buck’s night went in a very different direction

Here we were at a friend’s stag night. We had a lot of
booze and a lot of jokes, lots of laughter and in a week
our friend was getting married. We knew that the best
man had organised some entertainment, so we all assumed,
knowing the best man, it was going to be a stripper.

The cost for the night was quite high for twenty males,
actually but as some of us were never married, or
between marriages, like me, there was not a lot of
thought about the cost. Everyone was connected to the
groom in some way, some of us are, like the groom,
teachers and former teachers with some other
acquaintances of the groom from childhood friends and
neighbors. Surprisingly enough we had a lot of common
friends so almost everybody knew everybody else.

The best man was the kind of person who knew where all
the bodies were buried, so had access to a lot of
resources we would never have considered. The room we
were in had a bar set up at one end, with a complete
bathroom and shower alongside the bar. At the other end
of the room there was a large television screen showing
porn movies all night. The sound had been turned off and
the lights were dimmed but there was so much noise going
on that no-one would have heard the sounds anyway.

As the night wore on, the best man disappeared for a bit
then reappeared with a big man, and I mean big, and two
women. These were the strippers. That explained why the
cost seemed high, the booze we would consume would never
have been that costly.

The lights flickered and the best man came out with a
chair. Placing the chair in front of the TV screen, he
called for the groom to present himself, which he duly
did, and he sat in the chair. We waited in anticipation
for a while and the best man told some rather crude
jokes and stories about the groom’s youth in particular.

When he was done, the big man announced “Jasmine”,
pressed a button on this ghetto blaster and some real
high energy music started. The first of the dancers
appeared, and went through her routine. She pranced
around, got the groom to take bits of her clothes off,
which he did with some trouble. Hard to undress a woman
when you have a glass in your hand. Her tits were nice,
round and firm, and her body was okay, nice shaped pubic
hair, shaved to a heart. Attractive but distant. She
smiled a plastic smile that lit up nothing. She was the
professional, the dancer in the room, and everyone had
to keep their distance. The dancer lap-danced the groom
and at one point she had straddled him and was slapping
his face with her tits.

Most of us were watching, but not really engaging. The
smiles were the fixed leers that men are supposed to
wear while watching a naked woman prance. She moved
around the room and must have realized the music was
coming to an end. She made a beeline back to the groom
and just made it to the point where she grabbed his head
and pulled it into her breasts. The music ended and she
let him go, turned and almost ran to the bathroom.

The big guy swapped discs in the boom-box and announced
“Jade – the dancer’s dancer!” He pressed the button and
within the first three bars this rather beautiful,
petite young woman appeared and started dancing around
the room. Not tall at all, she was well muscled, a
dancer’s muscles. Defined and incredibly shapely,
promising tits, a waspish waist and broadened hips.

The rest of the room went relatively quiet as she
started peeling layers of clothes off. For about a
minute she worked her way around the room and when she
got to me, she stopped, looked me in the eye and
pirouetted, stepped towards me and presented her zip for
me to pull down.

Never one to resist such a challenge, I took the zip in
hand and did as requested. Her dress parted and she was
down to a glitzy bikini with lots of sequins. She moved
around the room again, and got to the groom, stopped and
pulled a face at him, then bent over, backwards for him
to untie the top of her very little costume. Of course,
he had had too much to drink and made a mess of it.

The look of exasperation on her face was very brief as
she again danced around the room. Getting to me, she
again stopped, pirouetted and leaned into me, asking if
I would quickly untie the cord. I did, and you could see
these magnificent tits come free. She then moved on and
the guy next to me said, “Man, she must like you. That’s
the second time she stopped at you.”

“Yeah, right,” I replied, “I am probably the only sober
person in the room more like it. Girl like her would
have seen this before, picks the non-drunk so she
doesn’t get into trouble.”

“Nah, not the way she lookin’ at you, man,” he went on,
“You could get real lucky there, I’m tellin’ ya.”

