Cheating wife is caught

I’ve been a married man for 8 wonderful years, My wife Julia is a lovely, passionate woman. 5′ 4’s of beautiful brown doe eyed woman. A 38-26-34 body, she keeps in shape with her workouts. I could not ask for a better partner for life.

The only bad thing in our lives at this time is the hours I have to work to keep my business afloat, I leave early and stay late, Julia stays home, alone most of the time. Oh, she goes out with her friends and such, but she is always in touch with me. Last Wednesday, I had enough of work, and wanted to take Julia out for an afternoon of just us for a change. So I left the office right before lunch letting Marie, my secretary, know I would not be back today.

I jumped in my truck eager to get home and perhaps get me some afternoon delight before taking her out for the day. I pulled into my driveway and noticed a strange car in it. A nice Corvette, I wondered which of her friends had gotten one and walked inside my home. I didn’t announce myself when I went in, and saw no one in the living room so I thought they would be in the kitchen, Walking in there I saw no one. Knowing women I thought they must be in the bedroom checking out new clothes or something so I continued to the bedroom.

Getting closer to the open door I heard noises, I slowed down and listened trying to understand what was being said. It was a day I soon wished I had stayed at work. As I peered around the edge of the door, I saw my wife in the arms of another man, I use the term loosely, actually she was on her hands and knees taking his large cock in her ass.

“Oh fuck yes, ram my asshole you nasty bastard!” she told him.

“You love it don’t you Bitch, You love my cock in your ass don’t you!”

“Oh yes Butch, You know I do!”

I stood there stunned, too shocked to say or do anything but watch this horrible sight. My wife, whom I would die for, was fucking this man in a way she never had with me, and wanting more of it. To think that after all I had tried to do for her, she would do this to me, well to him! We have a nice home and cars, plenty of money, the only bad thing was I worked so much. I stood watching as he pumped her beautifully shaped ass, her head hanging down and her body covered in sweat telling him to give her more.

My eyes filled with tears and I was glued to the floor not able to leave and not wanting to see. I was crushed when he grabbed her hair pulling her head back calling her a whore, and forcing his cock into her puckered asshole. Her begging for it deeper in her and her hips slammed against his pelvis.

With his right hand he reached under her chest and grabbed her beautiful breast, pinching her dark tipped nipple roughly, her crying out for him to hurt her. We had never had sex like that, we always had made love, I had never wanted to hurt her and I didn’t understand her need to be hurt now.

“Yes Butch, fuck me like my pussy husband can’t, give it to me hard baby, you know how I love it when you do baby!”

He pulled her hair harder and pulled her breast out so far I thought her nipple would get torn off, all the time she screamed out for more. I wished that I could have a least found the sight exciting and wanted to join in with them, but I couldn’t.

Butch as his name was I heard her say told her he was fixing to cum, and he threw her off his cock, her turning around quickly and putting his nasty ass stained cock in her beautiful mouth, the same mouth that I had loved to kiss for the last 8 years, 10 if you counted when we dated in College.

By :mustanger7up

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  1. I like your story. It seems so real just like other’s I have read.

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