buck’s night went in a very different direction

Here we were at a friend’s stag night. We had a lot of
booze and a lot of jokes, lots of laughter and in a week
our friend was getting married. We knew that the best
man had organised some entertainment, so we all assumed,
knowing the best man, it was going to be a stripper.

The cost for the night was quite high for twenty males,
actually but as some of us were never married, or
between marriages, like me, there was not a lot of
thought about the cost. Everyone was connected to the
groom in some way, some of us are, like the groom,
teachers and former teachers with some other
acquaintances of the groom from childhood friends and
neighbors. Surprisingly enough we had a lot of common
friends so almost everybody knew everybody else.

The best man was the kind of person who knew where all
the bodies were buried, so had access to a lot of
resources we would never have considered. The room we
were in had a bar set up at one end, with a complete
bathroom and shower alongside the bar. At the other end
of the room there was a large television screen showing
porn movies all night. The sound had been turned off and
the lights were dimmed but there was so much noise going
on that no-one would have heard the sounds anyway.

As the night wore on, the best man disappeared for a bit
then reappeared with a big man, and I mean big, and two
women. These were the strippers. That explained why the
cost seemed high, the booze we would consume would never
have been that costly.

The lights flickered and the best man came out with a
chair. Placing the chair in front of the TV screen, he
called for the groom to present himself, which he duly
did, and he sat in the chair. We waited in anticipation
for a while and the best man told some rather crude
jokes and stories about the groom’s youth in particular.

When he was done, the big man announced “Jasmine”,
pressed a button on this ghetto blaster and some real
high energy music started. The first of the dancers
appeared, and went through her routine. She pranced
around, got the groom to take bits of her clothes off,
which he did with some trouble. Hard to undress a woman
when you have a glass in your hand. Her tits were nice,
round and firm, and her body was okay, nice shaped pubic
hair, shaved to a heart. Attractive but distant. She
smiled a plastic smile that lit up nothing. She was the
professional, the dancer in the room, and everyone had
to keep their distance. The dancer lap-danced the groom
and at one point she had straddled him and was slapping
his face with her tits.

Most of us were watching, but not really engaging. The
smiles were the fixed leers that men are supposed to
wear while watching a naked woman prance. She moved
around the room and must have realized the music was
coming to an end. She made a beeline back to the groom
and just made it to the point where she grabbed his head
and pulled it into her breasts. The music ended and she
let him go, turned and almost ran to the bathroom.

The big guy swapped discs in the boom-box and announced
“Jade – the dancer’s dancer!” He pressed the button and
within the first three bars this rather beautiful,
petite young woman appeared and started dancing around
the room. Not tall at all, she was well muscled, a
dancer’s muscles. Defined and incredibly shapely,
promising tits, a waspish waist and broadened hips.

The rest of the room went relatively quiet as she
started peeling layers of clothes off. For about a
minute she worked her way around the room and when she
got to me, she stopped, looked me in the eye and
pirouetted, stepped towards me and presented her zip for
me to pull down.

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