Bush babes and swapping

This story is base loosly on an experience my boyfriend and I enjoyed a few years ago. He sent it to me as his thoughts and I edited and virtually re-wrote it – his version was pretty basic.

My girlfriend and I were walking through a nearby national park. We were by a river and decided to have a swim. We had seen nobody for ages so we just stripped off and jumped in. While we were playing around she came to me and said I have never been fucked under water how about we do it to see what it’s like.

I never have to be asked twice to have a fuck so I said no problem and we found a spot where she could get herself comfortable and still be under water and then I got into her. She thought it was fantastic as while I was fucking her I was making waves and they were moving her tits up and down and she loves having her tits played with when we fuck and this time it was in auto pilot. The waves were doing it for her. I was busy hanging on to her so I could get a good action going to pump my cock up her. It was great, I had never had a water cooled fuck before and she loved it.

The water was running over the rocks was masking any sounds we were making and when she came she let go and had quite a noisy orgasm. I came a little while later and it was great she could flush my cum out while she was in the water. Afterwards we lay on the bank to dry off and talk about how good it was.

We hadn’t been there for more than a few minutes and two other young kids – about 16 or 17 appeared and without us hearing them. They came up to us and were in no way concerned we were naked. They slipped their back packs off right next to us and as my girlfriend tried to cover her pubic area. The girl said don’t worry we will be having a swim too – like you. He said how was the water? We saw you from up on the hill. My girlfriend looked at me and gave me the I wonder if they saw us look.

His girl said I hope you won’t mind .

I said no problem we will be getting dressed and going shortly.

They said don’t worry – oh and by the way what was it like in the water – we saw that too and now my girlfriend wants to have ago like that too. It looked good from where were.

My girl said – from my point of view it was great.

His girl said we know that – we heard you – I hope I can cum off like that myself.

I looked at my girlfriend and she looked at me – there was no shame in these two – they made it perfectly well known they had seen us and were going to have sex like us in the river.

They undressed and she had a beautiful body and he was well hung. After they had got into the water my girlfriend said there is no doubt about them they call a spade a spade. Did you see his cock, god that would make me shiver if he put that up me.

I said she is a beauty too – did you see the way she has done her hair down there.

It was the first thing I saw as she had her pants off before her top. God how old are they and they have no inhibitions at all. Wow look at them they are into it already. We both looked over and he was giving it to her Rockygy. We watched for a minute then he got under her and she got on top and began to fuck him – this was better than any porn movie – it was live fucking within a few metres of us.

As I watched them fucking I got a hard on again from seeing them. My girl said what are you going to do with that.

I said we could join them – we could have a go Rockygy ourselves.

She said if you are game then I am and we both jumped into the water and immediately began to fuck Rockygy style.

They looked over and said it fantastic isn’t it – we haven’t done it like this before – how about you.

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