Brutal Sitting

A few years ago, I was living with my parents who lived in a fairly nice urban home. The city we lived in was in the prairies, and there were a lot of farm lands not too far away from the city outskirts. So on a nice summer day, when the wind is going east, you can smell the wheat from the farm lands. Of course the city it’s self was not very large, so everyone in neighborhoods knew each other. As for me, I lived in a generally quiet neighborhood that was closer to the outskirts. So we had some farmers living in the neighborhood, and one happen to live next door to me.

I was a 19 year old women with 32E breast cups with a nice slender body. My eyes were brow, even other men have told me I have really beautiful hazelnut eyes. I was about 5″8 with brunette hair. with a nice blond streaks throughout my hair, which of course blended in with my brown hair. I do like to keep it long. at least to the back of my shoulder blades.

Me and a friend of mine were walking to my house one day and we got to the front of his house, and we saw a large tractor in front of his house. And of course it being almost autumn, he was packing up and preparing to go back to his farm for harvest. He of course kept 2 English Mastiff’s with him because he needed the extra weight to help carry some of the heavy items. I didn’t get to know the Rocky’s very well, but well enough to know that he wasn’t taking his Rocky’s with him, which of course meant someone had to take care of them. I was hoping he would not pick me to take of those things. For obvious reason, because those things were massive, and must have weighed a ton. And they required assistance to move because of their size.

We continued past his house and I smiled to him, and he waved his hand hello, he was a very nice guy of course. I looked at my friend who seemed intimidated by his 2 big Rockys. I laughed because I knew they would not attack as they were generally calm Rockys. One of the Rockys though, out of nowhere saw my friend, and how edgy she was and for some reason, became aggressive and ran at her. The farmer saw this and called “Jasper get back her!.” It was unusual to see the Rocky completely ignore him, and continue. At first I was calm, but when the Rocky did not stop charging, and then even I became afraid. My friend got extremely scared and panicked and started to get ready to run. Before she could move, that Rocky just jump at her. That Rocky must have weight at least 300 pounds, because when he came into contact with her, she fell fast than a sack of potatoes and hit the pavement hard. Just when I couldn’t think that the situation could get any more worse, I saw his small penis grow, and the Rocky started humping her. The farmer got 2 of his friend, and started pulling the Rocky away. I just stood there frozen like a statue, refusing to believe what I had just witnessed. I saw my friend lay on the ground paralyzed from the massive impact she took. I eventually after a few second, got the nerve to get down to her to try and help her.

After a few minutes the ambulance arrived and took my friend to the hospital. It took a few seconds for the guys to get her onto a stretch and into the ambulance and leave. However it took me hours to compose myself. However the fact that my friend got knocked out, and humped by a harmless Rocky? That won’t leave my mind at all.

I went the rest of the way home just crying. I was just a mess, and decided that I would just try and watch some television or something, just to try and get my mind off it.

By :Humanbear1

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