Brother finds out sisters secret. And brother realizes his love for his sister

“Jack, hurry up and come down!” , my younger sister Lisa called from downstairs. Our parents were away for vacation for 1 month and it has been only 3 days since they left. Oh and I forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Jack. I am 6’11 a little bit tall for my age because that’s what my sister always says. Well I am 19 and I have a sister who turned 18 and her name is Lisa. Even though we are siblings we look no thing like each other. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. But Lisa has black hair and light blue eyes. I knew why we looked nothing like each other and that was because Lisa was adapted.

Me and my sister never really got along. I don’t know what was the reason she hated me for but I didn’t really hate her as much as she hated me. Growing up I always had so many girlfriends and Lisa had a lot of boyfriends too. I guess guys dated her probably because of her looks and body. Well I gotta admit she is kinda sexy. She has c-cup breast and a nice tight ass. I knew that was the reason she is popular with guys but her personality was crap.

The day mom and dad left they told me to take care of the house and my sis. But mostly she took care of the house, chores and…me. She made breakfast for me early in the morning which was the first time she showed me kindness. But the moment I started eating she started bragging about me being a lazy bum and how she was so more adult-like than me. That made me cringe for a moment because every time she is sad she would go to mom and start crying like a little baby and would even beg mom to sleep with her.

After breakfast on the 3rd day I got a message from my girlfriend saying she want to come over at my house. Of course I agreed because I was hungry for sex in the last couple of weeks and plus my parents weren’t home it was just me and Lisa. So I told her to come in a couple of hours. I went upstairs to Lisa’s room and said, “Hey Lisa, Maddie is coming over right now so don’t interrupt us please.” As I was about to head back I heard Lisa saying, “Jeez all of your girlfriends and total slut…there are probably better girls out there for you.” Of course I had to reply, ” Ok and you got a problem with that?” I asked in anger but I didn’t realize it and that’s when I realized that she had just broken up with her boyfriend because he tried to force her to have sex with him and she was upset all day over that. Before I could apologize she replied back with a sad look on her face, “Yes Jack, I do have a problem with that.”

My heart started pounding as she said that. Was she jealous? I thought. “W-what?” I asked nervously. “What? I do have a problem because I always hear you and your girlfriend fucking and it’s annoying because I don’t get any sleep because of you guys.” Then I finally calmed Down. “It’s not like we will…” Before I could finish off I heard the door bell ringing. “Coming.” I called out. When I opened the door it was a mail delivered so I was kinda disappointed. But right then I got a text from Maddie saying she won’t come because her mom and dad were not in the house. I was so disappointed but I went to my room hopped on my bed and took out my cock and started stroking it gently.

Then I heard soft moans from the other room which was probably Lisa. I quite didn’t make out what she was saying but all I heard was her saying, “Aw fuck your little sis….don’t stop….ah…ah ah”. I almost froze at the words she said. Is she thinking of me? I quietly tip toed to her bed room door and opened it.When I opened the door there was my sister lying there naked on her bed. We both looked at each other for 5 seconds then we both looked away and I quickly said, “I am sorry” as she covered herself with her blanket. I walked out as quick as possible, surprised and nerves at the same time.

I didn’t know what to do or how to talk to her that day. So I headed out and texted her saying I will be at a friends house and I won’t come home until tomorrow. As soon as I texted her I headed out. I know we were at the same house but I still texted her other than talking to her. That day I talked to my best friend Dave about it. Dave had a huge crush on my sister for 2 years. Since me and Dave were best friends we always talked about every thing.

The next morning I returned home and took out my key to open the door but I was nerves as hell. As soon I opened the door I stepped in my house and closed the door as quietly as I can. Then I headed upstairs as I was heading to my room I saw Lisa standing there with a weird look on her face. “Um…Jack…can we talk?” She asked me quietly. I just nodded quietly. We both entered my room and sat down. “So…about the other day…” She began to spoke but I interrupted her, “oh don’t worry about that just try to forget about it.” I said to her. She looked at me again and told me that she wasn’t thinking about me or anything while masturbating. I tried my best to believe her but I knew I had to or our brother-sister relationship would be weird.

I nodded and told her I believe her. Then she quickly left my room.

At 12:00 clock she told me she was heading out so I said ok and she told me to clean the house. When she left I cleaned my room first then I entered her room. While I was cleaning I saw a notebook on her desk. It seemed like a diary so I stated reading it. The first page freaked the shit out of me. It read:

“I finally realized I was in love with my brother. I knew I had been nothing but rude to him but he never had been rude to me. I wanted to tell him so bad to break up with his girlfriend and love me but I knew he would never do that.”

I suddenly stopped reading and realized that she WAS thinking of me the other day. I didn’t know what to do at that moment. As the time went by and hours passed by Lisa finally came home. She shut the door as loud as she can. I knew something was wrong so I went downstairs and saw her in tears. “Lisa what happened?” I asked. She came to me and hugged me as tight as she could. “I…I…was in a club and…some guys walked up to me and my friends….then they grabbed us and tried to molest us…” I knew she was really upset so I tried to calm her down. “Did they do anything to you?” I asked for some reason I was scared what the answer would be I didn’t know why but I knew she was a virgin. She said that she escaped and ran as fast as she can. She was still in tears. At that moment I didn’t know what to do. I suddenly leaned down and kissed her soft lips.

But I suddenly backed away. But she returned a kiss to me on the lips and it was more passionate. We started to make out in front of the door but it was closed so we didn’t had to worry about it. “Oh jack how long I have waited for this moment I love you jack.” Lisa said breaking our kiss. Then I realized what we were doing was wrong. “Oh no what have I done? Damn it I am sorry Lisa but we can’t do this if mom and dad knows we will be in trouble.”

“Who cares? I have always been in love with you.” At that moment her blue eyes were shinning. And my heart started beating really fast and that moment I knew I was also in love with her.

By :Megan696

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