Cheating Wife in Stockings

I was brushing my teeth, getting ready for work and I noticed the phone was lying by the sink. Strange place, my wife must have left it. The red light was on. Was she on the phone? I pressed the button and listened. I could hear her moaning. ‘Ohhh, mmmm, yeah baby. I want to fuck you so bad, do you so hard.’ What the fuck? Who was she talking to? I listened. ‘Are you going to suck my cock again with your hot lips baby?’ It was a guy’s voice. The dirty slut! ‘Give me ten minutes. He’ll be out the door and I’m all yours.’ I hung up the phone and took my jacket. She jumped a little as I walked in the room. ‘Oh, hey honey. All ready?’ she said. She was in front of the TV in her dressing gown but it was half open her long shapely legs were exposed and spread a little. I saw her fingers were wet and shiny. Had she been fingering herself? The naughty girl. ‘Yeah, I’m off now. Have a good day.’ I leaned close to kiss her on the cheek and saw under the dressing gown her nipples were hard and pert. She was hot and it was only 8:30am.

I jumped in the car and drove around the corner. I called work and told them I would be late. I got out the car and walked back to the house. I saw my front door close as a guy walked in. I snook up to the front door and peered through the window. There was no sign of them. I quietly opened the door. They were upstairs. The door to the main room, our bedroom, was closed. I went to the kids room and opened the patio. The adjoining balcony led to our room. The sliding door was wide open. I glanced in. There she was on the bed with a guy on top of her. The cheating slut! They were making out passionately. Her robe had come open and his hands were all over her breasts and legs. She wrapped her legs tightly around his back. I could hear her groans, ‘Mmmm, oooh. I missed you so much,’ she told him. ‘Wait right here, I have a special present for you.’ She pushed him off and disappeared into the en suite.

He stripped to his shorts and I saw a huge bulge in his pants when I realised it was the gardener. I paid that guy to mow the lawn! It made sense. He worked weekends and my wife always asked me to get him something from the store or leave him to get on with his work. I imagined the things they had done while I was not there. The door opened and she came back in. She had changed into sexy lingerie. She leaned in the door frame with just a blue bra, matching panties and black hold-ups. She looked exquisite. I watched in disbelief as she knelt before the guy, in the sexiest outfit I had ever seen her wear, and suck his cock while he moaned loudly. She licked and sucked his balls as he lay on our bed, ‘Oooh, you’re sooo huge. I want to swallow you whole. I want to suck your fat cock until you cum on my face and titties.’ She was driving him crazy and she knew it. She stood up then laid on the edge of the bed while he pulled down her panties and she took off her own bra.

Holding his enormous and now shiny cock he guided it to her pussy slipping it inside her melting vagina. In just her stockings she looked like such a whore – a sexy slut having hardcore sex on our bed. On our bed! She was fucking the gardener as he held her by the ankles. She rested her feet on his shoulders and gripped his tight ass with her hands. ‘Oooooh yes, come on baby. Fuck me hard.’ He was grunting now. ‘You’re so hot Mrs Dewn. You look so sexy.’

‘Yesss, yess’ she cried out. The door was open I could hear her loud and clear. They could probably hear her next door, but she didn’t care. ‘Ooooooh, come on fuck me. Harder.’ She was so aggressive and horny she moaning through gritted teeth. I could see the perspiration on the guys back. He fucked her hard and fast. Her titties shook loosely with each thrust. ‘Yess, yess, oh God yes,’ she cried.

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