Brother / Sister Love Affair and Sex

Ever since childhood, my younger sister Sarah and I have been the best of friends. She is three years younger than me, but I have often thought that she was the more mature one. We spent many hours together as kids talking about our impressions and confusions in life, watching Rocky Mountain sunsets, and playing board games during the long winter months. As we grew into teenagers, we realized that we deeply loved each other in every way except for one – because of course, that was strictly taboo.

What I could never bring myself to admit to anyone, sometimes not even to myself, was that, as our bodies matured through puberty, I began to feel a deep sexual lust for my gorgeous, wonderful sister. I began dreaming about her naked body, about waking up with her nuzzled next to me, both of us naked and aroused. I couldn’t find the courage to tell her about any of this, so it remained my personal dirty secret.

I was seventeen before I convinced myself to test the waters, so to speak, with my sister. I had come to realize that the fact that it was incest I was thinking about just made it more exciting and erotic.

I started by realizing that I could stand on the electric meter and look directly into the bathroom window, which was directly above the toliet, and kitty corner to the bathtub / shower combo with the smoked glass doors. I chose to do so only on cold late autumn evenings that year, reasoning that, with the window slighty fogged but still clear enough to see through, and with it being around 25 degrees after sunset (never underestimate a teenager with an erection) I would get a great show with a minimal chance of getting caught.

My plan was disasterous my first two tries…..I would wait until my sister announced that she was going to take a shower (meaning that the bathroom would be unavailable for at least an hour) and make an excuse to go to my room, which was in the basement, seperated from the rest of the house by the garage. I would then sneak out behind the house to the bathroom window. The first time I slipped off the meter piping because of the frost and landed on the Rocky. I sprinted to my room. The second time I caught my mom peeing. Uh, no… not what I meant to do. The third try: BINGO!

There stood my 18 year old sister, already fully developed. She was the first naked woman I had ever seen, not counting dirty magazines. She was standing in front of the mirror in just her white cotton panties. She was playing with her 36C breasts, admiring them with a smile, alternately playing with her dark blonde hair. She slid a hand into her panties and began to softly rub her dark, full bush. Then she turned away from me, took off her panties, spread her legs slightly, and began doing toe touches – each time she touched her toes I got a full view of her ass, asshole, and full, puffy, unshaven cunt lips. What unbelievable luck. She then took her shower, and I couldn’t see a thing. She got out, and by the time the window cleared up a little, my jaw dropped from the sight before me. My sister had put down towels on the floor and was on all fours, her back to me and her ass high in the air, her right index and forefingers pumping in and out of her vagina! I stood watching, transfixed on the sight before me, my seven incher as hard as a pipe in my pants. Suddenly she shoved a clean rag into her mouth and screamed into it in ecstacy, as clear fluid began dripping freely from her pussy. My sister was a squirter! Holy shit! She scooped up some of her come, still dripping from her engorged pussy, and stuck her fingers in her mouth after slowly removing the rag that had obviously stifled quite the orgasmic scream. Sarah slowly got up, facing the window, wiped her hands on a towell, and with a look of complete shock and horror on her face, she looked directly into my eyes.

By :Laurence Cabellero

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