I just laughed and dismissed the idea as being silly.

Watching her move around the room, I was really engaging
in a fantasy experience with her, was was every other
male in the room. Petite, dark hair, I noted she had
dark eyes, and an hourglass figure. Her tits were firm,
even though they were now swaying in the opposite
direction of her movements. Her aureoles were not overly
large but well proportioned for the size of the breasts.
Gyrating, she seemed lost in the sound of the music,
timing her movements to the beat.

The song slowed and ended, and another started, with
something slower, but the athleticism of her first dance
was overwhelmed by the sensuous nature of the second.
Her whole body moved, rippled with the notes. None of us
would have been standing there without an erection, I
certainly was.

I really felt that she was dancing for me, that is how
good she was. I looked at others in the room, they were
absolutely silent, watching this shimmering sexual
goddess moving among us, around us. She moved from guy
to guy, looking at him, making him feel special for a
moment. You could see it in their eyes. Every one of
them would rip what was left of her costume off and take
her, there and then, in front of everyone – even the
married guys. Then she came to me, and stopped, just as
the music stopped.

Within seconds, another track started, this time one of
raw drumbeats and strong rhythms. Looking at me, smiling
the smile of someone with a secret, the dancer twirled
and with one leg high seemed to levitate off the ground.
Still only in a bikini bottom, she almost hit her head
on the ceiling. For a little girl, she was obviously a
skilled athlete. She stopped and looked at me again, and
my cock knew that this was for me.

Again, I dismissed this as the fantasy of a horny male
watching a topless dancer prancing around the room. She
took off again, with a huge grin, then spun towards the
groom. Just as she reached him, he seemed to lurch and
fell off the chair. The best man was right alongside him
and helped him back into the chair, but the guy was just
shitfaced. Lucky he was not throwing up, I thought.

This didn’t faze the dancer at all, she seemed to dance
with renewed vigour, again, moving rhythmically with the
pounding drums and again, back to me. She offered her
hip and I noticed there was a draw string in a bow, I
pulled the bow and the bikini bottom fell open, then
down as she pulled the string on the other side.

I could just smell twenty cocks rising to salute this
gorgeous young woman, displaying herself in her natural
form. Every eye in the house was on her, as she sped
around the room, keeping time with the increasing drum
beats. Around she whirled, faster and faster as the
music built to a crescendo and she got to me and
everything stopped at once. She stopped, the music
stopped, and every heart in the place stopped.

You could feel the sexual tension in the room, what was
she going to do now? We had a few moments to eye this
goddess. She stood proud, naked and open, drinking our
adulation, slowly she turned, and faced the groom, who
was, by this time, almost oblivious of her attention.
The music started again and unbelievably, it was Ravel’s

We were all stunned, what was going to happen next?
Whatever had been arranged, if anything, was not going
to happen, the big guy just stopped the music and said
loudly, “Sorry, gents, that was my music.” I noticed the
other girl had put on a robe, and was standing alongside
him. She was about to say something to the big guy but
he shook his head.

While the other guys were disappointed, it seemed pretty
obvious what was going to happen, but I was actually
relieved. I caught a glimpse of the petite dancer and
there was a fleeting look of relief there and when she
turned to look at the big guy, he just nodded. She
floated off to the bathroom to the thunderous applause
of the audience. As she walked passed me, she looked and
winked, I swear it, she winked. All too soon she
disappeared into the bathroom to dress again.

Needing to take a leak, and to get better look at this
young woman, I made my way to the bathroom to wait
patiently for her to come out. There was a lock on the
door, so it wasn’t like I could burst in on her. I got
as close as I could, to make sure that there would be
no-one in front of me, and to eyeball this woman. The
big guy eyed me, but seemed to chill a little when I
made it obvious I was only waiting patiently.

