Can you give Wet Panties Please!!

I can’t really remember quite how I got interested in women’s panties, but for as long as I can remember, I have always taken the opportunity to have a sly look through various dirty laundry baskets and hope amongst hope that somewhere inside would be my treasure trove – a sexy, slinky pair of panties with the unmistakeable aroma and tell tale signs that they had been worn pretty recently.

When I was in my late teens, my ‘hobby’ was restricted to the occasional foray into my aunts basket, hoping to find my cousin Sue’s freshly worn panties. I was never interested in my aunts, nor that of any other ‘older’ women, come to think of it, but the sight of a 19 year old’s tiny little panties with a soft gusset and that beautiful smell, would have me pumping into my hand in seconds.

My girlfriend loves me to lick her through her panties until she comes on my tongue, then she will take them off, sit astride me and slowly impale herself on my hard cock whilst teasing me by holding the gusset of her soaking wet panties just above my nose. Just before she cums, she will press them onto my nose and mouth so that I can taste and smell her as I unload violently inside her. She loves to masturbate in her panties and put them into my holdall when I go away on business,which is fairly regularly. There is nothing better than opening my bag at the hotel to find a still damp pair of panties in a little see-thru plastic bag, hidden in the inside pocket!!

I suppose I should let you know how I met Lisa (my girlfriend). A few years ago, when I was 19, I was living with my sister Vicki, who was 18 at the time. I had gotten into the habit of having a little poke around in Vicki’s hamper when she was out at work or shopping or whatever, to see if I could find any decent panties for a spot of afternoon fun. Sometimes I was lucky, sometimes not.

As a seasoned pervert, I became very adept at recognising the signs that could lead to the possibility of still damp and warm panties. The obvious one was Vicki having a shower in the morning, before going to work. This invariably never failed to mean that the panties that she had worn overnight were draped over the edge of the hamper.

As soon as the front door had clicked shut and I heard her car pulling out of the drive, I would be in the bathroom and whisking the panties back to my bed while I knew they were still warm. Oh heaven!! Now, don’t get me wrong, my sister is a beautiful girl and although I would take any opportunity to spy on her undressing, I never thought of doing anything else with her. Her panties however – well that’s another story!!

Needs is as needs must, as Forrest Gump would say, Vicki’s panties were just an easy way of getting what I needed at the time. Now, Vicki had an absolute stunner of a girlfriend called Lisa. I had seen her a couple of times and she was gorgeous. She appeared in my fantasy jerk-off sessions on many occasions. One day, Vicki said that Lisa would be ‘stopping over’ on a Friday night after they had been out to the night clubs.

My mind started going into overtime – if only I could get my hands on a pair of Lisa’s panties, the object of my sex crazed desire! The Friday eventually came around, not too soon if you ask me, and I tried to behave as perfectly as possible, you know, making her coffee, general chatting and flirting, telling her she looked stunning when she appeared at the front door ready for the night out etc. She looked good, she smelled good and I was in lust!

I knew I had no chance of any panties until the next morning at the earliest and when Vicki said they would be going into town to do some shopping on Saturday morning, I had already hatched my plan.

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