and abundant cleavage are the norm. You could stay that I don’t stand out. I guess my best asset (a play on words) is my ass. I do work out; most of the people I baby-sit for have gym equipment. My cheeks are firm and tight. If I had more nerve I would look great in a pair of short shorts.

I don’t date much, hardly at all. My problem is I am shy, really shy. Especially with boys. I’m not a virgin, having lost it when I was sixteen. I’m sure you will be surprised to learn that it was with two boys at once. Hardly the romantic way you would think. They were both older, 20 year old college students. Not what you would have expected from me? That is another story. Let’s say that I still have fond memories, bringing about a delicious orgasm each time I think about it while masturbating.

Yes, I masturbate. Masturbate a lot. I have a very vivid imagination and as I blossomed into girlhood, my imagination became more sexual. So I masturbate, there is nothing else to do unless you want me to run around horny. Now I know you boys would love that. But you don’t have a 4.0 average in college if you’re perpetually horny. It’s tough to masturbate when you live in a dorm, so my babysitting jobs also have an added incentive for me. Once the kids are asleep at night I have lots of time to let my imagination run wild, my hand in my jeans rubbing my pussy until I cum.

Now to my story. I have been reading Powerone stories for a long time, loving his tales of submissive girls. One day I sent him an e-mail which he answered. We sent back e-mails a couple of times until I started telling him of my fantasies. He liked them and thought they would make a good story. I would tell him one of them and then he would write it. He is much better then I am and much more perverted. Since he put them down on paper, my orgasms have been much better. Only he could have thought of the things that were done to me in the fantasies. None of these really happened; they are just figments of my very fertile imagination. So here it goes.

Chapter One Naughty Girls Get Spanked

Mr. Johnston, Michael as he asked me to call him lived in Rancho Santa Fe. He has a five year old daughter and a very attractive wife. They are very wealthy. I baby-sit for him often, Michael appreciating it with very large tips, especially when I do it on short notice, which is often. Their house is always immaculate, I’m sure they have a maid that does it, but he is very picky about it. I make sure that I leave it that way, spending about the last half hour before they get home picking up and cleaning.

I was babysitting them last Friday night. It was about ten o’clock when I heard a noise. It scared me because the Johnston’s were not supposed to be home until after one. I was laying on the couch, a drink and some potatoes chips on the table, reading one of my textbooks. I jumped up when I head the click of the door and a noise in the front hallway. Now this is a big house, so it took me a while before I managed to get to the door. And I was peeking around the corner when I saw Michael. He looked a little angry and he was alone. I was relieved. At least it wasn’t a burglar.

By : Powerone

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