Car Jack Dad exposure

“Oh,” Lacie got up, “There’s your dad.”

I was still counting how much money I had left from shopping when he pulled up, so I followed the girls to the car.

“Omygod!” Heather laughed through her fingers, and when I looked up, dad was zipping up his pants.

“Dad!” I got in up front, and the girls got in back. “What where you doing?”

“Sorry, girls. What were you doing over there?”

“Waiting for you?” I handed the bags back, but my friends were still giggling at each other, so I dropped them in their laps. Dad just looked out the window, across the parking lot, but I guess that’s why he didn’t see us coming. Now, I was giggling, no pun intended.

“Who’s that?” Finally, he tore his eyes away from the store.

“I don’t know,” Heather put the bags back behind the seat. “Just some model.” It’s fall fashion week, which is what we’re doing here in the first place. Blowing most of our paychecks on stuff to wear for school. “I knew about foot freaks, but I didn’t know I knew any.”

Of course, she was in the shoe store. So, it made sense that she sat in the window with her legs crossed, so her dress split up the side, and showed lots of leg, but now that Lacie mentioned it. All the shoes he got mom made sense, and you know she’s not complaining. Having a husband that buys her shoes all the time. “So, what is it with feet, anyways?” She pressed him.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “Some women just have beautiful feet, and legs. I guess, it’s not just her feet.” He shook her head, and more giggles in the back seat. It is kinda funny, and now we kinda got over the shock of catching dad in the parking lot. Looking at some model, with his dick out. It was just funny, I guess. A little embarrassing, and really awkward, but the girls wouldn’t let it go.

“Well, what about my feet?”

“Heather?” She put her bare foot up, so I tickled it, and she pulled it back. Laughing out loud.

“I don’t want to look, and it’s not appropriate to tease me. So, stop.”

“Oh, we’re not teasing you,” Lacie lied through her teeth. “It’s just a little weird, and I have no idea what a sexy foot must look like, they’re just feet.”

“Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” He said, but he looked really uncomfortable.

So, I told the girls to “Stop, guys,” and they appollogised, but by the time we got home, Heather had her shoes back on, and dad practically ran in while we got the bags out of the back. Heather got out, so Lacie could hand them to us from the back. “Lock it up.”

“Okay,” she hit the lock, then tried to pick her bags out of me, and Heather’s. When they’re all from the same stores, so she had to go through them.

“Come on, we can sort them all out when we get inside.”

Lacie asked, “You think he’s in there, finishing what he started?”

“I doubt it, after he got caught with his dick in his hand.”

“Heather! Stop talking about his dick!” I hit her, hard. “That’s for teasing him with your foot.”

“Why don’t you make a bag of hot Rockys?”

“Yeah, I’m hungry too.” Lacie winked, and grinned. Then, just in case nobody got it, she pointed down at her crotch, so I rolled my eyes, and went out to the kitchen. I already told them my secret, though I’m pretty sure that mom, and dad don’t know why I nuke them in a zip-lock full of water. I mean yeah, they know that keeps them from over-cooking, so they don’t split, and crack, because I told them, but they didn’t ask Why that’s important.

My friends sure got horny, seeing my dad’s dick, and what’s up with that? I mean, it’s just a dick, I guess because I grew up with dad, and you know. That’s what put me in mom, like almost 20 years ago, if you count her being pregnant until I was born. It took a few minutes, with 3 of them in there with enough water, but I made sure they weren’t too hot, and I guess I wondered if they tried it, after I told them. Especially the Nathan’s, because they’re All Beef Franks. We’re not Jewish, so it doesn’t matter if they’re koshur or not, but they’re just about the perfect size, especially when they plump up. So, I his [Stop/Cancel] when they did, and by the time I got back to my room.

Lacie, and Heather were giggling really loud, and I knocked first. Even though it was my room, they were both in my underwear, so I closed the door quick, before dad came out, and saw them.

“Uh, guys? Take that off, they don’t even fit you?”

“Yeah, but you’ve got the best lingerie.”

“So, take it off like this?” Heather tried to do a sexy dance, but Lacie grabbed the plastic bag, I forgot I was holding.

“Ooh,” she patted the bottom, and gave it a squeeze. “There nice, and hot.”

