Brother helps Sister’s fantasy come true

The most common sentence used towards me has always been, ‘Matt you are just not living up to your potential.’

At first, in high school, I purposely tried to confirm those words by getting fifties on tests and handing in assignments late…even though I was capable of nineties…I just didn’t see the purpose of doing the extra work for generic marks that don’t mean anything once you leave high school.

So instead, I slacked off, focusing instead on football and music. I was a good football player, but not scholarship good and so now at twenty-one, I worked at a music store during the day and delivered pizzas on weekends, all the while writing tunes and working with my band at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, my sister, Kristen, was the brainiac. She worked hard at school, got the nineties I was supposed to get, and got a scholarship to a few schools but decided to go to college in town on a full ride.

Although I loved my sister, we never really bonded as our world views were so completely different.

So at twenty-one and eighteen…we were still both living at home; me trying to save money until my band hit it big and Kristen so she could focus on her studies and not worry about a job.

Then…one day a domino of fate changed everything.

It had not been a good day.

As I walked towards the basement to throw my shirt in the laundry in hopes of getting the stain out, I froze in my tracks.

I heard moaning coming from the vicinity of the laundry room.

The only one who could be home was my sister, as our parents were at the lake for the weekend.

Unless could she be with a guy?

She didn’t have a boyfriend that I knew of.

Curious, I tiptoed to the loud sounds of the moans that were just outside the door.

Was she masturbating?

My goody-goody sister?

As I listened, her moans could only be of her masturbating.

I shouldn’t have listened, but I did… my cock growing immediately. I mean, for some reason, although my sister is very cute, girl next door cute, I had never considered her a sexual being. Yet, I had to peek. I had to see what she was doing.

I stared in utter disbelief.

My nerdy sister was completely naked, except for a pair of thigh high stockings (something I had only seen worn by one girl I had been with and she was a MILF) sitting on a working washing machine as she fucked her pussy with what looked like a brush.

Her tits were huge, literally vibrating in an exotic sort of way.

Her eyes were closed as she allowed the pleasure of the washing machine and the brush to course through her.

Her moans were loud as it was obvious she was close to coming.

“Oh God, yes,” Kristen moaned, leaning back and frantically fucking herself with the brush.

My cock was rock hard as I watched my nerd sister looking so utterly hot, her body amazing: great big tits with hard nipples and long firm legs. I wondered if her ass was as perfect as the rest of her body.

I grabbed my phone and began filming, wishing I would have thought of it a minute earlier.

“Fuuuuuuck,” she screamed, a few seconds later, as an obvious orgasm cascaded through her. I had fucked a quite a few women in my life, but I couldn’t recall a woman screaming that loud or looking that completely sexually satisfied… as if she had just reached sexual enlightenment… as my sister at the moment. I focused my camera on her face… turned on completely by not only the sounds coming out of her mouth, but the facial expressions that could only be complete euphoria.

Thinking she was done, I backed away, not wanting to have her catch me watching…

By :GSpot69

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