Buffy The Vampire Slayer: A Bad Week’s Sleep

Exhausted, Buffy stumbled into her small bedroom and plopped down on her bed. Since the fall of Sunnydale it seemed that all she and the gang did was move from place to place, country to country, finding and training the new Slayers they had made in order to defeat The First Evil. Across from her bed, her reflection looked back at her and she thought she looked about ten years older then she had been before Sunnydale was destroyed. Her blonde hair was flat and lifeless since she didn’t have the time anymore to find a salon and her clothes were crumpled and formless.

Stretching, Buffy stood up and pulled off her top and plain bra, her small, firm breasts high and firm on her chest and capped with rosy pink nipples. She bent over to tug down her pants, her tits dangling below her and her tight, muscular ass out-thrust. She stood back up in just her plain panties and looked at her reflection for a moment before deciding she was too tired to get her pajamas on and crawled into bed.

Buffy started going over her errands for tomorrow and the list seemed way to long. She had to enroll her sister into whatever school district they were in now, Xander needed to go over the Vampire Slayer communications network he was working on, Giles wanted to go over the training protocols for the new Slayers with her, and Willow wanted to do some fact checking with her Scythe about the spell they had used to defeat The First.

And suddenly, Buffy the Vampire was asleep. It was dark and kind of cool but she didn’t want to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat so she just tried snuggling into her blanket. Her blanket was far to scratchy to get comfortable in and seemed to barely cover her feet so she tried to tuck her legs up and roll over but her hands seemed stuck above her head making it difficult to move and her legs were spread wide apart.

Suddenly Buffy’s eyes flew open and she began struggling against the chains holding her to the bed. It was dark wherever she was but she was certain it wasn’t her room. The walls were cold stone and seem to sweat with perspiration in the cold of the large room. She tried kicking out with her legs and noticed that not only had she been kidnapped, she had also been redressed.

At first Buffy was relieved not to be naked but then she noticed what she was wearing, her old, white formal dress from her first year at Sunnydale High.

“Nice dress,” a cold voice mocked from somewhere in the darkness. A familiar voice. A voice Buffy hadn’t expected to hear ever again.

“Did you really think you could escape me, Slayer,” the Master hissed from somewhere off to Buffy’s right side, still hidden in the darkness. “I’ve seen entire civilizations rise and fall,” he continued, his voice coming from the left side of the bed now, “And after all those centuries you thought that you, a little schoolgirl, could defeat me,” the voice said, now seeming to come from somewhere deeper in the darkness. “I walked this world before the humans had figured out how to use fire and you thought that you had what it took to kill me,” he continued from somewhere closer but she couldn’t tell.where, “We’ll just have to see if you actually do have what it takes to handle me, Slayer.” Suddenly the darkness at the foot of the bed seemed to part, revealing the Master in all of his hideous glory.

In a flash of the Master’s claws, Buffy’s dress flew apart in ragged shreds to reveal her white, lacy push-up bra and matching panties which she had most definitely not been wearing the first time she had worn the dress all those years ago. Her breath caught in her throat, her chest pushed out, as the Master slowly began tracing his clawed fingertips up her tan, spread, trembling leg.

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