“Yeah, me too.” Heather was up on my bed, posing, and pulling her knee up to slip my panties down her leg.

“You better not have stretched them out, you fatass cow.”

“Here,” Lacie shook some water off one of the hot Rockys, and handed them to her. Then, she got another one out, and squatted in my bra. That fit her a little better, around the ribs, but the extra she had bulged out the front, and I sat down. So, she put my leg up, and rubbed my calf with the hot Rocky. “You got such beautiful sexy feet.” She unbuckled my shoe, and tickled the tops of my foot with the meaty.

“Hey,” Heather put her leg back down, and felt behind her to start working it in, and out. Wow, I was surprised that she got it in so quickly, she must’ve gotten really turned on, fooling around with Lacie for the 3 whole minutes I left them alone in here. “I thought you couldn’t tell?”

“Well, her mom’s got pretty feet, or she never would have been born, and if you think about it.” She held up my foot, so I wiggled my toes. “She’s got her mom’s feet, too.”

“How do you think they do it. You know, foot jobs?” She didn’t even slit her eyes, she just kept talking, looking back, and forth, but her arm kept working it in, and out behind her.

“Just like hand-jobs, I guess.”

“Yeah, but you can’t wrap your toes around it.” She slipped it back and forth between my toes. “Well, I guess you can, but would that even work?”

“Yeah, if he’s a foot freak,” I guessed, but nobody said like my dad. Maybe I can ask mom later, when she gets home.

“Uh!” Heather started grunting. Quietly, but wearing nothing but my bra, and even that was hanging off of her, because she’s the skinny one, and she’s got one of those bodies like a fashion model, I guess. Like that lady in the shoe store, showing off those $500.00 Louboutin’s, I think.

I don’t care who designed them, but now Lacie is rubbing the hot Rocky up, and down my leg, so I uncrossed them, and put the other one up. For her to get my shoe, but Heather was rally starting to get into it, and her eyes clenched. “Uh!” She grunted a little, and her arm was working behind her so fast, that it made what little she has up front shake, and jiggle. “Uh, uh!”

I’m a little jealous, only because everything looks better on her, except for my underwear of course. It just doesn’t fit, that’s why I joked about her stretching them out, when if anybody was going to do that, it would be Lacie. I’m a little jealous of her too, because she’s got those big natural eye catchers. You’d think they’re fake, and that was the rumor ever since she showed up after summer, with 2 whole sizes more boobs, but it turns out that she just got them all at once. So, all the boys look at her, and I feel a little sorry for her too, because she gets a lot more attention than she really wants, and she’s gonna have back problems too, but that’s the kinds of friends we are.

You’re not going to find a perfect friend, let alone 2 of them, much less a perfect guy to get married, and have perfect children, in a perfect house, and live happy forever. That’s the fantasy, though. I love them, even when they’re annoying, and tease me, but I tease them right back, and they tease each other too. I’m never going to hear the end of the whole foot fetish thing, though.

“Huh!” I blinked, and Lacie dropped the hot-Rocky back in the bag of water. Fished the other one out, so it was nice and warm. “Turn around, and bend over.” She popped it in her mouth, and felt up under my dress, to pull my panties out, and slipped them down my legs. So, I just put my head down. Crossed my arms, and closed my eyes, just like I would in class. Instead of in my chair, while Heather’s grunts got quicker, and I could hear her arm fapping against her buttocks.

“Smuip! You ready?”

“Uh, hUH!” She didn’t beat around the bush, too long, and I tried to relax. Think about a boy, some boy, any boy with a big hard-on. Okay, well maybe a man? A big strong muscular hunk, with rough fingers, but she must have tooken my bra off. So, her bare boobs squished and bumped into my legs.

She kissed my back, and felt up and down the inside of my thighs, but she didn’t stop. Pumping me full of warm meat, like a penis, but I don’t care any more. I know they’re bisexual, duh. They make out all the time, and for all I know, one of them is even gay, but i just don’t care any more. She fucks me so good, and I don’t have to think about boys. Honestly, I can’t with her boobs bouncing behind me like that, even when she’s nailing me so hard. “Uh, huh!” I found my clit, and started rubbing in between thrusts, so I could get close, and closer. “Huh!” Finally, it broke free, and it’s just such a relief to let all the worry, and studying. The sexual tension from being in the car with them right after they both saw dad’s dick.

