Brother can’t take anymore sexual flirting from his sister

My hot little 18 year old sister Sara, has been driving me nut’s lately. She’s a senior in High School and a ball of trouble. Sara broke up with her High School sweetheart a few months ago, apparently he cheated on her and she found out. Now she has been acting like a cat in heat ever since.

She flaunts herself in thongs and see through bras around me all the time now. She constantly teases me with her hot body and doesn’t act like the sweet sister I knew just a few months back. Her X boyfriend really did a number on her.

I’m 20 years old and living at home for now. I plan to move out soon and go to a University next year. I’m tall with a pretty big cock and my good looks recently landed me a girlfriend who I really care for. My girlfriends name is Megan and she is hot. Megan has a beautiful smile and the perfect ass, but her tits are small. She loves to suck my dick and fuck Rockygie style all the time. Megan’s small tits don’t bother me but my Sister Sara sure gives me a hard time about it.

My nerdy Father earns a good living in the computer field and works long hours. We have a nice big house and live a good life. My Mother is always busy with her friends and hanging out at the tennis club. So most of the time in the late afternoon, the house is empty except for my sister and me. Even at night we have a lot of privacy and my parents don’t bother us much. Our parents room is on the opposite side of the house and It’s just me and sis on the other side.

My sister hates it when my girlfriend Megan is over, she acts like a little brat. It’s gotten so bad lately with my sister’s antics, Megan doesn’t come by as much as she use to. So now when I’m studying my sister comes in and sexually teases me with her sexy bikini’s and Victoria Secret thongs and brassieres. We have a nice pool and sauna in the backyard and I have a perfect view from my bedroom window. Now for the past few days my sister has been laying out topless. It’s hard not to take a peek at her. Her sexy oiled up body is hard to ignore.

Sara has blossomed into a well busted young sexy woman. Her D size boobs are pushing my buttons and she knows it. She comes in my room all the time while she’s laying out and asks me if I want to join her. She barely covers her breasts with her hand and begs me to come outside while she flaunts her sexy body at me. I don’t think she really knows how strongly she is pushing my buttons. My sister has THE hottest body I’ve seen, way hotter than Megan’s. She’s also a lot more beautiful than Megan. If my sister keeps this up, I just might let go of my morals and fuck her senseless.

My sister came in a few days ago wearing a skin tight sexy blue thong and bikini top. In her hand was some suntan oil and on her face was a big sexy smile.

“Big brother, can you come outside and put oil on my back?”

“Sara, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Awe come on, don’t be a such a dork. If you do I promise not to bother you and Megan next time she comes over.”

“I’m kinda busy Sara, maybe another time.”

“OMG don’t be such a pussy Tommy, I won’t bite. PLEASE?”

“Ok, If you will back off, I will this one time.”

“Yes, thank you brother.”

I followed her outside and watched her ass sway back and forth for me. She sat down on the recliner laid and on her stomach. Then she untied her top and let it fall to her sides. She was making me a little nervous. I started on her shoulders and worked my way down her bare back. I hate to admit it but I was getting way more aroused than I thought I would. I finished her back and went past her ass and started on her legs.

By :bogey4u

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