Butt Plug Surprise on Birthday

Callie’s birthday gifts started with the panties, lacy, see-through black ones. She’d torn open the small package and smiled at Toby. “Put them on, baby,” he said as he brushed the red tissue paper off the bed. He resisted reaching for his wife as she stood over him, shimmied out of her dress, pressed her hand on his shoulder for support and stepped into the panties. He loved her ass, but he loved it even more now—and they weren’t even done with the birthday gifts.

“And now this,” he said, handing her a small box whose contents he’d made sure she couldn’t guess. She leaned in to kiss him, then began to undo the red ribbon. He took the opportunity to slide his hand down her bare back and rest it inside the waistband of the panties.

Callie got the box open and pulled out the red toy, shaped with one bulbous end and a flat base. She held it, then turned to him. “Is this what I think it is?”

“If you think it’s a butt plug, then you’re right,” he said, then paused. Her smile wasn’t quite so big anymore, and the truth was, he was curious about it too. “I got you a beginner’s size; there were bigger ones too. I thought we could try it, and if you don’t like it, we can stop. But baby, I have a feeling you’re going to like it.” He did, and not just because he wanted to see it nestled between her cheeks.

The other day, when he’d had her on her hands and knees, his face buried in her pussy from behind, he’d held onto her ass, massaging it, wanting to taste her there. He’d paused for air and felt himself get hard at the prospect of sliding his cock into her sweet, small hole. He’d buried his face back inside her, his tongue going wild with abandon as he pictured just how excited Callie might get if he touched her there. He’d wanted to, but he’d gotten nervous. She was an incredible lover, eager and responsive, coming up with as many new positions and ideas as he did, but anal play hadn’t come up in their six months together, and he didn’t want to just start in on it if it might make her uncomfortable.

Toby pulled Callie close and kissed her hard, easing the toy out of her hands. He kissed her until she had to pull back for a breath, but when she tried to get on her back and pull him on top of her, he shook his head. “Later. Later I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to scream. But first I want to get you ready. You’ll like it, and if you don’t, just tell me stop and I’ll give you my cock, okay?” Callie smiled, but he knew it was her “yeah, sure, whatever you want, honey” smile, not one that said she was dying to be fucked in the ass. They’d never really talked about whether they’d tried it before and, if so, how it went. He had, and liked it, but the two women he’d tried it with had only shown half-hearted interest. This time, he was prepared. He’d even played with himself a little in the shower, to see what it felt like, and gotten a shock at how much he enjoyed that kind of stimulation.

He rolled Callie onto her stomach and shifted her so she was on her knees, her cute butt thrust into the air. As gorgeous as her curves looked in the panties, he had to pull them down, but settled them around her thighs. This was also his favorite position for eating her pussy, which he hoped to do later that night. But first things first. He kissed each asscheek, then gently squeezed them. He loved the feel of her butt in his hands, how round it was, how plump yet firm at the same time. He loved knowing how much heat was right there below, waiting to be unleashed. He held her cheeks apart enough to look at her properly, and blew gently. She squirmed, and he leaned down and licked her.

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