Holding it, and probably starting to beat off in the parking lot of the outlet shops, looking at the model in the shoe stores, but Heather’s feet. “Huh, let me just lie down.” She got up, and dropped the hot Rocky, but they had too more, and her girlfriend finally took my bra off of her too. I just smiled, and felt satisfied, but watched them together. It’s a good thing she’s gay, or I might have to worry about her, doing more than teasing my dad, because I know damn well what kinds of women he likes.

Tall women, with long legs, like mom. I kinda wish I took after her, but I didn’t. I got grandma’s figure, if you want to even call it that. Too much in the hips, thick thighs, and not enough up front to really look at, but then I look at Heather’s perky little breasts, and they just match. The rest of her body, she’s tall, and skinny, with long legs, and now that I’m actually paying attention.

“Huh, yeah. You’ve got the prettiest feet.”

“Me, or Lacie?”

“You do, and.” I don;t know what to say, so I just shake my head, and hug the pillow tighter. “Huh!”

“Thanks!” She’s just too perfect, and it’s hard not to feel even a little ugly hanging out with her, but I’m sure I’ll get a real boyfriend, eventually.

“Huh, sh.” She whispered, ‘I think she’s trying to sleep.’

“Yeah, we better go. Thanks for taking us out shopping.”

“Hmhn?” I don’t even care who said what, but they’re right. I em feeling pretty sleepy, after that fantastic orgasm, and they’re nice enough to get dressed quietly. I didn’t even hear them leave.


Dad (ffM Car)

“Hey,” they came out, but they had changed, “Can you give us a ride home?”

“Sure,” I grabbed my keys, but I didn’t thin that Heather ment it like that. Sure, she flirted with me in the car, but they’re 17. They don’t usually mean anything by it.

“Shotgun!” She got in up front, and put her shoe up on her knee, while I pulled out. Took it off, and set it up on the dash board to rub her soles.

“Huh!” I shook my head, but I felt that I had a little explaining to do after what happened. “I’m not a foot freak, as you put it. Like I said earlier, It’s not just her feet, but my wife.” All right, you thought about it, a lot. Jacking off to get rid of the sexual tention, and thinking about that model sitting up in the window like a mannequin, come to life. Like Kim Cattral, or was it Darrel Hannah?

“So, I was thinking about giving my boyfriend a foot job later, but how do you do it?”

“You still have those hot-Rockys?” Lacie asked from the back seat.

“Yeah, one but it got cold.” She got a ziplock out of one of her bags, but I didn’t have any water in the bottom. She snapped it open, and got it out. “So, I better warm it up.”

“Heather, I’m flattered, but stop.” She didn’t take a bite, but at least she stopped sucking on it suggestively. I looked around, but it’s nothing but traffic, and nobody’s looking, but they could see her. Anyone could look over at any minute, but she put it down below the dashboard, and worked it in between her toes. “Like this?”

“Let me see,” Lacie leaned up, to look over the seat, but she wasn’t looking at her best friend. Practicing a toe-job right next to me. “It’s green.” She tapped me on the shoulder. “The light?”

“Oh,” she checked my crotch, and I’m glad I beat off while they’re trying on clothes, and laughing with my daughter in her room. So, there wasn’t anything embarrassing in my pants, after I got caught, with it out at the outlet shops.

“Let me try that.” Heather held the Frank over her shoulder for her girlfriend to take, and I pulled the switch on the bottom of the mirror to tilt it up. Too late, I already saw that she had her top open, and I don’t like to look at 17 year old girls, but you can’t help noticing, when they dress like that.

Okay, and my daughter even confided in me, since Lacie started sprouting in 4th grade, and I tried to remember when her mother had to take her out for her first real bra, but it had to be a couple years. So, by then Lacie was already. Well, I guess it had to have been freshman year, or the summer before that, because I remember the bikini she wore when I picked them up at the pool.

The boys holding onto the pool fence, to watch them take off their towels, and lay them out to protect the seats. “Huh, it’s just that most women.” I just started talking to distract myself from the hot pink sausage disappearing down the top. “Well, it always bothered me a little, when I saw a beautiful woman, but her feet looked like they didn’t match. Then I met your mom, and.”

