Cheating wives always leave visible clues for their men

Scandinavian countries have very high tax levels and therefore I was attending this two-day’s conference about some new taxes and the legal ways to avoid them. It was held at a nice conference hotel famous for the rumors about the wild nightlife. The first day had been interesting and useful. After the usual conference dinner we were three guys who had found our seats around a small round table at the crowded hotel bar. We soon found out that the three of us, Dennis, Jens and me had in many ways both equal interests about tax matters and almost equal experiences of women.

Though most people in the bar probably had a wife or husband at home many of the guests acted as desperate singles during the wild hunting for a bedmate for the night, which happened around us. Even all three of us got some suggestions and to my great surprise both of my friends refused even the prettiest ladies with a polite “No thanks” and they were as surprised to hear me act in equal way.

After some drinks and chat we found out that all three of us had been cheated by our wives and it was only minor accidental occurrences, which made us to find it out. We decided to tell our stories and I began with mine. (You can read all about it in my story “Absent Friend”) The short version is: During a girl’s night out at a hotel bar my wife had accepted a toy-boy’s invitation to go with him to a room at the hotel. Before she left the bar with him her female fellow-worker had given her a three pack of condoms. She and the toy-boy had used one of them and she had been too stingy to throw away the two leftovers. My wife can’t take pills because she gets very ill of them and therefore we used condoms during our lovemakings. I use to buy them in twelve-packs and keep them in a drawer in my bedside table. She had put her two leftovers in my drawer among the others but without thinking that her two were of a different make than the others. I noted that and could jump into them and clear out the whole matter next time they had a date. I got a fair compensation and didn’t divorce my wife. She knew the rumors about this hotel and begged me not to do anything stupid which I promised her. I always keep my promises.

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Though our sex life had had decreased both in quality and quantity I never suspected her for cheating. She worked part-time, 70%, as receptionist for a dentist and therefore had an extra half-days off now and then. Some of those extra half-days she went to see her retired parents, which are living in a village about 60 km from the town where we live. We had only one car, a Toyota Avensis, which she uses during the daytime to her job, shopping and for her home trips. As my job is much closer to our house than hers, I use to take my bike to my job when the weather is OK.

I had used the car during the evening at the day before she was going see her parents and had promised her to fill gas tank, which I forgot. During the evening she rang me and told me that she had got away very late and therefore stayed overnight at her parents. When she came back early in the morning she was angry as a bee and nagged a lot for the forgotten gas. It was heavy rain at the mornings so I took the car and promised came home later and take her to her job. I took the car and noted a crumpled up paper on the floor why I took it up and intended to put it into the small wastebasket we had under the driver seat when I happened to see the text. It was a receipt from a gas station dated the same morning and the time was 06.10, some forty minutes before she came home. But to my great surprise it was from the gas station at the Motel about 40 kilometers in the opposite direction to her parent’s home. No doubt that she had spent the night at the Motel. Hardly not alone, because this Motel was the only one in the neighborhood and therefore preferred much better for cheating than the hotels.

Two weeks later she was going to see her parents again and told me that she even this time intended to came home in the morning instead of driving home during the evening. This time I had taken the necessary steps to catch her. In the car was a battery powered voice-operated tape recorder and I had put the trip meter to zero just in case she went direct to the Motel. One of my fellow-workers and his wife came to my house about nine in the evening. She remained as baby sitter and he and me went away to the Motel. Exactly as I had expected, there was a blue metallic Toyota Avensis on the parking lot and it was mine. I opened it with the spare keys checked the trip meter, noted that she had even been at her parents. Before I went home in my Toyota I noted the license numbers of those most interesting cars on the parking. Back at home I drove the car into the garage.

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My fellow-worker had arrived just before me and he and his wife left for home. I listened to the tape recorder. She talked in her cell phone and told some Tommy how much she loved him and that she had to be little late because this time she had to see her parents first but she would at the motel at least at seven. The next sound on the tape was her answering her phone and telling him that she was only ten minutes from the motel and how much she wanted to have him in her already wet pussy. She was sorry for this time being the last time for long time they could see each other. She promised him an unforgettable night so he should always remember her with great pleasure and came back to her sooner than expected.

Next day I had taken a day off from my work. She rang me early in the morning and told me that our car was stolen and almost panicked when I told her that I would take a company car and come to her parents to catch her so we could fix everything with the police and the insurance company. She shouted that one neighbor had already promised to drive her at home. I accepted and about eight she came in a black BMW 500 which been next our Toyota at the motel parking. She jumped out of the car without any necking with the driver.

