Brothers Swap Wives For A Foursome

This is Dhruv from Delhi and I am here to share the wonderful experience I had recently. We are a family of six – my parents, my elder brother, bhabhi me and my wife. My elder brother Dharam got married 3 years ago to Reshma bhabhi.

Dharam was tall, fair and Reshma bhabhi was fair with long hair, medium sized boobs, and a perfect ass. I had masturbated several times thinking about her but never had I had actual experience. I got married 6 months ago to Sneha, with whom I was in a relationship from 4 years.

Sneha is dusky, but I can say my wife has the perfect boobs and a tight ass. I and Sneha were very close to my brother and bhabhi as we were all almost of the same age. We hung out together many times and went out partying, to movies, etc. But we never thought that there would be sexual intercourse between us.

One night we reached home late after a party in Connaught place. It was also my birthday the next day. Dharam suggested we have a few more drinks in the hall as my parents were traveling and there was no one at home. They also wanted to wish me at midnight before going to sleep.

So we opened a few beers and a blue label whiskey and started chit chatting. Both Sneha and Reshma bhabhi were looking sexy in short dresses. My eyes continuously kept moving towards Reshma bhabhi but I was careful as Sneha was next to me.

After a few drinks, the topic of porn came up. Dharam winked and asked everyone what their favorite category was. At first, the girls were hesitant to speak about this. But after a few more drinks, they got high and started being more open.

Dharam said that he liked watching teen porn. I told I like watching lesbians. I could see both the girls giggle slightly. Both Sneha and Reshma bhabhi ignored to answer the question. After some time, we were all very high and we ordered food. We needed a chair to keep the food.

So Reshma bhabhi came and sat next to me and kept the food on her chair. I was so drunk that I got hard when she sat next to me. I guess Dharam noticed this and I got scared. But to my surprise, he suddenly asked me if I would like to see some lesbian action now.

I just laughed. He said, “But we have two hot girls here. Sneha don’t you feel Reshma is sexy?” Dharam asked Sneha. She freaked out for a moment but replied saying, “Of course I feel she is sexy.” Dharam said, “You both should give Dhruv his birthday gift now.”

I didn’t know if Dharam was so high that he did not know what he was saying or if he was doing this purposely. But the thought of my wife romancing with my bhabhi turned me on like anything. I turned towards Sneha and to my astonishment, even she seemed to be aroused.

“Go on, Reshma, teach her something sexy,” Dharam ordered to his wife. It sounded like Reshma bhabhi already had some experience. Reshma bhabhi got up and came near Sneha. She stretched out her arms and offered Sneha help to stand up.

Once she stood up, it was like a dream come true. Reshma bhabhi slowly unzipped Sneha’s dress. She caressed her boobs and groped her ass. I could see Sneha enjoying this. Reshma bhabhi slowly undressed. Wow! I did not know if I was dreaming or if it was real. But this was the best thing in my life.

Both Sneha and Reshma bhabhi started helping each other to undress. Once they were completely nude, they started rubbing their sexy bodies against each other. This was followed by 10-15 minutes of boobs sucking and pussy licking of each other.

I could see Dharam touching himself. He looked at me and said, “Do you want your bhabhi?” I didn’t know what to say. “You can have her but I get Sneha too,” he winked and said. Sneha started staring at me after she heard this. Even before I could say yes, Reshma bhabhi came near me.

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