Cheating wife makes it with several of husband’s co-workers

Hi, my name is Jed. I’ve been married for two years to
Julie who is without a lie one of the loveliest
creatures upon the planet. Because of the fact we’re
both young, as well as we are working on establishing
our careers we’ve decided to wait a few more years
before trying to have children. Although it often
drives me crazy I’ve agreed to use a condom until we’re
established and financially able to adequately provide
for a child.

Julie’s had a strict Christian upbringing and unlike so
many other nineteen-year-olds she made it to the altar
as a virgin. As frustrating as it may have been at
times to wait for our wedding night, I’m glad we did
because it was absolutely fantastic! Just as I did then
I have always worn a condom when making love to her.
I’m truly looking forward to the day we decide to
finally have a child, so I can have her for the first
time unsheathed.


Two months ago, many of my dreams went right out the
window. Julie had accompanied me to my company picnic.
It was the normal sort of affair with everyone sucking
up to the boss. Although it was a wonderful day I had
some unfinished work and decided to make the most of
having everyone in one place and went to discuss some
issues with another member of our staff. After about
fifteen minutes I’d noticed Julie was no longer on our
blanket. Looking around I still couldn’t see her
anywhere. Although I’ve never had occasion to mistrust
Julie, it concerned me she wasn’t around. Thinking that
she may have been walking down the nature trail I
excused myself and began looking for her.

Walking the complete length of trail I still couldn’t
find Julie. On the way back as I passed through a
heavily wooded area I thought I heard a noise off
somewhere in the trees. I moved off the track into the
woods to investigate.

I was shocked at what I saw. There was my beautiful
Julie lying in a clearing, her dress hiked up around
her waist with her panties lying on the ground beside
her. A guy I recognized as our next-door neighbor Phil
was eating her pussy while she moaned. Another guy I
didn’t recognize was sitting at her head, feeding his
cock into her sucking mouth. They could not see me from
where I was.

I was literally in shock. Although I’d never have
expected this from Julie, taking two men on at once was
unheard of! I was shaking with jealousy and fear-fear
this meant she’d leave me, that she wasn’t happy. Even
though the man feeding Julie his cock was about forty,
bald and rather obese Julie didn’t seem to object. He
told Julie she was an excellent cocksucker and that
he’d soon be cuming in her mouth prompting her to moan
lustfully as she continued suckling him.

Our neighbor suddenly lifted his head and announced he
was going to fuck her good. She stopped sucking the old
guy long enough to tell Phil he had to use a condom. At
least I thought she wasn’t totally insane. She reached
for her purse and threw him one. I hadn’t even been
aware that she carried condoms. Phil rolled it over his
cock as Julie went back to giving the older man head.
Phil mounted my wife and I watched her body twitch as
his cock bottomed out inside her tight hole. He
immediately began sawing his cock in and out of her
cunt. I watched my wife’s hips thrusting against his,
drawing his cock deeper into her cunt. My wife is
incredibly tight so I knew what Phil was experiencing
was beyond description. It was no longer than a minute
or so before he groaned that he was cumming and buried
himself fully in my wife’s cunt.

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