The door opened and this fully dressed woman appeared in
the door frame. I moved aside to allow her to pass and
the big guy looked squarely at us I felt this hand grab
the front of my shirt pulling me inward. WTF? I heard
the door slam and a lock being shut, I felt this
pressure wrapping itself around me and pulling my head
down a little. I felt these lips pressing on mine and a
tongue probing at my lips. A hand snaked over my crotch,
having a good feel of me.

With no idea what was actually going on, I was tempted
to push her away. Being a gentleman, I accommodated her
kiss – what else could I do? The hand on my cock
convinced me to go with the flow. There was a tap on
the door, and the big guy asked “Jade?”

“It’s alright Walt, I am not going to hurt him.” she
said smiling.

“Um, okay, but we don’t have that much time. We’ve gotta
get back.”

“I know, I won’t be long,” she replied.

“Well, you want to tell me what is going on then?” I

“Nope, but,” she reached into her bag and pulled out a
pen and a card, writing on the back of it. “If you want
to know, call me on this number, without fail tomorrow
after 3:00. I am free tomorrow night.”

“I may be busy tomorrow night,” I said, a little

“You are now,” she smiled, and then reached up and
kissed me again. This was a promise, a real kiss that
left me gasping for air. “Mmm,” she said, “I’ve waited a
long time for that.” Reaching out and grabbing my dick
she went on, “And I’m not going to wait much longer. You
better call me, otherwise there’s going to be another
broken heart, lost in the wide universe.”

Then she was gone, and all I had was the aroma of her,
and the feel of her soft flesh pressing on my lips and
her hand caressing my hardened dick in my pants.

I took her card and put it into my wallet, safest place
when I keep my wallet in my front pocket. It is hard to
get it out of that pocket, and my wallet never gets
washed. I was intrigued now, “I’ve waited a long time.”
seems to place me at a disadvantage. Obviously she knew
me, but I did not know her. Okay, work it backwards.
“…a long time”. This has to be former student of mine.
I been teaching mainly Grade 7s, 8s and 9s in a junior
high school for the last 12 years. I am now 34 and she
has to be in her mid-20s, so it must be someone in my
first two or three years. The grade 9s would be too old
now, the Grade 8s may be better candidates, or maybe the
Grade 7s. I still have class photographs from then, so I
am going to have to look. I finished in the bathroom and
washed up, checking myself in the mirror before going
back into the room.

The guy who was standing alongside me when Jade was
dancing, said, “Well? You get her number?”


“I saw her man, she grabbed you like she was gonna do
you in the bathroom,” he said laughingly.

“Oh, no. I think she was a former student… but I am
damned if I know who.”

“So, you gonna see her again?”

“Nah!” I said dismissively, “No idea where to contact
her.” I could feel the pimples forming on my tongue as I
said it.

“Talk to the best man, he knows where she came from, be
really worth your while.”

“Too much like hard work. Just got rid of one wife, and
I am not ready to start hunting again.” I laughed.

“Yeah, know what you mean. Best thing, find some bitch
you hate and buy her a house, saves a lot of fucking
drama.” We laughed together and continued laughing for
the rest of the night. I remained without any booze, and
poured my new friend home, which wasn’t far from my
apartment. I promised I would come and visit next
weekend, and we would start to scour the strip joints
until we found her, but that is unlikely – something
about in vino no veritas or some such.

The next morning I was intrigued by the events of the
night before. I looked around the boxes I had not
emptied until I found my collection of school yearbooks.
I scoured the images until I was sure there was no-one
there that I could link to Jade.

Perhaps I was wrong – maybe not a former student. The
clock ticked to 3:00pm, and I pulled out the card,
trying to decide if it was a waste of time or not. The
clock ticked and I looked at the card. I remembered the
kiss, the feeling of this delightful creature in my
arms, her lips on mine. I reached for my cell phone and
hesitated. “Ahh fuck it! You are not going to die
wondering,” I told myself and dialed the number.

It rang once, and she answered. “Jade,” I said,

“David Jannsen,” she replied. “I am very glad you
called, and relieved.”

“I have been telling myself not to,” I told her, “I
really wasn’t going to.”

