Christie Visits Her Gynecologist

Christie had been waiting an hour for her annual OB/GYN appointment. She had deliberately scheduled the last appointment of the day because she wasn’t sure if she had the courage to ask the doctor the key question that had been bothering her for months. Obviously, the Dr. was running late. Doctors usually run late.

It was almost 6 o’clock and Christie saw that most of the nurses and office staff had left for the day. A door opened and Dr. Linda Henderson walked into the waiting room. “Okay Christie it’s your turn. Sorry I’m so late.” Dr. Henderson was beautiful. She seemed to be a clone of Christie in both height, weight and breast size. But there similarity ended. In direct contrast to Christie’s red hair and green eyes she had deep brown eyes and hair.

As they entered the exam room, Dr. Henderson smiled at Christie, saying, “Again, I wish to apologize for being late. The office is closed for the night. Everyone else is gone. My nurse had a parent teacher’s conference scheduled at her child’s school. I told her to keep it. So this afternoon I’m going to be both nurse and physician. Are you okay with that? If not, we’ll reschedule.”

Christie smiled, saying, “I don’t have a problem with it.”

Dr. Henderson did all the usual things: weighed Christie, took her blood pressure and temperature and asked about her medications. She asked, “Would you please take off your clothes, put on this gown and sit on the exam table? And Christie, is there anything specific you’re concerned about or want to talk about during the exam?”

As Christie was removing her clothes she had turned her back on Dr. Henderson. After she got into her gown Christie noticed Dr. Henderson had turned away from her. “I’m ready.” she said.

Dr. Henderson stepped to the examining table and began to examine Christie. She noticed Christie had a very nervous smile and was blushing. “Relax Christie. You’ve been through this many times before.”

Christie had been trying to get her courage up to ask Dr. Henderson the question that had been bothering her. Finally, she softly said, “Dr. Henderson you’ve examined me before and know that I have a very large clit. The truth is that some of my women friends have been asking me how big it really is when I’m aroused. I’ve tried measuring it. As a clinical scientist, I can tell you that both the angles and timing were all wrong for me to get an accurate reading myself. Would you please measure it for me?”

At this point, Dr. Henderson was just beginning Christie’s pelvic exam. She chuckled and said, “Never in my career have I ever been asked to measure someone’s clitoris. Since I know you’re a clinical scientist, it must be frustrating for you not be able to get an accurate measurement. If you’re willing, I’ll try. You do know that when you’re aroused your clit will mostly increase in diameter rather than length? I’ll be right back.”

She removed her fingers from Christie and left the room. Christie heaved a huge sigh of relief. She had actually found the courage to ask for help. She relaxed.

Dr. Henderson returned to the room holding a small clear plastic ruler. Christie could see that it was a metric ruler. Giggling slightly, Christie said, “How appropriate. That’s a metric ruler and we’re doing a scientific experiment.”

Dr. Henderson placed the ruler between Christie legs, saying “Just relax. I’ll measure it now.” Christie felt the pressure of the ruler being laid against her clit. Before she realized it Christie let out a small moan of pleasure.

“Relax Christie I’m just getting started. Right now it’s 5.3 cm long. As a scientist, I know that you know that’s around 2 inches. Would you like me to provide stimulation so we can measure how long it is when you’re really aroused?”

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