Cheating wife is caught

I’ve been a married man for 8 wonderful years, My wife Julia is a lovely, passionate woman. 5′ 4’s of beautiful brown doe eyed woman. A 38-26-34 body, she keeps in shape with her workouts. I could not ask for a better partner for life.

The only bad thing in our lives at this time is the hours I have to work to keep my business afloat, I leave early and stay late, Julia stays home, alone most of the time. Oh, she goes out with her friends and such, but she is always in touch with me. Last Wednesday, I had enough of work, and wanted to take Julia out for an afternoon of just us for a change. So I left the office right before lunch letting Marie, my secretary, know I would not be back today.

I jumped in my truck eager to get home and perhaps get me some afternoon delight before taking her out for the day. I pulled into my driveway and noticed a strange car in it. A nice Corvette, I wondered which of her friends had gotten one and walked inside my home. I didn’t announce myself when I went in, and saw no one in the living room so I thought they would be in the kitchen, Walking in there I saw no one. Knowing women I thought they must be in the bedroom checking out new clothes or something so I continued to the bedroom.

Getting closer to the open door I heard noises, I slowed down and listened trying to understand what was being said. It was a day I soon wished I had stayed at work. As I peered around the edge of the door, I saw my wife in the arms of another man, I use the term loosely, actually she was on her hands and knees taking his large cock in her ass.

“Oh fuck yes, ram my asshole you nasty bastard!” she told him.

“You love it don’t you Bitch, You love my cock in your ass don’t you!”

“Oh yes Butch, You know I do!”

I stood there stunned, too shocked to say or do anything but watch this horrible sight. My wife, whom I would die for, was fucking this man in a way she never had with me, and wanting more of it. To think that after all I had tried to do for her, she would do this to me, well to him! We have a nice home and cars, plenty of money, the only bad thing was I worked so much. I stood watching as he pumped her beautifully shaped ass, her head hanging down and her body covered in sweat telling him to give her more.

My eyes filled with tears and I was glued to the floor not able to leave and not wanting to see. I was crushed when he grabbed her hair pulling her head back calling her a whore, and forcing his cock into her puckered asshole. Her begging for it deeper in her and her hips slammed against his pelvis.

With his right hand he reached under her chest and grabbed her beautiful breast, pinching her dark tipped nipple roughly, her crying out for him to hurt her. We had never had sex like that, we always had made love, I had never wanted to hurt her and I didn’t understand her need to be hurt now.

“Yes Butch, fuck me like my pussy husband can’t, give it to me hard baby, you know how I love it when you do baby!”

He pulled her hair harder and pulled her breast out so far I thought her nipple would get torn off, all the time she screamed out for more. I wished that I could have a least found the sight exciting and wanted to join in with them, but I couldn’t.

Butch as his name was I heard her say told her he was fixing to cum, and he threw her off his cock, her turning around quickly and putting his nasty ass stained cock in her beautiful mouth, the same mouth that I had loved to kiss for the last 8 years, 10 if you counted when we dated in College.

I nearly gagged as she swallowed his dirty cock in her mouth and sucked his cum from it as he shot so much it dribbled down her chin. Her strong hand jacking it off in her face, milking every drop from his pumping balls as she gulped it down. He held her face to his cock, forcing every inch of it down her sensuous throat, I watched her throat as it took his load down, Why had she never done that for me.

“That’s right you nasty cock sucker, suck it down Bitch, Suck your nasty ass off my cock, swallow my spunk you nasty whore.”

I wanted to kill him, how could he call such a beautiful woman those names. How could she let him talk to her that way. I was dumbfounded as I watched and listened to them while she finished sucking his cock. He pulled her face to his roughly, kissing her full lips, Shoving his tongue down her throat as she sucked it into her mouth. His hands all over her ass pulling her close to him as she kissed him back like a teenager in love.

I could finally move, and I turned then walked to our living room, sat on the couch with my head held between my hands, my elbows on my knees. Tears running down my face remembering every horrid thing I had witnessed. Thinking of the How’s and Why’s of what would cause Julia to do this horrible thing to me. I had always treated her with the utmost respect and love, we had a wonderful sex life, I thought. I had always seen that she had her orgasm when we made love.

She had never hinted to me that she needed more than I had given her. What could have made her do this. I fully expected them to walk in any second, but they did not. I did not want to see what they were doing, but was drawn back to the bedroom like a moth to a bright light. When I got to the door again I looked in, He had her firm legs over his shoulders and was fucking her tight wet pussy, the same one I had the pleasure to make love to for 10 years. I could not believe I was hearing the vile things spewing from her sweet mouth.

“God yes, fuck me with that beautiful cock, fill me up until it comes out of my mouth. Fuck me harder Butch, give me all of you hard cock, give it to me now you Son of a Bitch, FUCK ME!!!!!”

I had never heard her say anything like that before.

“Yeah Bitch, take it all in that hot pussy, who’s pussy is it cunt!”

