Chloe’s Initiation

Tony placed his key in the slot and unlocked the main door of the apartment building he had called home for the past five years. He checked his mailbox and pulled out the usual assortment of bills and junk mail. Doing a quick sort, he deposited the junk mail into a recycling bin next to the mailboxes and shuffled through the remaining mail on his way over to the elevator.

The elevator doors opened as he crossed the lobby and a pretty young girl stepped out. Chloe from across the hall. Her long brown hair shone and her green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him, holding the doors open.

“Hi, Tony!” she said as he approached.

She was fifteen, with a set of tits that he was sure swelled a little more each day. He silently chided himself for thinking that way about his neighbor’s kid. But the truth was, she wasn’t really a kid anymore and was very quickly becoming a beautiful young woman. They had moved in about a year after he had. Her father had run off when she was only a baby, leaving her mother, Catherine, to raise her alone. Catherine worked nights and Tony, who had taken an instant liking to the precocious eleven year old, volunteered to look after Chloe while she was at work. He was a freelance writer so his schedule was somewhat flexible. Besides, she was a great kid; very smart and she somehow seemed impressed that he was a writer. That all stopped when she turned fourteen and was old enough to look after herself. But they remained close and he almost thought of her as a niece, or at least a close friend.

Catherine was also quite a looker. She was thirty-five, only five years older than he was, but looked much younger. She had the same green eyes and long, wavy hair as her daughter and a very pretty oval shaped face with high cheekbones and thick, pouty lips. He often lay awake at night masturbating and imagining those luscious lips engulfing his cock. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that she only thought of him as a friend and neighbor.

‘Oh, well,’ he’d thought to himself. ‘Plenty of other pretty women out there. And they don’t live right across the hall.’ That could complicate things. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that she didn’t seem attracted to him.

Realizing he hadn’t yet greeted Chloe, he returned her smile. “Hi, Chloe. Thanks.”

She gave him a quick salute, still grinning. “No problem!” She turned to go and Tony found his eyes drifting involuntarily to her cute ass inside her tight jeans. Suddenly, she stopped and turned, causing him to quickly avert his eyes.

“Oh, I meant to ask . . . are you going to be home tonight?” She didn’t appear to notice his roving eyes. He paused, taken by surprise at her question. It wasn’t like she never came to visit, but lately she hadn’t been over as much. Teenagers had much more important things to do with their time than sit around with their thirty year old neighbors, he had assumed.

“Uh, yeah, I think so,” he replied, looking up at her from his mail. “Why?”

“Would it be ok if I came over . . . say around seven? I have an essay due next week and I could use some professional help.” She flashed him a broad smile.

He nodded. “Sure, come on over.”
“Great!” she said as the doors began to close. “See you later!” She turned and he got one more brief glimpse of her ass before the doors slid shut.

‘Tony,’ he told himself, ‘you behave yourself!’ He chuckled as the elevator stopped at the fifth floor and he walked down the hall to his apartment, the image of the pretty teenager still fresh in his mind.

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