Called to Coach T’s Office

When the announcement came over the intercom my classmates could not help but express their joy that I was “in trouble”. The call to report to Coach Tonney’s office was one that no one in our school enjoyed, because it was a well known fact that when Coach T called you to his office, you were gonna get yelled at.

Coach T was notorious in our school. A local celebrity of sorts. Along with being All-State at our high school for three consecutive years, he was also a former college standout and a semi-pro football player in the late 2000’s until injuries took their toll and he had to hang up his cleats. He was still in top physical shape for a guy in his mid-30s and it was a well-known fact that several of the younger female teachers in the area were competing for his hand in marriage.

As I made my way down the hall towards the gym I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I had done wrong. Nobody gets called to Coach T’s office unless they have fucked up bad like Josh Davis did last month when he snuck a pint of cheap tequila onto the bus before a football game. However, I could not recall a single thing that I had done wrong. No cheating. No fights. Nothing. Hell, I had only been at the school for a couple of months, so I was surprised that Coach T even knew who I was, even though I was in his 5th period gym class.

When I arrived at Coach T’s office the door was slightly open. I lightly knocked on the door and within a second Coach T opened the door with a big smile on his face and invited me in. This didn’t feel like I was in trouble…

“Come on in and grab a chair Shawn!” he said.

I slid into a low sitting chair that looked like it was from the 1950’s as coach closed his office door and dropped into his chair at his desk.

There was a long pause from Coach, something that was uncommon for him as he was known for being a guy that spoke his mind and spoke it loudly. My mind was racing trying to figure out what I was there for, and his hesitation to dive into it was confusing me even more.

“Shawn,” he began “I have been asked to have a talk with you about a touchy subject.”

“OK” I said, still baffled as to what this was about.

“Shawn,” another pause “The administration has come to me and asked me to discuss a rumor that is going around about you.”

I immediately felt the blood rush to my face. Now I knew exactly why I was in his office!


Two months earlier my parents and I had moved to Bookertown and we knew no one. I eventually became friends with a guy named Carson that was two years older than me and in the 11th grade. He seemed pretty cool and we quickly started hanging out together at his house, playing Xbox and eating anything that his mom had not hidden from us.

One day when I arrived at his house, Carson told me he had a surprise for me. His parents were gone to work so we had the house to ourselves. He led me down to the basement where he revealed his dad’s secret stash of porn DVDs. Not the mild ones. These were kinky ones like “Moms in Bondage” and “Little Sister Does a Gangbang” type of stuff.

Carson asked if I wanted to watch some and I readily agreed. We picked out a few DVDs and went into the downstairs TV room that had a nice, big flatscreen TV and popped one in. In no time I was feeling horny and had to adjust my erect cock several times. Carson noticed and mentioned that he was having the same issue. He then surprised me by pulling out a joint and asking if I was in the mood to get high and jerk off together. I was nervous as hell, both at the thought of getting high and of jerking off in front of another guy, but I didn’t want Carson to think I was lame, so I agreed.

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