I opened the browser to head to my favorite site. You know the kind of site I’m talking about. There are so many categories, not sure what to choose. I’ve been through most of them, except for the extreme ones. I’m sure they do it for some people, just not me. Perused the list and settled on the public category. Lets see what’s new here. If my body had its way, I would be buried in pussy every day. Life obstacles always seem to keep that from happening.

You all know how marriage goes. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention, I am married.

You get some here and there, monthly if you’re lucky. My wife is gorgeous, so it pains me that I can’t sink my cock into her at any given moment. Alas, here I sit in my comfortable chair. I think for a moment, then get up. I pull my pants and boxers to my ankles. My cock springs free, it desperately needs attention. See, I don’t know if you know this, but if it goes too long without release, it likes to play games with your brain.

I paused again, thinking, “Why am I keeping these on, I’m home alone?” I kick my lower garments the rest of the way off, next to my desk.

I sat back down and looked at the screen. There were so many selections. Whoever came up with the idea of tabs was a genius. I clicked on a few links that would get the job done. I didn’t have long so I had to make the most of my time. I opened the first window. A video started playing. A woman was walking down the street wearing an all white dress. She was walking towards the camera. You could see he street to her right. There wasn’t any traffic, but you could see people walking on the opposite sidewalk. To her left was green grass, maybe a park, lined with benches. As she got closer to the camera she started lifting her dress. As the fabric got higher, I started rubbing up and down slowly.

My time was limited, but I’m no barbarian, I wanted to enjoy the show.

The dress crept higher until just before her pussy was coming into view. All of a sudden, “Do you want your penis to grow 5 inches overnight? Take this to make your dreams come true.” cut into the view. “DAMNIT!” I shouted. These sites were getting sophisticated with their advertising. I closed that link on principle alone.

I clicked the next one. The title was “Fun at the mall.” Immediately on the screen was a woman and the lower body of a man. She had long dark hair that came to the top of her red halter top. That’s all I could see of her, but it was quite enough. She had a big set of tits so I know whoever she was with was a happy man. She was holding a cellphone in one hand that was pointed at a mirror. From the background reflection, I could tell they were in a changing room. This is one of my all-time fantasies. She fumbled with the zipper of his shorts with her free hand. The man reached down and unbuckled his belt, freeing his cock of its prison. How gentlemanly of him. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip ever so slightly. You could see his knees buckle slightly. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his head.

I slowly stroked my cock.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I nearly had a heart attack. I looked up and over my left shoulder to see my wife’s face looking back at me.

I looked at her.

She looked at me.

I started to say something, but she shook her head. I wondered what she was thinking. She walked away so I turned the chair to follow. She wasn’t there. Turns out she wasn’t walking away. She had walked behind me and was now between me and the desk. She spun the chair around. I’m sure I had a silly confused face. She again looked at me. This time she spoke. “Eyes on the screen Mr., don’t look at me.” I wasn’t in the position to say anything. Here I was, naked from the waist down, caught watching porn by wife. I did as any self-respecting husband would do. I listened to my wife and looked at the computer screen.

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