“New Year’s resolutions are like that too,” she laughed,
the tinkle of her laughter came through more clearly
than her voice. “So have you called to ask me out to
dinner then?”

“I thought we could go to a lovely little restaurant I
heard about last night.”

“Yes, that sounds great,” she replied and gave me her
address. I told her I would be there at 7:00 and she
said she would be ready. “I hope you do not mind me
calling you by your first name, David, but Mr. Jannsen
seems, well, a little formal.”

“Anyone I have watched dance as you did last night, can
call me whatever they like,” I said and was rewarded by
that easy laughter.

“In the mean time, have you worked out who I am yet?” I
could hear the smile in her voice.

“You are expecting me not to remember then?”

“I would be disappointed that perhaps I had not grown up
as much as I thought I was.”

“So far, then, almost stranger,” I said in my best
Donald Sutherland voice, “Your identity has eluded me,
but I have narrowed it down to about 300 people. I will
have you before the night is out!”

“Is that a promise?” She asked, and I just realised what
I said. “A bet then.” The gambler in me came out so I
said, “Done.”

I had no idea who I was looking for, but I grabbed the
first three year books I had appeared in and delved into
the class photos. I found about four candidates in one
book, two in another and the last book yielded seven of
them. There a few more passes and I narrowed it down
even further. Then I started thinking about what she
said “…another broken heart, lost in the wide

Most of the girls I included in these passes were – well
they were not necessarily the brightest of students.
Yes, yes, I know, stereotyping adolescents as airheads
does not mean that they may remain an airhead as an
adult – but I knew these kids once, and few of them
would even make the kind of literate connection that
statement makes. So let’s go back, damn, I am running
out of time!

As I prepared for my dinner date I started to go over
the images in my mind, still not knowing who I might be
looking for. Instead of the airhead patrol, I thought to
look amongst the smarter kids. When I finished my shower
and was dressed in something warmer than I might
otherwise have chosen, I went back to the books and
started again.

Within a minute I found a likely pair of candidates from
my first year, but there was a problem, they were twins.
Alex and Tawnee. Both girls were pretty, not tall for
their age, not that well developed as Grade 7s, or 8s,
but started blossoming as Grade 9s. They left to go to a
high school, and I lost track of them. They both were
very bright, both had large dark eyes and dark hair.
Neither struck me as being dancer material, but things
change I suppose.

I also found three other candidates, but dismissed them
as one was too tall, one had a round face which would
unlikely change, and the last had a big toothy grin that
braces had not fixed when she graduated to high school.

Thinking about the differences between the girls and
looking at the photos, I had real trouble picking
between them, but it was one of them for sure – had to
be. As I leafed through the book I found the original
photos in, I recalled they won a science award of some
sort in Grade 9. As winners were few and far between at
that time, at that school, a rather large fuss was made
of it by the school. I picked up the right yearbook and
found what I was looking for.

The girls were almost identical, and if I recalled
properly, there were differences easy to pick once you
knew them. I had to refresh my memory rather quickly now
and I studied the images closely. Then found a
difference, it was all in the smile. On Alex, the top-
right canine was more triangular, definitely pointy,
enough to be a noticeable difference. Gotcha! Jade
definitely had that same tooth. I made sure I took the
year book with me.

The drive to pick Alex up was not long, but it was in a
very nice part of town, rent must be costing a fortune.
Thinking about what I can recall of the twins, dance was
an unlikely route for either of them. I think I saw them
as doctors or some other professional person, but not
lawyers. Neither of them, I thought, had the sort of
ruthlessness about them that they would need to become a
blood-sucking lawyer.

The short drive passed quickly and I pulled up out front
of this rather expensive looking 15 storey condominium.
Looking at the front doors, into the lobby there were
lifts and to the left of the door a call panel with a

Pressing the right button, I waited and Jade responded,
“Right on time, 14th floor, apartment 1409, left out the
elevator.” she said.

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