Brother, Sister and Sisters boyfriend have fun

It all started on a saturday evening, I was suppose to go and spend the evening with some friends and my girlfriend but didnt want to drink. So I decided to go and visit my sister and her boyfriend for the evening. We were all sitting around playing games for a little while until our next smoke break, we went outside in the back yard to smoke. We were just standing around smoking when my sister bent done in front of me to pick up some leaves and while she was bent over I couldnt help but stare at her double D tits barely hanging in her shirt just hoping to get get out and breathe, so I decided to act like i was sticking my hand out to flick my cigarette as she was coming up and got my hand stuck on her shirt which pulled it down to let the nice big firm tits POP out and breathe.

She quickly covered them up and just gave me a nice big smile and then went off like nothing had just happened. So as we were all going to get ready for bed I decided I would try to take advantage of my sister and her boyfriends little dry sex spell. I saw my oppurtunity to get my sister, she was leaning over to fix the couch, so I snuck up behind her and put one arm around her and cupped the perfect tit then put my other hand on her ass with my index finger rubbing her pussy. Instead of her telling me no all she could do is moan and say oh daniel (me) u should stop Ted (sisters boyfriend) could walk inside any minute. All i could do was turn Julia (my sister) around and start making out with her, giving her the most pationate give she had ever recieved. I started to undress julia and got her top off then all the sudden the door starts to open so Julia ran off to her room to put on a robe, she walked back out and before she could make it to the couch Ted grabbed her by the waist and just started to dry hump her until she turned and said you have to stop my brother is right there, but thats when I just blurted out dont stop on behalf I could use a little show, so as soon as I said that my sister gets down on her knees and unzips Teds pants and pulls out his 7″ cock and shoves it down her throat, as she is gagging on Teds cock he starts to completely strip and before i know my sexy big ass, big titty, and amazing bodied sister is 100% nude right in front just sucking down that cock.

I thought I would make my move, so I walked over to them and yanked that cock out of julias mouth and told her i wont her on all fours ready for a surprise, as she was moving i told Ted to go adn get me any object that could be used as a dildo without letting julia know whats he is doing. Then I told Julia that she had better not move from the position she is in until i say so. I went into their bedroom and found the sexiest lace thong, laced bra and a sexy teddy lingerie. After Ted adn I got everything we went looking for i told Ted that he better go and but the clothes that i had picked out for him on and that he is my little bitch from now on. I then took a cuccumber, vibrator and carrot all into my sisters ass and just watched her squirm from the pain bt after a minute or so she began begging me to continue. I told ted to get in front of her and she was only allowed to lick and play with his dick threw the thong and that if his dicked popped out he would be punished. As julia and ted were busy i took out my cock and shoved it into her pussy and pounded it until she was just about to cum then all the sudden teds dick pops out of the thong so i made julia lay on her back and ted was to lick her until she came and that all of her pussy juice was to go on his ass. Before he knew it i had him leaning over julia fucking her pussy as he was doing that i told him to prepare for his punishment. i took the thong off and made sure he didnt stop fucking my sister, i then took my dick and shoved it in his ass and al he could do was sream but that didnt stop anyone. as we were both ready to cum i made my sister take all of his cum in her mouth and not to swallow, then i had her take all my cum in her mouth to and as she was having trouble breathing i told her she was allowed to swallow it without letting one drop slip away. After we all cleaned up no one put any clothes on until its time for work or shopping, so we all slept together making a sandwhich out of my sister with her pussy snuggling against my dick like a blanket.

By :103david

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