Inside the house she began to tell me how shocked she had got when she came out from her parents house. To her good luck a son to their neighbor happened to drive past and she had stopped him. He had promised to drive her home and she had not wanted to worry her old parents so she had not told anything to them. During the drive home she had called the police and when she got the papers from police she should connect the insurance company. If I had not known the truth I could believe her story.

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Now I went to action. I gave her my paper with the license numbers to all cars which been at the motel parking half past nine last evening. I asked her if she could recognize any of them. She got pale when she found our Toyota among them and told something that the car thief must driven from her home to the motel. Then I gave her the number of the BMW in which she came home. She found even it on the list but had no explanation to why even the so-called neighbor had spent the night at the Motel. She simply called it a coincident. When I asked her for the keys to our Toyota she gave me them. Then I told her that one of my co-workers had seen my Toyota at the motel and as he knew that you were at the opposite direction he had phoned me and I understood that it must been stolen so I simply went there and took it home. But not even after a very close examination it was not possible to find any trace of damage so it must been driven with the key. She could not explain anything, not before she had listened to the tape recorder. Then she confessed everything and begged me to forgive her but I filed for divorce and have now met a lovely girl and just married her. Even Tommy’s wife left him soon after this matter came to her attention. I don’t know anything about this Tommy but my ex wife is still single.

Thomas told us that it was his reason for not taking part in the hunting for the night. If his ex had used the wastebasket they had still been married.


Even I caught my cheating wife by her minor mistake. We had been married for four years and agreed that it was a high time for a child in the nest and had decided to spend a romantic week end at an nice and expensive Hotel at the coast and the begin the “baby making” as soon as got there at the Friday evening.

However I got some new idea about the trip from one of my fellow workers during the coffee break at my job at Wednesday and I decided to call her at once for talking about it. I took my cell phone and pushed the button for her job. I heard the phone ring at the other end and somebody lifted up the handset and a male voice in the background whispered, “Put it down”. There was a strange sound in the phone, which sounded very familiar. When I checked the last call and the number appeared in the display I noted that I had pushed wrong button and rang at home instead at her job. Now I knew that the strange sound came from the phone at my nightstand in the bedroom in my empty house. Somebody, obviously a burglar had lifted up the handset by mistake and his cohort had asked him to put it down, which he did.

The three fellow-workers who were together with me at the coffee break followed with me and we left towards my house. We didn’t care about any speed limits and reached the house within minutes. There stood a black Saab 9-5 at my driveway. We parked so we blocked its way out. Then I sneaked into the garage where I kept my golf bag from which I took a club to each of us. There were no visible damage on the front door and it was locked. Before I opened the door with my key, we agreed to do a quick rush to the bedroom where the crooks probably still were trying to break up the safe box which was hidden in a wardrobe.

I opened the door, with the clubs ready for action and screaming as loud we could, we rushed into the bedroom. As expected, we found two people in there. But not any crooks, only my wife and her boss both stark naked obviously interrupted during a fucking session. With three of my fellow-workers as witness there was only one thing to do, get the divorce as soon as possible.

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I never cared to find out how long their affair had lasted. Even her boss’ wife filed for divorce and my ex wife had got pregnant. In some desperate attempt to get me back as father to the kid she refused abortion. But the DNA test gave 99,9% evidence that her boss was the father and they even lived together for a few moths. Having an affair with somebody is one thing but living together in a relation with the same person is not necessary a highway to happiness.

If she had chosen to fuck her boss in her own bed instead of in mine, she could not reached and lifted up the handset for a few seconds and we had went away for our romantic weekend. I had believed I was the happy father to our baby and probably never found out the truth that her boss was the real father.

Jens told us that today he was glad for his ex wife’s mistake because he was living together and had a baby with a real “dream girl” and therefore he didn’t want take part in the hunting for bedmate game.

Three good guys, three cheating wives who did almost unimportant minor mistakes which got their unsuspecting husbands curious for further details. I my case it was her first time but both Dennis’ and Jens’ wives had long lasting affairs which explains the different consequences for them. The main question we three guys were not able to find a suitable answer to during the evening, “Why is it always the good guys who get the cheating wives? And why are there almost none true rumors about cuckolded assholes?”

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