“Oh God it’s yours Butch, all yours baby.”

Every word tore though my heart like a sharp knife, ripping it out piece by tiny piece as her hips bucked against his with a passion I had never seen. A thought came to me, I was happy, happy now that we had no children to find out that their mother was a whore, an adulterous whore.

“Who fucks you best cunt, who gives you what you need?”

“You do Butch, only you can give me that!”

What should I do, leave, stay, attack them both, attack just him? I did nothing, nothing but watch. Perhaps if I was more of a man, or at least more of a violent man I would have done something besides stand there. I should scream at them, throw something, anything but watch this heart breaking sight.

Her passion was so great and his was racing to beat hers as they fucked like animals on our King size bed. The covers thrown around like the clothes they had torn off each other in their rush to have sex. I watched as his thick cock slid out to the end and then back into her with such force I would have thought it would dislocate her hips as they spread wider to accept his thick meat in her dripping pussy.

“Fuck me baby, give me all your sweet thick cock. Don’t stop fucking me, never stop fucking me!”

I saw his thick lips kiss hers as her lips were smashed against his and her tongue attacked his. Their hips slammed against each other over and over, all they had to do was look behind them to see me in the doorway, but they had their minds on something more urgent to them now, another orgasm.

I had seen enough, more than I had ever wanted to see, I turned and walked out of the house. I drove in the bright sunlight until my eyes burned, both from the sun and my blinding tears. Wondering where I had gone wrong, what could I have done different to have kept this horrible thing from happening and ruining my life.

I stopped at a bar and had a couple of drinks, strong ones. I watched the clock until it was 7 PM, got in my truck and drove to our home, if it truly was still our home now.

I walked in the front door and Julia met me, she tried to kiss me on the lips but I turned my head.

“Is something bothering you honey?” She asked.

“No, Just tired I guess!”

We had supper and talked a bit, me more quiet than usual, and her acting like nothing exciting had happened in her day. I finished eating and went to take a shower, if I could only wash the horrid memory of her fucking another man from my mind it would be OK, but it didn’t happen.

I went to bed, not sleeping a wink as all night I replayed the vision on my wife acting like a cock starved whore to please this bastard Butch. Giving him what she had vowed only to be mine for the rest of her life. I thought the clock would never get to 6 AM so I could get away from here to think.

The day drug on forever, finally it was 11Am, I got in my truck and drove back to my house. There in the driveway was Butch’s Vette. My anger now at it’s peak, I rushed in the house and found them in bed again. I yanked him off her while his cock glistened with her wetness, shouting at him to get the fuck out of my house. He laughed and got his clothes, dressed slowly as Julia tried to explain. She had nothing to say I wanted to hear.

Butch left, leaving rubber half way down our street as he did. Then Julia met me at the kitchen table.

“Julia, how could you do this? What could be so bad that you felt you had to do this?”

“You did! You are never here, you never pay any attention to me, take me anywhere. All you do is fucking work, work, work! Fuck that, I need more and Butch gives it to me.”

“I’ll do better Julia, I’ll forgive you if you will only stop this madness. I couldn’t bear to live without you!” I cried as she glared at me.

“You can deal with what I have found or not, I could fucking care less. In fact you make me sick, your no man. A man would’ve killed him for fucking his wife, you did nothing. Your nothing!”

“Please don’t do this Julia, you know how much I love you.”

“Fuck you!” she screamed at me, then reaching for the phone she called Butch on his cell phone. “Come pick me up, Now!” and slammed the phone down. She walked to out bedroom, packed a small bag and went outside to wait for Butch. He was there in a few minutes.

I begged her not to leave me, she laughed at my misery and she got into his Corvette, they drove off. The last thing I saw as they were turning the corner, leaving me all alone, was them both flipping the finger at me and laughing.

It had been a very long month since my wife had left me so unceremoniously, I was a wreck, I didn’t sleep much, my business would have fallen apart if it had not been for Marie. She was my rock, Marie would jump my ass daily for not caring about myself or the business. And she was not subtle in her words when she was on my case. I don’t blame her, she had a good job and wanted to keep it. All I did was work or attempt too, go home, eat sleep and shower.

“You need to get out of your pity faze here Scott, this is getting really old and doing you no good at all.” Marie told me, her dark brown eyes filled with worry and concern. “I am getting really worried about you, you need to get out and let loose, get a good drunk going, pick up a woman and have some fun for a change! Shit live life, you only have one you know.”

Marie was a very nice looking lady, Hispanic, short, with a full body and not in bad shape for having 3 children in her 37 years. On Friday night as we closed the shop, Marie asked me to go out and have a few drinks to loosen up a bit, I turned her down, still feeling sorry for myself and just wanting to go home, or what was left of it.

I got home and took a long hot shower, ate a light supper and sat on the couch and watched the nightly news, hoping against hope I would see Butch’s name and picture come on saying he had been found dead in an alley or something,. It didn’t happen! I must have fallen asleep on the couch, because the next thing I knew the phone was ringing, I jumped up and glanced at the clock as I went over to answer it, it was 11:50 P.M., Who the hell would be calling me that late, I picked up the receiver and a slurred voice came on the other end.

