Charlie fucks his daughter-in-law against her wishes

At the grand old age of 60 with the mortgage paid and a nice stash in the bank, Charlie took early retirement. He still kept himself fit and healthy by hiking on the moors and enjoyed a good social life with his ex navy mates at the British Legion. The only disappointment in his life was his son, David. Whereas Charlie had always been a man’s man he considered David a bit of a wimp. Charlie had served in the Navy and gone on to join the Special Boat Service. David left school, went to college and finally became one of those Liberal Democrat teachers.

Charlie’s wife died a few years earlier so he shared the family house in Devon with David. Everything was fine until David met a local girl called Heather. She was your typical blond bimbo, big tits long legs and blue eyes. She already had a bad reputation in the small village and absolutely dominated David right from the start. For Charlie it was hate at first sight but after six months, David announced they were getting married and Heather would be moving in.

Returning home from the club one night Charlie was about to climb the stairs when he overheard David and Heather talking. They were discussing him. “C’mon David, he’s an old man, how much longer do you think he can manage those stairs and don’t think I’m looking after him when he can’t fend for himself anymore. A proper nursing home is the best place for him, besides, we’ll have the house all to ourselves.”

“I know Dad’s getting on a bit, but he’s still fit and healthy, and don’t forget, it is his house.” Peeking through the gap in the partially open door, Charlie watched as Heather slid to her knees in front of her husband, opened his gown and started to give him a blow job. In between licking and sucking his cock she would continue the conversation. “Hmm, I know love, but just think, without him here I can do this whenever I like, I can walk round all day with nothing on and you get to fuck me anytime you like, wouldn’t you like that David.” David was stood with his eyes closed while his bimbo wife continued to tease. Charlie had heard enough. So, that was it was it, the fucking bitch was trying to get him out of his own house.

The next morning Charlie paid a visit to his familiar solicitor and drew up plans to make sure that neither David nor Heather could ever get there hands on his property, dead or alive. He was feeling quiet pleased with himself as he entered the local pub for a quick drink. Imagine his surprise when he saw Heather in the other bar sitting with a man. Fortunately she didn’t see him and when they left hand in hand, Charlie decided to follow.

They walked a short distance to a small cottage and disappeared inside. Charlie waited a few minutes before creeping through the bushes to the rear of the building and looking through the window. He could clearly see Heather sitting on the sofa with the other man. They were kissing. He thought about charging in and demanding an explanation but then had second thoughts. Would David believe him? After all, he thought the sun shone out of her arse. After much agonising, he finally decided to stay hidden and just watch. Standing her up, the man slowly stripped her naked. She might be the biggest bitch on earth Charlie thought but Christ did she have a body. Charlie played with his erection as the guy stripped his daughter-in-law naked and fucked her stupid, and just as the guy was filling her with spunk so Charlie added his to the outside wall.

He decided he needed proof if he was to convince David of his wife’s adultery. From now on whenever Heather went out Charlie followed with his son’s video camera. After a few days it paid off. Once again Charlie found himself secreted in the bushes watching the little slut being put through her paces, only this time he filmed it. It wasn’t going to be easy to tell his son that his wife was a slut but having finally plucked up the courage, Charlie approached David. “Son we need to talk.” David went red. “Oh, Heather’s told you then,” he said sheepishly, “told me?”

By :Tony King

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