Catching sister, stuck with mom, accidents happen

It was the third day of Joseph’s vacation. Joseph had just graduated from high school and his sister Anne was a sophomore in college. Summer was finally here and he was glad to be in Mexico on the Puerto Alto beach with his family — sort of. He thought it would be more fun without his sister and parents but they were paying for it. To make things worse dad and mom had allowed Anne to bring her boyfriend Ryan. Joseph didn’t like Ryan. He wasn’t that close to his sister to be jealous but he didn’t like Ryan’s cockiness and the way he treated her. His parents wouldn’t allow Anne to sleep in the same room with Ryan and they wanted their own privacy so the family rented three rooms. Joseph’s parents were in one room, He and Anne in another, and Ryan in the third room. Of course Anne snuck out the last two nights and Joseph knew she would kick his ass if he told. Her parents still thought she was a good girl.

Joseph walked back to the room after swimming in the ocean to shower. It was late in the afternoon. The sun felt warm on his dark hair and tanned back, and the hot sand tickled between his toes as he strolled. A bikini-clad, brown-eyed senorita passed in front of him and flashed him a bright smile.

This is the life, bikini clad hotties and endless ocean waves on a blue skyline that stretches forever, Joseph mused.

His parents would be back in a few minutes so they could go to dinner together. Anne and Ryan had gone back about an hour ago to dry off and change. Joseph opened the room door with his key card and entered. Before he could let the door slam shut he heard a commotion in the bathroom. He stuck his foot between the door and the jam before it could slam and quietly eased it shut and listened.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me…” his sister’s cracking voice squeaked from the bathroom and the reality of what was happening flooded Joseph’s mind.

Fuck! Joseph thought. I don’t even have my own fucking room here. He was pissed.

The bathroom door was open and he peeked inside. Anne’s high squeaks and gasping moans echoed off the tile walls. Joseph could see their reflection in the large wall length mirror – his sister in full naked display being given it in the shower. At first he was terrified — it was like watching a train wreck, horrifying but he just couldn’t take his eyes off them. Anne had blond curly shoulder-length hair and was just slightly chubby, but not fat, with full breasts and round butt. Ryan was a tall guy and had her pressed into the corner of the tiled shower holding her legs three feet off the floor and thrusting himself inside her with smooth but hard, deliberate strokes. Her breasts bobbed up and down with each pump. She let out a screach with each motion and Joseph now knew what Anne’s best friend was talking about when she called her a “screamer.” Joseph could see with detailed definition purple veins on Ryan’s bulging wet cock as it slid in and out of his sister. He could see the lips of her labia giving and taking his penis as it reappeared and disappeared into her tuft of fine blond pubic hair, and suddenly he realized that he too had an erection. He slid the waistband of his shorts down exposing his own stiff member and stroked himself, finding himself sickly fascinated with the scene. Her screams grew louder and he feared they would catch him so he quickly slipped out of the room. He decided to try his parent’s room to get a quick shower before dinner.

Joseph knocked on the door of his parent’s room and almost before he could pull his fist back the door flew open. His mother, Lisa, stood in the doorway with just a purple bikini to cover her round figured body and looked frantic.

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