“Hey boss! What’cha doing?” It was Marie, and she sounded about 6 sheets in the wind, “I’m pretty messed up, Could you come get me? I don’t think I should be driving in my condition.”

I could hear the loud music behind her and some women laughing and calling her name. I asked where she was at, wrote the name and location down, got dressed and went to get her. I drove to the bar and parked, When I was exiting my truck I could hear the bass of the music as it reverberated off the inner walls of the bar. I went inside, and looked around for Marie, the place wasn’t that large, but it was full. Mainly women and a few couples, not a bad place, just a bit loud for my tastes.

I spotted Marie sitting with her friends as they laughed and drank near the back of the bar. Marie’s eyes opened up as she saw me working my way towards them, her white teeth sparkling as her full red lips parted, She waved me over and slid to the side some to make room for me to sit. I squeezed in between her and a pretty black woman I had not met, Marie reached around me and gave me a big hug. “Hey boss, How’s it hanging?” Marie laughed and her friends nearly fell over when she said that.

I had to admit I was shocked at what she had said to me. “I told you he was a cutie, didn’t I!” She told her friends, Now I knew for sure she was looped. I had never heard Marie speak that way before and we had a great working relationship. I have to admit, I felt pretty good sitting there with five nice looking women, and all in a good mood. I ordered a drink and sat there trying to talk Marie into leaving before it got much later, she was putting up a fight not being quite ready to go yet.

I stuck around another hour with her, she and her friends danced some and I joined in on more than one occasion. I was really beginning to enjoy myself with them. Finally I took Marie by the arm and told everyone we had to go, since I was becoming drunk too. Marie gave me a frown then turned to her friends and gave them a wink and we left.

“Come on Marie, get in the truck, we can get your car tomorrow sometime.” I said. She was weaving from the drunk she had going, so I put my arm around her and helped her to the truck, she looked up at me as I opened her door for her, those chocolate brown eyes seemed to get deeper and deeper as I looked into them, funny I never noticed them like that before. She climbed in and sat more in the middle than on her side, I went around, got in, started the truck then headed to her place.

While we drove the 20 minutes to her house, we talked, I say we, She talked I listened.

“You know something boss? I don’t know what the hell you are doing to yourself, there wasn’t one woman there tonight that wouldn’t have you, Not One! And yet you still act like your married to a wonderful woman. I just don’t understand you at all.” she stopped a minute then started on me again, “If I ever caught my man in bed with some slut, I would cut his nuts off, then shove them down her throat. No way would I think it was my fault he fucking cheated on me.”

I just stared ahead and drove, trying my best not to drive like I was drunk, that’s all I needed now, was a D. U. I. Marie scooted closer to me, and leaned her head on my shoulder. She did smell great, and her soft dark hair felt wonderful as it lay on my neck, I needed to get her home before I had some thoughts that could lose me a good worker.

We pulled up to her small house, and I got out to help her to the door, she almost fell out of the truck, forgetting it sat a lot higher than her little Honda, Luckily I had gotten to her side before she opened the door and caught her. Her face landed on my chest as she laughed and I could feel her breasts as they smashed against me. I put my arm around her and we semi stumbled to the door. Marie couldn’t find her keys, so I looked in her purse, I found them then got her inside.

I hadn’t planned on going in, but in her condition, I thought I should at least get her to her couch before leaving. As she sat down, her skirt rose up, giving me a fantastic view of her brown legs, a lot higher than I should be looking. I saw the edge of her purple panties, and even caught a glimpse of hair as she tried to reposition her dress. “You want another drink boss? She asked me.

“No thanks Marie, I’ve ad enough to get me in trouble if I get stopped on the way home, and if you would call me by my name I would appreciate it. I never understood why you prefer to call me Boss all the time.”

“Well Okie Dokie Mr. Ronnie if that’s what you want, that’s what I’ll do!” she grinned.

Then she surprised me by edging over towards me and panting a big kiss on me, I felt her tongue enter my ready mouth and our arms wrapped around each other. Her mouth was on fire as she practically raped my mouth, in self defense my tongue attacked back. Marie was an excellent kisser, no doubt about it, and her hands went to my shirt buttons as nearly ripped each one off trying to get it undone.

I came to my senses and got up, “Marie, we shouldn’t do this, it’s wrong, I don’t want to lose you as a friend and I don’t want you to wake up thinking I had taken advantage of you. I would never do that to you.”

“Fuck that!” she said, “I’m a big girl, and from the lump I see in your pants, your not a little boy.” her eyes stayed looking at my dick as it bulged in my pants. “I think we could both use some hot sex tonight, I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long time since I had any, and tonight is as god as any for it, now come here.”

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  1. I like your story. It seems so real just like other’s I have read.

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