Brother & friend blackmail sexy sister

I never had a brother, but if I had, I would have hoped for someone like Danny.

Danny O’Keefe was my best friend since sixth grade. For some reason, while other kids were getting caught up in a myriad of new friends and adventures, we bonded. We played inline hockey together, travel ice hockey on the same team, joked and shared our young life’s pleasures.

There was one major reason why I was happy we weren’t related….Danny’s sister Debbie.

Debbie O’Keefe was two years older than us. We knew her first as a tomboy, but later she became the featured player in many of my masturbatory experiences. When she was a sophomore in high school she would tease us relentlessly, parading around in her bikini or short skirts and tight tops, a girl of 17 going on 25. She’d flirt, joke and cause us much embarrassment when she caught us trying to look up her dress.

Yes, Debbie was a hottie, a first class hottie. But as she progressed into her junior and senior years Danny and I became more an afterthought and finally ignorable as she went around with her older crowd and we with our younger one.

Danny hated it when I teased him about having a hot sister, but over time he began to ignore my barbs and comments. Usually our talk would get around to other girls, but in the back of my mind I would fixate on pretty blonde Debbie. My bubble burst one sweltering summer afternoon when, after joking with her, she told me to cut out the wiseass comments I was making. Throughout the day I felt it was merely innocent flirting, but she took it personally. Her put down, in front of a dozen of my friends, gave them reason to relentlessly tease me.

Oh well, as time went by I realized there were other fish to fry. I began lusting after Jill, a young cheerleader, Carrie, a brunette who sat across from me in several classes, and Mrs. Vance, the young science teacher who had a spectacular set of legs. Danny and I would trade stories about what we would like to do and with whom, secretly wanting to be the first to lose their virginity.

One Sunday afternoon Danny came by the house, looking bummed out and mentally beaten. “She told me I was a little twerp, and then called me a jerk off,” Danny said sadly after an unexpected tongue lashing from his now 19-year-old sister. “Debbie has turned out to be such a bitch, and she has my parents wrapped around her fingers.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, thinking of Debbie as not only beautiful but perfect in every way.

Danny looked at me, as if deciding whether to go further, then started spilling his guts.

“She gets her way, no matter what,” said the dejected boy. “She wants a new outfit, she gets it. She wants to borrow the car, it’s hers. But what really drives me nuts is that I end up holding the bag on things. I mean, she doesn’t do a bit of work around the house, but when I get home from school I have to first do household chores before I can head out to play. And the other day when Debbie had the car I had to bike all the way over to the drug store to pick up mom’s Tylenol. I mean, why couldn’t Debbie get it, she had wheels.”

I laughed and told him he needed the exercise, but he wasn’t laughing.

“Hey, she might be a pain in the ass, but she really has a nice looking ass!” I said, laughing as I described watching her stroll out of the house in a pair of painted on white shorts and a tee top recently. “Any time your parents want her to get out of the house you can have them send her over to mine! Besides, she will be off to college soon and out of your hair.”

By :JRob

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