They laughed, and I shook my head.

“She’s not our mom,” Heather laughed. “But go on.”

“Well, I guess it’s just rare, to see a woman with feet as beautiful as the rest of her, so when I found her, I fell in love, but it’s not just her feet.”

“Yeah, you said that.” Lacy laughed, with the dirty sausage hidden down her top. “You want to hear a secret?”

“No, not really, if it’s something sexual, you 2 are getting into.”

I know they’re bisexual, and my wife. Isn’t, but I had my chance at a threesome in college. before we met, and to tell the truth, it’s nothing like the stories you hear, or read about in dirty magazines. The pornographic movies, that always seem to work their way up to 2 girls, and a guy, with an unbelievably large.

“Didn’t you ever wonder why Sarah always nuked a hot-Rocky to take to bed with her, after school?” Heather laughed.

“Yeah,” Lacie finished for her, when I was already realizing that she always complained about how they split open, and the meat got over cooked around the cracks on the end, but I thought it was just picky eating. “Oh, come on. We’re teenage girls, and you know boys start playing with themselves, in high school.”

“Uh,” I got to the light, and pulling up with traffic, I guess I was just distracted between one thing, and another. “Who should I drop off first?” I could turn up at the next light, to go one way or another. “Uh?” I pushed a bare foot out of my lap. “Heather.”

“Huh, I’m sorry, but ever since I saw your dick. I just wanted to see how big it gets when it’s hard.” I was almost hard when they blind-sided me, back at the parking lot.

“Well, we don’t have to be home right away, so why don’t we got to the park?”

“Yeah, over my my house. It’s around the block, but I sure would like to try that foot job thing. Just to make sure I’ve got it right, for my boyfriend.”

“You think he’s be into it?”

“Honestly,” I signaled, before the cars even started moving in front of me, but somebody was nice enough to wait, and let me in. “I haven’t had one myself.”

“Oh, your wife isn’t into it.”

“Oh no. She knows how I feel about her. All of her, but honestly.” I want to close my eyes, but. “This the park?”

“Yeah, but keep going.” I clicked off the turn signal. “There’s a service road, thingy. Around the back gate, you can’t pull all the way in.”

It’s how she flirts, and her buxom girlfriend. She’s not as obvious with the sexual innuendos, but she always laughs. I just thought they were joking, you don;t seriously think that your daughter’s freinds, really have interest in you as a middle age guy until one takes her shoes off, and she’s one of those girls.

“Here?” Around the corner, I had to make 2 left turns, but at least there wasn’t any cross-traffic to worry about. Without a light, or even a stop sign, it’s not really an intersection, but there’s a break between the houses, and the bridge over a creek. A dirt road that barely turns before you get to the gate, but looking around.

“Don’t worry,” Lacie got up, and turned around in her seat. “I’ll keep an eye out, but how do you fold the seats down, in back?”

“Uh, there should be a little loop between the seats.” I know there is, but if you’re not careful, they get stuck in there where you can’t see them, but she found it, because I could hear it unlatch, with a bump. I just closed my eyes, and pulled the release to lay back, because now Heather had both feet in my lap, and rubbed her toes together. “Huh, yeah. You’re one of those girls, who’s feet are just as attractive as the rest of you.”

“Yeah, she’s so lucky. All I’ve got is big boobs, but she’s got the whole package.”

“Pun intended?”

“Ope, buhahuhn? No.”

I just felt her hard toes, and the rough patches under them. Around her heel, and I took a deep breath through my nose. “Huh!” Pulled one up to smell it, and kiss one. Lick between her big toe, and listen to her giggle. Unzipping my pants to pull it out before it got too hard to get out of the fly, and not a moment too soon, because she touched it. With her hard toes, and her light pink polished toenails. “Smph!” I let her big toe slip out of my mouth, and open wide to fit the other four in, suck on them, and lick the sweat between them one by one.

It’s not just the feet, but a girl’s foot sweat, is utterly unlike any other sweat, and the only one I can even say isn’t disgusting. Not at all, but I always loved my wife’s feet. Up on my chest, and holding her legs once I’m inside her, and fucking her with her feet in my face, and her toes curling right in front of me.

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